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Day Late and a Dollar Short
August 19th, 1890 - Salem Square
@Wallace Murphy

"Scarlet Marie, you get back here now!" Nell warned warmly as her young granddaughter scampered around the square a little ways ahead of her. "Mim's not as young as she used to be!" Though for a woman in her seventies, she was still fairly spry.

Frankly it was nice to get out with one of her large brood one on one. Nell had a plethora of children and now grandchildren, bordering on great-grandchildren and she couldn't love it more. If only her beloved Ferdinand was here to see how large their family had truly become. With the additions of wife and husbands to her children and then their children, it was a blessing all around. Today she and Scarlet were exploring Irvingly as Nell hadn't really had much of a chance to do so yet. They'd had a little lunch and were moving through the Square toward the promised zoo, when she watched as her granddaughter, not looking where she was going, ran smack into someone who Nell could only describe as a giant.

The little redhead went crashing to the ground and Nell picked up her skirts to hurry to her granddaughter's aid. "Oh my, Cherie, this is why we look where we're going!" Nell had knelt down next to her fallen kin, but looked back up to the wildman to apologize. "My apologies, still working on coordinating feet and eyes with this one!"

Although their excursion across the ocean was meant to be a relaxing one, Wallace found himself assisting with various projects at the zoo. He had only planned to help the young jackrabbits with small tasks to keep himself from becoming idle and subsequently ornery, but, as was his way, Murph found himself a bit more immersed in zoo life than he had intended. Podmore Zoological Gardens was, admittedly, a much more pleasant environment than Colorado had become. Much less bureaucracy to deal with. There, he was a very visible shareholder, and he had to conduct himself in a specific way. Here, he could just fall into a nice rhythm as a plain old magizoologist.

Fergus accompanied him as they walked across the square, headed for the zoo. He promised the boy he would spend the mornings and the lunch hour with him. While his son had made some friends in Irvingly, he was partial to also assisting with the creatures.

He was mid-conversation with the lad when he felt something collide with him. Due to their size difference, Murphy was barely jostled, while the poor little one bounced off his hip like a rubber ball. He looked down at the little girl and her grandmother with an amused grin and a few notes of booming laughter. "It's fine!" He wasn't bothered in the slightest. "We all start off like drunken demiguises. 'Ey, Fergus?" He reached out and roughly ruffled his hair, eliciting a laugh from the boy. "I seem to remember this one nearly found his nose in a baby abraxan's backside!" It was a tale he would never tire of telling. The boy, thankfully, was so used to it that it had ceased to be that embarrassing.

"You look like a brave little thing, you're all right," he commented, looking to Scarlet Marie with a confident smirk.
Delighted by both the man's response and laughter, Nell helped her granddaughter up from the ground and brushed off her dress. "What do you say to the nice man?" She chided quietly, making sure there were indeed no injuries.

"Mister what's a demiguise and why are they drunk?" The little girl chirped instead of apologizing. Clearly she wasn't hurt. Brazen and brave were not the same thing, though Scarlett was certainly a bit of both. If Nell had to venture a guess, she had another Gryffindor on her hands. Oh how she adored them no matter what house they ended in, but the Gryffindors were always the most entertaining, to say the least.

"Oh my," Nell could only chuckle and shake her head a little. The expression was new to her as well, but she also detected an accent she couldn't quite place, American maybe, that would explain why she hadn't heard it before either.

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