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Victorians could hire 'professional mourners' to attend their loved one's funeral. These people would partake in the procession and were not allowed to speak, just look awfully sad! — Rune

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"The Prodigal Sister" for Ophelia Devine. Faked deaths, scandal, and schemes!
Kristoffer was going to be great at this, because he was great at everything. Also his memory was greater than everyone else's, because he bet no one else had ever lost their virginity somewhere exotic like Morocco. Hell, he bet no one else had even lost their virginity. Inexperienced losers.

Kristoffer Lestrange in Shining, Shimmering Splendour

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These Broken Characters (Kelly Networking)
Player Name Kelly
Contact: Reply here. You can also PM me (Acacia Ruskin) or Skype me.

You can also check out my post log to see which of my characters need more attention than others (but please don't let that stop you from plotting with all of these lovely darlings).

Character: Acacia Ruskin
Quick Facts: Loves art and making friends.
Age: 16
House: Ravenclaw
Grad Year: 1890
Class: Middle Class
Reputation: 7 - She's a well behaved halfbreed
Blood/Race: Halfblood/Half-Vampire
Occupation: Fifth Year Student (Again)

Needs: Friends and haters, possible hurls (she is a teen and there is ache of the heart that goes with that), family.
Friends/Classmates: Recently back in the school after the ban, she is definitely going to have supporters and haters because of the whole situation. With this drama, she is stressed out. School work has been her top priority, trying desperately to prove that she deserves to be in school with everyone else. However, that doesn't mean that life doesn't catch up to her.
Hurls: Mainly MCAB, that doesn't always happen (she is currently having an unspoken crush with a WCHB), he has to be understanding of her (a.k.a. not judging of the whole 'halfbreed' thing).

Ace Lukeson - WIP

Camille Scrimgeour - WIP

Character: Claire Bénet
Quick Facts: Adventurous prankster; has yet to show signs of magic.
Age: 11
House: Unknown
Grad Year: 1895
Class: Upper Class
Reputation: 9 - Little prankster
Blood/Race: Pureblood
Occupation: Mischief Making

Needs: Victims of her pranks, interesting circumstances that cause her first signs of magic, friends.
Friends: Kids that will also be willing to cause a bit of mischief and take part in adventure. Those who fluently speak French, for she shall chat with them in French all day.
Hurls: Though she isn't really interested in boys yet, her parents may arrange a betrothal for her (this doesn't have to last, but it could be fun to play out, see where it goes).

Character: Conri Power
Quick Facts: Fails at life sometimes.
Age: 26
House: Hufflepuff
Grad Year: 1880
Class: Upper Class
Reputation: 8 - His mother died and he got married a month early after waking up from a coma, and he ran for Minister and lost.
Blood/Race: Pureblood
Occupation: Gentleman of Leisure

Needs: Friends, many more friends.
Friends/Former Classmates: Though he isn't purist, he's more used to purebloods due to being raised with them. He's not open about his views about purity, except the fact that he is wary about halfbreeds and non-humans. Friends would possibly be those around his age, possibly classmates but not required.
Hurls: Happily married, not the type to cheat. Any crushes from other people would be interesting and I would be entertained by his awkwardness.

Character: Edgar Rey II
Quick Facts: Technically in mourning, so a bit more quite than usual.
Age: 14
House: Gryffindor
Grad Year: 1892
Class: Upper Class
Reputation: 9 - Aunt was kinda weird, and purist Grandfather hates his branch of the family.
Blood/Race: Halfblood
Occupation: Third Year Student

Needs: Friends, crushes.
Friends/Classmates: Edgar is a pretty calm guy, which is saying something for a Gryffindor. Not one to hold a grudge, he can be a pretty good friend. He's a borderline Ravenclaw, so those two house students would possibly have the easiest time getting to know him, as he isn't too outgoing. His friends are gonna have to be patient with his blunt honesty, as he hates lies and circling around the truth.
Hurls: He's not too focused on that, but crushes aren't impossible for him.

Character: Hestia Fairchild
Quick Facts: She is quite accident prone, and also has gotten into the habit of getting into mischief.
Age: 13
House: Gryffindor
Grad Year: 1893
Class: Middle Class
Reputation: 9 - Mischief Maker
Blood/Race: Halfblood
Occupation: Second Year Student

Needs: Friends.
Friends/Classmates: She is terribly afraid of Slytherins, perhaps your Slytherin could fix that. She loves the very idea of adventure, and is always up for having fun.
Hurls: Still thinks boys are better for throwing mud at than any sort of relationship.

Character: Juniper Lyness
Quick Facts: Starting to hate most humans in general (except her father and her husband).
Age: 25
House: None
Grad Year: Eh
Class: Upper Class
Reputation: 5 - Veela who's well behaved, but 'stupid lies' (rumors) are being told about her
Blood/Race: Veela
Occupation: Pampered Veela (not by society though)

Needs: Friends (at least people that she finds useful), family.
'Friends': People that she doesn't find annoying, and would tolerate her vain nature. Someone she can ramble about her "mini-me's" (children) to.
Hurls: Raised by an Upper Class human, she has been taught about the purity of marriage and all of societies expectations of an Upper Class woman. She values her marriage and sees it as keeping her soul 'beautifully pure'. Affair with another man would make her less beautiful, in her opinion (and we all know how veela are about beauty).

Character: Luce Faucher-De Loncrey
Quick Facts: WIP
Age: 11
House: Hufflepuff
Grad Year: 1894
Class: Upper Class
Reputation: 7 - Mama wasn't married when she was born.
Blood/Race: Halfblood
Occupation: First Year Student

Needs: Friends! She wouldn't be looking at boys any time soon.
Friends/Classmates: WIP
Hurls: WIP

Character: Margaret Rawlinson
Quick Facts: WIP
Age: 17
House: Gryffindor
Grad Year: 1888
Class: Upper Class
Reputation: 10 - A proper young lady, this one is.
Blood/Race: Pureblood
Occupation: WIP

Needs: WIP
Friends/Classmates/Former Classmates: WIP
Hurls: WIP

Character: Nectar Shinnick
Quick Facts: She's not very thrilled with parties, but does enjoy outings with others and is quite social and doesn't avoid society itself.
Age: 20
House: Gryffindor
Grad Year: 1886
Class: Upper Class
Reputation: 8 - Fam is a bit strange, and she is a bit too outspoken for the liking of societies standards
Blood/Race: Halfblood
Occupation: Debutante

Needs: Friends, hurling, and family.
Friends/Former Classmates: Even in school, she was a social butterfly. Having outings with friends are her favorite thing to do.
Hurls: UCAB men are her best bet (she is secretly bi, but only she knows this and she is no where near obvious about this fact).

Character: Odette Lécuyer
Quick Facts: Odette is a purist, and though not bluntly rude about it, she will avoid those of not pure blood.
Age: 19
House: Slytherin
Grad Year: 1887
Class: Upper Class
Reputation: 10 - Apparently pure blood means perfection (at least, that is how she sees it)
Blood/Race: Pureblood
Occupation: Proud Pendergast Rose

Needs: Friends, hurling.
Friends/Former Classmates: Pureblood friends that are of similar views (or pretend to be). She has a brilliant talent for playing the violin, and is proud of that fact.
Hurls: UCPB men are the only men that she would even consider. The more well known the family, the better. A man who is intelligent and well respected in the community.

Character: Regina Lacey
Quick Facts: Needs to get away from her Uncle/Guardian
Age: 18
House: Gryffindor
Grad Year: 1887
Class: Upper Class
Reputation: 9 - Her guardian is weird
Blood/Race: Halfblood
Occupation: Heiress & Debutante

Needs: HURLING and friends
Friends/Former Classmates: A very social girl, she would definitely make friends outside of her schools house. She is drawn to the more adventurous type when it comes to friends. She doesn't judge those of not the greatest rep.
Hurls: Marriage to her is her ticket away from her crazed guardian and his even crazier sister. However, she will marry an UC gentleman because that is what she had been raised to do. Don't worry, she would still make a marvelous wife, and would certainly be faithful.

Character: Sweetie Whitledge
Quick Facts: Currently she is slowly changing as a person (for the better currently, but we will see).
Age: 16
House: Slytherin
Grad Year: 1890
Class: Upper Class
Reputation: 9 - Mother is dreadful at naming and was an odd duck
Blood/Race: Halfblood
Occupation: Fifth Year Student

Needs: Friends, crushes/pre-hurling, sister, and the mean girls/the nice girl
Friends/Classmates: Sweetie wasn't the nicest person up until recently, meaning that friends that may even have stuck with her during all of the crazy new bullying could still not be the nicest people either. She also could make new friends (though she is in a fragile state right now so they might have to be a bit patient with her).
Hurls: She still was raised in the eyes of the Upper Class society, so she would find a man of UC, but doesn't care about blood status. She might even marry a halfbreed, given that her best friend is one and she's not judging about that. However, she wouldn't want someone that would be very controlling of her life. (She is also in complete denial of being bi, and no one knows about this).

Character: Warwick Nott
Quick Facts: Purist, but isn't very blunt about it. Just don't expect anyone of lesser blood to be invited into his home.
Age: 31
House: Slytherin
Grad Year: 1875
Class: Upper Class
Reputation: 8 - Long courting and engagement, but other than that he is perfectly respectable
Blood/Race: Pureblood
Occupation: Gentleman of Leisure

Needs: Friends.
Friends/Former Classmates: UCPB men are the main people that he would talk to, let alone be friends with. However, he would also befriend those in the position of power (mainly for the bragging rights). He does have house pride, so would prefer former Slytherins, but will make acceptions.
Hurls: A newly married man, he would never cheat on her (especially because he loves her and his brother-in-law/best friend would kill him).

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