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An Awkward Arrangement
August 3rd, 1890 — Hogsmeade Hospital

There was a new intern in their ward.

Okay, a lot of them were new. He was new. None, however, were as notable as the newest. He recognized Miss Acacia Ruskin from Hogwarts; she had graduated alongside him, but from Ravenclaw house rather than Slytherin. Before now he'd never thought much of her, as their social circles had never overlapped, but now he had plenty reason to think about her.

She was half-vampire. It was a thing, and one he had not yet decided how he felt about. Did she crave blood? They'd briefly covered the topic of vampires in Defence Against the Dark Arts, but the topic of half-breeds was typically reserved for the Hogwarts gossip mills. Some claimed they would eat another person if given the opportunity (a ridiculous notion, he acknowledged, but as good a guess as anything. Half-vampires weren't exactly common.)

He'd heard about her inclusion in their ward the moment he clocked in for work that morning, but he hadn't expected to be with her all day. It was awkward, but not, he decided, as awkward as he thought it would be.

"So..." he said, determined to break the tension, "How long have you, er... wanted to be a healer?"
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Finally having a job at the hospital was both exciting and nerve-wrecking. Years of wanting to heal and help others, and now she was getting her chance. A chance to make a difference in the world. Could she really do it? That was the question of the century.

One big factor in this was how others were taking this news. Acacia would have faced discrimination with whatever career she chose, but to work in a hospital as a half-vampire? Plenty were to at least raise an eyebrow. She would have to be on her top behavior - though this was certainly not a new thing for Acacia, always the one to try to be seen in the best light despite her circumstances.

Now she was paired with one of her fellow graduates. Mr. Bones, former Head Boy. It was definitely awkward, especially since neither knew each other very well. His question was at least a common one. She smiled politely. "I would say, since third year? Though I don't believe I chose which department specifically until fifth or sixth year." She remembered when she had talked about careers with her sisters. They had both seemed more hesitant about the matter than she was, not being nearly as sure. Though Acacia felt that Chrysanta would make a fabulous lawyer, arguments were her specialty, it seemed.

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