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These Broken Characters (Kelly Networking)

Kelly's Networking

Hello, this is Kelly. I've been on Charming for over three and a half years now. Reading has been a big part of my life for a long time, and ever since discovering RPing, it has been a lot of fun. I do wish to be a writer, though it is very hard, because writing is quite difficult. Ever since I was little, I loved the movies, as well as TV. Harry Potter was a big part of my childhood, and I still love the world that J.K. Rowling has made.

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

If you need to (or want to) contact me, you can either do so through PMing my main account (@Acacia Ruskin) or through my Skype, which you can get by asking me! If you use discord, go ahead and also request my nickname for that as well. You can also comment on here. I don't mind chatting, especially about TV shows, movies, and books.

I’m also in the Charming Book Club and would love to chat about the books I’m reading.

You can also check out my post log to see which of my characters need more attention than others (but please don't let that stop you from plotting with all of these lovely darlings).

2020 Goals

  • Get my shit together and start posting more regularly.
  • Be better at hurling. Acacia and Sweetie will be courtable next year, need to do right by them.
  • 200 post immortality for Alina by February.
  • Posting 5+ for at least half of my characters each month, and at least 2 for the rest.
  • Get more adoptables taken because I'm a determined cookie.
  • Update my adoptables.
  • On that note, update my poor networking.
  • Get my characters higher on the post count for the members list because I'm competitive.


Upper Class: 6 | Middle Class: 7 | Working Class: 2
PB: 7 | HB: 8 | MB: 0 | Creature: 0 | Muggle: 0
Male: 2 | Female: 13 | Non-Binary: 0
Gryffindor: 3 | Hufflepuff: 3 | Slytherin: 5 | Ravenclaw: 4 | Other: 0
Good Reputation: 13 | Middle Reputation: 2 | Bad Reputation: 0


Y'all, most of my characters need friends. That's just a fact because I fail. My deb ladies are all single and ready to mingle.

The Season Is Here

My ladies are ready for hurling. The men might be a bit more hesitant.
@Acacia Ruskin ~ MCAB/UCAB men, 19+ (pre-hurling)
@Rosie Binns ~ MCAB/UCAB men, 36+ (affair hurling)
@Sweetie Whitledge ~ UCAB men, 25+ (pre-hurling)
@Warwick Nott ~ UCPB women, 18+ (affair hurling)

Adoption is Encouraged

My adoptables need attention, as do most others. With family members of various characters, many of which have unique potential plots. This adoptable also has some fabulous threading opportunities. And also up for grabs, a plottable with various fun characters!

Check out my new Spread Sheet and check your characters friendship/ship status with mine. Comments? Questions? Let me know! This list is small and sad, help me fill it.

Ace Pendragon Lukeson

@Ace Lukeson
20 | UCPB | Ravenclaw Class of '87 | Rep 7
Employee in the Department of Magical Education & Sponsor of the Appleby Arrows
  • Friends! Former class mates to hang out with. He has always been a fantastic listener to other peoples problems and is quite rational. He is a history buff and enjoys chatting about postions and traveling.
  • Co-Workers! He's fairly new to his job, and making connections now to get the people he works with and making new friends can be ideal threading opportunities.
  • Enemies! His family is very anti-purist in leanings, much to his grandfather and aunt's distain. This can lead to negative attitude from fellow purebloods. He also, you know, eloped in 1889. So judging is expected.
  • Lovers! At the moment, he's in a very honeymoon faze of his marriage. If that changes, I'll let you know.
  • Drama! His mother just came back from the dead! Care to comment?

  • Guinevere Jenessa Lukeson née Rey

    @Guinevere Lukeson
    41 | UCPB | Hufflepuff Class of '66 | Rep 7
    Widow, Mother, Former Kidnap Victim
  • Friends! Former class mates, people that would be relieved to see her again. She's quite kind and bubbly, and will stand up to jerks if needed.
  • Enemies! Her family is very anti-purist in leanings, much to her father and sister's distain. This can lead to negative attitude from fellow purebloods.
  • Lovers! She has just become a widow, so it will take time before she's open to the idea of love again.
  • Drama! She just came back from the dead! Care to comment?

  • Warwick Zachary Nott

    @Warwick Nott
    33 | UCPB | Slytherin Class of '75 | Rep 10
    Gentleman of Leisure
  • Friends! UCPB men are the main people that he would talk to, let alone be friends with. However, he would also befriend those in the position of power (mainly for the bragging rights). He does have house pride, so would prefer former Slytherins, but will make exceptions.
  • Enemies! Probably most of the... well... not UCPB men.
  • Lovers! Affairs are bound to come up.

  • Earth Beck née Smith

    @Earth Beck
    23 | MCHB | Ravenclaw Class of '85 | Rep 7
    Herbologist & Author
  • Friends! Earth has always been a bubbly and lovable woman, even in her childhood. Always having been a bit odd, some might find this quite charming. It helps that she's very good at cheering others up... most of the time. She if very thoughtful and is the type of friend that would be good to go for if one needs advice.
  • Fellow Church Devotees! She was introduced to the Church of Magical Jesus at the end of her first year of Hogwarts, and has been a true believer ever since. She also met her husband at church and tries to drag her siblings with them when they attend, which is on a regular basis. Connections with other members of the church would be quite welcome. Or she can try converting your character for the sake of their soul.
  • Enemies! People will likely find her weird and annoying. She constantly talks about her faith and career, which could receive some odd looks from others. It doesn't help that she likes her name, which could also lead to a negative light on her.
  • Lovers! She loves her husband, and would never hurt him by finding another love.

  • Naomi Hertz née Drago

    @'Naomi Hertz'
    33 | MCPB | Slytherin Class of '74 | Rep 6
    Widow of Luke Hertz
  • Friends! Naomi is a determined woman who's main priorities as of now are her children and their futures. She does care for others, and is a kind person at heart.
  • Enemies! She is a non-believer in the CMJ faith, which did lead to her parents cutting off contact after several arguements over the matter. While civil of the matter, she will not be pushed around on the subject. She is also fresh out of mourning and has found a suitor fairly quickly. Some may have an opinion on the matter.
  • Lovers! Yes! That's right! A widow! And she is currently engaged to the father of three living half-vampire children. It is unlikely that it is a love match, as Naomi herself has mentally thought of it as a 'suitable' one on multiple occasions. Is an affair in her future?

  • Rosie Binns née Mills

    @Rosie Binns
    37 | MCHB | Slytherin Class of '70 | Rep 8
    Wife of Hugo Binns
  • Friends! Are they Upper Class ladies that Hugo has practically forced her to mingle with? Are they just sympathetic gal-pals of any class? Then she's probably their friend! Also looking for someone in the Rose & Thistle who would have decided to sponsor her for whatever reason.
  • Former Classmates! Rosie was former Head Girl and Slytherin Female Prefect during her time at Hogwarts. Whether that is good or bad in the eyes of your character may vary. Not a former classmate? She's still one that can be seen as one to admire for such positions of power in her life, feel free to talk about it with her!
  • Enemies! With a latter climbing husband, it's hard to make real friends. It's easy to get people to not like you! While Rosie is kind and smart, some people just really won't like her for the latter climbing that her husband has placed on her shoulders.
  • Lovers! Here's a not so secret. She's not very fond of her husband. While she has super secret feelings for her brother-in-law, she would be open to an affair with someone else.

  • Winifred Dianne Fudge née Fisk

    @Winifred Fudge
    37 | MCHB | Ravenclaw Class of '70 | Rep 7
    Proprietress of the Sanditon and Amateur Beautician
  • Friends! Do you like cute and quirky? Winifred might just be the friend for you! Freddie is sweet and creative, and genuinely likes to make friends. At times she has been known to ask her friends to try her latest beauty potion. It's not an insult! She just really want to get better at her passions.
  • Enemies! But one might take such a request as an insult! Along with that, some might compare quirky to just plain weird. Especially given she remarried her dead husband.
  • Lovers! Speaking of having a dead husband, her's is a ghost! How long that happy marriage turns into a longing for genuine human interaction is a discussion between you, me, and Kayte.

  • Henrietta Davis

    @Henrietta Davis
    23 | WCHB | Hufflepuff Class of '85 | Rep 8
    Maid to the Allaway Twins & Amateur "Detective"
  • Friends! Henrietta tends to get into the business of her friends and act as an 'older sibling' to those that she truly cares for. While she may get into her friend's business, no one else will get a peep from her about her friends! Her friends usually have to be open minded over her personality and how much she talks about her missing brother.
  • Enemies! People that find her to be too nosy or annoying. Some aurors may find her annoying if they have met her, though she wouldn't be so annoying as for it to be considered harassment. Probably the Urquarts due to the fact that they 'murdered' her brother.
  • Lovers! Well... who knows what type of person this girl is into. She has always had her mind on other things to notice romance and love she did get so distracted in her classes that she couldn't obtain her fourth year scholarship... so....
  • Mr./Miss Detective! Honestly? I would love for an auror who would be all like "Yeah, I'll help you look for your brother" and they would be some sort of crime solving team.

  • Acacia Queen Ruskin

    @Acacia Ruskin
    18 | MCHB | Half-Vampire | Ravenclaw Class of '90 | Rep 7
    Seventh Year Student
  • Friends! Recently back in the school after the ban, she is definitely going to have supporters and haters because of the whole situation. With this drama, she is stressed out. School work has been her top priority, trying desperately to prove that she deserves to be in school with everyone else. However, that doesn't mean that life doesn't catch up to her.
  • Enemies! As stated above, it is a likely that she has enemies. This could have been increased from all of the bad light during the summer of 1887. Other than that, she's a very sweet girl.
  • Lovers! She does have a standing crush with a WCHB, but she's also a teen girl, which means that she's bound to have other crushes. Her ideal man would be a MCAB, for the sake of protecting the reputation of her sisters, but life doesn't always work the way that many expect. Given that she is going to officially be out soon, I really want to find some matches for her.

  • Alina Charlotte O'Malley

    @"Alina O'Malley"
    11 | WCPB | Hufflepuff Class of '96 | Rep 6
    First Year Student
  • Friends! While a sassy young thing, she can be friendly when she wants to be. Making friends that are beneficial to getting what she wants is something she is open to.
  • Tutors! While she is being tutored by @Artemis Fairchild, Miss Fairchild is not all knowing and finding tutors with strengths in subjects that Artemis is lacking is one of her main priorities. Anyone want to help her out?
  • Enemies! She is a sassy little miss, and can rub others the wrong way. What doesn't help is that she doesn't feel like she fits in with her fellow Hufflepuffs and sees them as too 'perky'. Please bring me Hufflepuffs who would be made uncomfortable by her.
  • Lovers! Not currently in the cards. Boys are distractions.

  • Camille Cassia Scrimgeour

    @Camille Scrimgeour
    13 | UCPB | Gryffindor Class of '94 | Rep 8
    Third Year Student
  • Friends! Though her childhood friends may see her as a bit shy, anyone who knows her knows that she 'came out of her shell' with the loss of her twin sister. Besides that, she is a very active and friendly girl.
  • Enemies! Little sister of Holly Scrimgeour, she may have a bit of negative light, not to mention that her uncle's branch of the family has way more negative light shined towards the family. So this may cause for tension with others.
  • Lovers! She is open to a crush, though there may be a betrothal in her future, given that her older sister has one.

  • Claire Elisa Bénet

    @Claire Bénet
    12 | UCPB | Gryffindor Class of '95 | Rep 9
    Mischief Making Second Year Student
  • Friends! Any child who loves adventure and fun is welcome to be her friend. Little Claire is also one that enjoys helping others to open up and have some fun.
  • 'Victims'! Claire and her sister make it their job to prank others, though they do try to avoid making others sad or in danger. Though their pranks are meant to be fun and entertaining, others may not see it like that. Even now that her twin has passed, Claire continues to continue their prankster ways.
  • Enemies! Some people think her and her twin to be silly or ignorant to go off on adventures. This may cause for tension and disagreement.
  • Lovers! The only thing close that can be related is the fact that her mother is actively seeking betrothals for Claire.

  • Hestia Aphrodite Fairchild

    @Hestia Fairchild
    14 | MCHB | Gryffindor Class of '93 | Rep 9
    Fourth Year Student & Keeper
  • Friends! She is terribly afraid of Slytherins, perhaps your Slytherin could fix that. She loves the very idea of adventure, and is always up for having fun.
  • Enemies! Slytherins. Fear is strong in this one. Other than that, anyone that might find her personality to be annoying. That, and the fact that she's fairly accident prone may cause further tension.
  • Lovers! At this point, some crushes may be possible. Maybe.

  • Maxima Helga Goshawk

    @Maxima Goshawk
    14 | MCHB | Slytherin Class of '94 | Rep 9
    Third Year Student
  • Friends! Maxie likes to spend time with girls that think like her. Proper and smart. She is vain, and a little self conscious of her secret desire to possibly have a job after graduating. Potions are her best and favorite subject, and she would likely spend time with those who enjoy said subject as well.
  • Enemies! Plenty would see her as a snob. She is harsh when being honest, doesn't get along with her little brother due to his habit of fantasizing things that aren't there, and really hates non-sense. Might also call a girl ugly if she's feeling particularly petty.
  • Lovers! Certainly at the age of crushes, she wouldn't mind the idea of even trying to marry up. Not that she announces this. Gimme someone for her to secretly stare at longingly when she's supposed to be studying.

  • Sweetie Rachel Katherine Whitledge

    @Sweetie Whitledge
    18 | UCHB | Slytherin Class of '90 | Rep 9
    Seventh Year Student; Transfiguration Club President
  • Friends! Sweetie wasn't the nicest person up until recently, meaning that friends that may even have stuck with her during all of the crazy new bullying could still not be the nicest people either. She also could make new friends. She just became an animagus, come ask her about it!
  • Enemies! Those that hate halfbreeds. As well as this, she also has people that dislike her from her past attitude towards others.
  • Lovers! She still was raised in the eyes of the Upper Class society, so she would find a man of UC, but doesn't care about blood status. She might even marry a halfbreed, given that her best friend is one and she's not judging about that. However, she wouldn't want someone that would be very controlling of her life. (She is also in complete denial of being bi, and no one knows about this). She's gonna be hurlable soon. Gimme your men.

  • Magic by Stefanie!

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    Magic by Stefanie!

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