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Can't Help Falling In Love With You
August 2nd, 1890 — Laurent Household
@Clue Leverett / @Bragi Holm
Summer was coming to a close and Narcissus found himself dreading it. It had been a sort of paradise being able to explore more freely the growing feelings between himself and Clue. Narcissus didn't know about Clue but for him, each kiss and laugh shared between the two over the summer had only deepened his feelings. His heart song now sang a melody that was only for the other boy.

It was going to be tough having to relegate themselves back to quick, secret kisses in the dorm room. If they even dared to do that. "I'm glad you were able to come over," he said as he held out a chocolate to the other boy. "When we go back to school, are you going to get mad at me again if girls try to drag me off?" Now that he knew it had been jealousy that day, Narcissus could not help lightly teasing the other boy.

The Summer so far had been like nothing Clue had ever experienced. Quite as significant as learning about alchemy and succumbing quietly to some societal norms in the now-familiar Valenduris household, he had discovered romance and physical intimacy at the voice and touch of one Narcissus Laurent. All of this was enough to send Clue's sense of identity into a tailspin. He would return to Hogwarts a completely new person.

Having said that, he would always be strange. Narci, for all his uniqueness, seemed well-equipped with what he might call normalcy. He chatted, he laughed, he teased, he remarked, he wove stories, there was confidence in his movements, and global admiration for his Veela-esque good-looks. But Clue... he remained quiet, cold, dark, odd. Narci seemed to accept all this, almost as if Clue wasn't these things at all.

And as if to hammer home that point, the platinum-haired Slytherin replied simply; "yes", as he accepted a dark chocolate treat from his lover.

[Image: clue-sig.jpg]
Narcissus couldn't help but laugh in response to Clue's simple and short response. "Then I shall do my best not to stoke the fires of your jealousy over me," he said with a chuckle. The same strange oddities in Clue that seemed to repel others in Narcis company seemed to be exactly what drew the half veela boy in. They were not things he would ever seek to change.

"It won't be quite the same, will it? Being at Hogwarts and needing to hide what there is between us?" He remarked even as he let his fingers lightly trail the dainty jawline of the other boy.

Fires indeed.

Clue did not mind if Narci provoked jealousy for his own entertainment, but he'd have to suffer the consequences. Or, at least, make it up to him.

It would prove difficult, he agreed, to show restraint at Hogwarts when they'd gradually become more and more familiar with each other over the Summer. "We'll just have to make the most of the present", the younger boy responded coolly, and stood up from his chair to join Narcissus in his, wrapping his skinny arms loosely around the part-Veela's neck and claiming a kiss.

[Image: clue-sig.jpg]

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