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The Language of the Flowers was a popular method to express feelings where words might be improper, but did you know other means of doing so? Some ladies used their parasols, as well as their fans, gloves, and hankies to flirt with a gentleman (or alternatively, tell them to shove it!). — Bree

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Ester Montgomery for Thomas Montgomery. The one that got away (with the pornographer...)
This boy, then. He wasn't new. Wasn't one of the worst people in the common room, those rotten rich boys - like Mr. Jailkeeper - who could not fathom a world beyond their own farts. Was a good working class lad, so he'd heard. Had a bit of a weird looking face, and a bit of a weird thing for preaching. Still.

Aubrey Davis in The Under-Sofa

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These Broken Characters (Kelly Networking)
Kelly's Networking

Hello, this is Kelly. I've been on Charming for over two years now. Reading has been a big part of my life for a long time, and ever since discovering RPing, it has been a lot of fun. I do wish to be a writer, though it is very hard, because writing is quite difficult. As well as this, I would also like to be an actress and director. Ever since I was little, I loved the movies, as well as TV. Harry Potter was a big part of my childhood, and I still love the world that J.K. Rowling has made.

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

If you need to (or want to) contact me, you can either do so through PMing my main account (Acacia Ruskin) or through my Skype, which you can get by asking me! If you use discord, go ahead and also request my nickname for that as well. You can also comment on here. I don't mind chatting, especially about TV shows, movies, and books.

I’m also in the Charming Book Club and would love to chat about the books I’m reading.

You can also check out my post log to see which of my characters need more attention than others (but please don't let that stop you from plotting with all of these lovely darlings).


[Image: vRfIBW.gif] [Image: vR0TXz.gif] [Image: vR0JLA.gif]

Y'all, most of my characters need friends. That's just a fact because I fail. My deb ladies are all single and ready to mingle.

The Season Is Here

My ladies are ready for hurling. Sorry, all my men are taken.
Margaret Rawlinson ~ UCAB men, 26+
Nectar Shinnick ~ UCAB men, 28+
Persephone ~ ACAB men for flirting (and possibly more)
Regina Lacey ~ UCAB men, 25+

Adoption is Encouraged

My adoptables need attention, as do most others. With family members of various characters, many of which have unique potential plots. This 'adoptable' also has some fabulous threading opportunities, with far less commitment if preferred. And new to be up for grabs, a plottable specific for this debutante season!


Upper Class: 13 | Middle Class: 3 | Working Class: 3
Pureblood: 6 | Halfblood: 11 | Muggleborn: 0 | Creature: 1 | Muggle: 0
Male: 5 | Female: 13 | Non-Binary: 0
Gryffindor: 7 | Hufflepuff: 3 | Slytherin: 4 | Ravenclaw: 3 | Other: 1
Good Reputation: 16 | Middle Reputation: 2 | Bad Reputation: 0

Acacia Queen Ruskin

[Image: pkOO3J.gif] [Image: pkO9i6.gif] [Image: pkOS8z.gif]

Acacia Ruskin
17 | MCHB | Half-Vampire | Ravenclaw Class of '90 | Rep 7
Sixth Year Student
  • Friends! Recently back in the school after the ban, she is definitely going to have supporters and haters because of the whole situation. With this drama, she is stressed out. School work has been her top priority, trying desperately to prove that she deserves to be in school with everyone else. However, that doesn't mean that life doesn't catch up to her.
  • Enemies! As stated above, it is a likely that she has enemies. This could have been increased from all of the bad light during the summer of 1887. Other than that, she's a very sweet girl.
  • Lovers! She does have a standing crush with a WCHB, but she's also a teen girl, which means that she's bound to have other crushes. Her ideal man would be a MCAB, for the sake of protecting the reputation of her sisters, but life doesn't always work the way that many expect.

  • Ace Pendragon Lukeson

    [Image: vxVGAY.gif] [Image: vxVI7A.gif] [Image: vxNZV6.gif]

    Ace Lukeson
    19 | UCPB | Ravenclaw Class of '87 | Rep 9
    Employee in the Department of Magical Education
  • Friends! Former class mates to hang out with. He has always been a fantastic listener to other peoples problems and is quite rational. He is a history buff and enjoys chatting about postions and traveling.
  • Co-Workers! He's fairly new to his job, and making connections now to get the people he works with and making new friends can be ideal threading opprotunities.
  • Enemies! His family is very anti-purist in leanings, much to his grandfather and aunt's distain. This can lead to negative attitude from fellow purebloods.
  • Lovers! Though he is not of proper age, he does still think of his options of ladies for the future.

  • Camille Cassia Scrimgeour

    [Image: vxVC85.gif] [Image: vxVi1F.gif] [Image: vxVnJe.gif]

    Camille Scrimgeour
    12 | UCPB | Gryffindor Class of '94 | Rep 7
    Second Year Student
  • Friends! Though her childhood friends may see her as a bit shy, anyone who knows her knows that she 'came out of her shell' with the loss of her twin sister. Besides that, she is a very active and friendly girl.
  • Enemies! Little sister of Holly Scrimgeour, she may have a bit of negative light, not to mention that her uncle's branch of the family has way more negative light shined towards the family. So this may cause for tension with others.
  • Lovers! She is open to the future crush, though there may be a betrothal in her future, given that her older sister has one.

  • Claire Elisa Bénet

    [Image: pk7kKc.jpg] [Image: pk7JyW.jpg] [Image: pk7dFn.jpg]

    Claire Bénet
    11 | UCPB | Gryffindor Class of '95 | Rep 9
    Mischief Making First Year Student
  • Friends! Any child who loves adventure and fun is welcome to be her friend. Little Claire is also one that enjoys helping others to open up and have some fun.
  • 'Victims' Claire and her sister make it their job to prank others, though they do try to avoid making others sad or in danger. Though their pranks are meant to be fun and entertaining, others may not see it like that.
  • Enemies! Some people think her and her twin to be silly or ignorant to go off on adventures. This may cause for tension and disagreement.
  • Lovers! The only thing close that can be related is the fact that her mother is actively seeking betrothals for both Claire and her twin.

  • Edgar Charles Rey II

    [Image: pk1Fix.gif] [Image: pk44zq.gif] [Image: pk1MDp.gif]

    Edgar Rey II
    15 | UCHB | Gryffindor Class of '92 | Rep 9
    Fourth Year Student
  • Friends! Edgar is a pretty calm guy, which is saying something for a Gryffindor. Not one to hold a grudge, he can be a pretty good friend. He's a borderline Ravenclaw, so those two house students would possibly have the easiest time getting to know him, as he isn't too outgoing. His friends are gonna have to be patient with his blunt honesty, as he hates lies and circling around the truth.
  • Enemies! Some people might find his blunt honesty to be a hint too blunt. He doesn't aim to be hurtful, but misunderstandings can happen.
  • Lovers! He's not too focused on that, but crushes aren't impossible for him.

  • Goodluck Valour Warbeck

    [Image: vNUree.jpg] [Image: vNUouD.jpg] [Image: vNUGNq.jpg]

    Goodluck Warbeck
    16 | MCHB | Hufflepuff Class of '90 | Rep 8
    Sixth Year Student; Quidditch Captain & Seeker
  • Friends! Lucky is a very social and outgoing guy. Quidditch is one thing that he really enjoys, which can be observed by the fact that he has just become quidditch captain for his team! He also enjoys reading and talking about his family. Friends would be those around his age and mostly male. Most potential female friends would either be on a quidditch team or really enjoy quidditch.
  • Enemies! People that don't like quidditch those haters. His sister is also captain of the Holyhead Harpies, so that could cause tension even if the other person likes quidditch.
  • Lovers! His main focus has been quidditch, though he might take interest in someone just as enthusiastic about quidditch as he is.

  • Henrietta Davis

    [Image: vPN23J.gif] [Image: vPNe0s.gif] [Image: vPNd4m.gif]

    Henrietta Davis
    21 | WCHB | Hufflepuff Class of '85 | Rep 8
    Maid to the Allaway Twins & Amateur "Detective"
  • Friends! Henrietta tends to get into the business of her friends and act as an 'older sibling' to those that she truly cares for. While she may get into her friend's business, no one else will get a peep from her about her friends! Her friends usually have to be open minded over her personality and how much she talks about her missing brother.
  • Enemies! People that find her to be too nosy or annoying. Some aurors may find her annoying if they have met her, though she wouldn't be so annoying as for it to be considered harrasment. Probably the Urquarts due to the fact that they 'murdered' her brother.
  • Lovers! Well... who knows what type of person this girl is into. She has always had her mind on other things to notice romance and love she did get so distracted in her classes that she couldn't obtain her fourth year scholarship... so....
  • Mr./Miss Detective! Honestly? I would love for an auror who would be all like "Yeah, I'll help you look for your brother" and they would be some sort of crime solving team.

  • Hestia Aphrodite Fairchild

    [Image: pk7AU2.gif] [Image: pkzZVM.gif] [Image: pkwVDf.gif]

    Hestia Fairchild
    13 | MCHB | Gryffindor Class of '93 | Rep 9
    Third Year Student
  • Friends! She is terribly afraid of Slytherins, perhaps your Slytherin could fix that. She loves the very idea of adventure, and is always up for having fun.
  • Enemies! Slytherins. Fear is strong in this one. Other than that, anyone that might find her personality to be annoying. That, and the fact that she's fairly accident prone may cause further tension.
  • Lovers! Still thinks boys are better for throwing mud at than any sort of relationship.

  • Jeremiah Christoffer Tatting

    [Image: v7rdBD.gif] [Image: v7rmLj.gif] [Image: v7rKaj.gif]

    Jeremiah Tatting
    46 | WCHB | Ravenclaw Class of '60 | Rep 10
    Muggle Studies Professor; Head of Ravenclaw House
  • Friends! Jeremy is a total nerd that doesn't mind chatting about muggles and his wife's work. Fellow Hogwarts Staff and husbands with working wives would be his ideal besties. ACAB, though mostly men as he's quite awkward around women. He also has a talent for charms and a hint of a talent for transfiguration, so chatting about those would also be a good bonding moment.
  • Enemies! Given his fascination for muggles and being of Working Class, some may treat him poorly for those factors. Others might find his whole love of learning to be a bit much at times.
  • Lovers! Nah, he loves his wife dearly.

  • Juniper Lyness née Middlemiss

    [Image: pk7DvM.gif] [Image: pk7Kcb.gif] [Image: pk7M3D.gif]

    Juniper Lyness
    25 | UC | Veela | Rep 5
    Pampered Veela (not by society though)
  • Friends! People that she doesn't find annoying, and would tolerate her vain nature. Someone she can ramble about her "mini-me's" (children) to.
  • Enemies! She's a veela. Need there be more to explain?
  • Lovers! Raised by an Upper Class human, she has been taught about the purity of marriage and all of societies expectations of an Upper Class woman. She values her marriage and sees it as keeping her soul 'beautifully pure'. Affair with another man would make her less beautiful, in her opinion (and we all know how veela are about beauty).

  • Luce Adaline Faucher-De Loncrey

    [Image: pLzFlj.gif] [Image: pLzYVA.gif] [Image: pLzLsn.gif]

    Luce Faucher-De Loncrey
    12 | UCHB | Hufflepuff Class of '94 | Rep 7
    Second Year Student
  • Friends! Always striving to be the proper young lady that is expected of her status, she's at times a bit too caught up in the fantasy of being the 'perfect young woman'. A few friends to bring her back down to earth are welcome.
  • Enemies! Some may know that she's a bastard, through no fault of her own of course.
  • Lovers! Nah, not really looking for that.

  • Margaret Jewel Rawlinson

    [Image: pL7KL8.gif] [Image: pL74OQ.gif] [Image: pL7OOG.gif]

    Margaret Rawlinson
    18 | UCPB | Gryffindor Class of '88 | Rep 10
    Debutante Ew
  • Friends! Y'all, those fellow debs. Loves to chat about her fam, and may lean towards others that do the same. As well as this, she also wishes to be very charitable and wishes to contribute to society, and spending time with fellow likeminded individuals would be her cup of tea.
  • Enemies! She can be a bit judgmental, which can be noticed through body language.
  • Lovers! This is her first season as a deb, and her mother has been putting a great amount of pressure on her to find a husband.

  • Nectar Peach Shinnick

    [Image: pk1Bcn.gif] [Image: pk1rL2.gif] [Image: pk6wAP.gif]

    Nectar Shinnick
    20 | UCHB | Gryffindor Class of '86 | Rep 8
    Frustrated Debutante
  • Friends! Even in school, she was a social butterfly. Having outings with friends are her favorite thing to do. Respectable womens sports of her class are a constant hobby of hers, and she enjoys many languages.
  • Enemies! She is fairly blunt about her own views (such as not liking 'stuffy rich people parties). That, and her family is kinda weird.
  • Lovers! UCAB men are her best bet (she is secretly bi, but only she knows this and she is no where near obvious about this fact).

  • Odette Samia Colette Lécuyer

    [Image: pk2xJe.gif] [Image: pkHyWO.gif] [Image: pk09dQ.gif]

    Odette Lécuyer
    20 | UCPB | Slytherin Class of '87 | Rep 10
    Proud Pendergast Rose
  • Friends! Pureblood friends that are of similar views (or pretend to be). She has a brilliant talent for playing the violin, and is proud of that fact.
  • Enemies! Some may view her as cold at times, though she can be very caring to those she deems to be 'worth' her time.
  • Lovers! UCPB men are the only men that she would even consider. The more well known the family, the better. A man who is intelligent and well respected in the community.

  • Madam Persephone

    [Image: vR7TPe.gif] [Image: vR7ZaX.gif] [Image: vR8IB6.gif]

    22 | WCHB | Slytherin Class of '84 | Rep 4
    Mysterious Fortune Teller; Carnie
  • Friends! Mainly carnies and carnie-curious people to chat with, as well as those that really want their fortune told.
  • Enemies! All the haters.
  • Lovers! Working class has a bit more freedom than what she grew up with, however she can't get out of the habit of keeping at least that part of her life to be respectable. Any class works for her, along with any blood status.

  • Regina Mary Lacey

    [Image: pk6ho2.gif] [Image: pk6C7x.gif] [Image: pk6EVs.gif]

    Regina Lacey
    19 | UCHB | Gryffindor Class of '87 | Rep 9
    Debutante Heiress
  • Friends! A very social girl, she would definitely make friends outside of her schools house. She is drawn to the more adventurous type when it comes to friends. She doesn't judge those of not the greatest rep.
  • Enemies! Bella. Right now, Bella. Other than that, people that creep her out, those that remind her of her guardian (wait, isn't that the same thing), and people who drink too much.
  • Lovers! Marriage to her is her ticket away from her crazed guardian and his even crazier sister. However, she will marry an UC gentleman because that is what she had been raised to do. Don't worry, she would still make a marvelous wife, and would certainly be faithful.

  • Sweetie Rachel Katherine Whitledge

    [Image: pk6aAG.gif] [Image: pkhTbd.gif] [Image: pk6SlW.gif]

    Sweetie Whitledge
    16 | UCHB | Slytherin Class of '90 | Rep 9
    Sixth Year Student
  • Friends! Sweetie wasn't the nicest person up until recently, meaning that friends that may even have stuck with her during all of the crazy new bullying could still not be the nicest people either. She also could make new friends (though she is in a fragile state right now so they might have to be a bit patient with her).
  • Enemies! Those that hate halfbreeds. As well as this, she also has people that dislike her from her past attitude towards others.
  • Lovers! She still was raised in the eyes of the Upper Class society, so she would find a man of UC, but doesn't care about blood status. She might even marry a halfbreed, given that her best friend is one and she's not judging about that. However, she wouldn't want someone that would be very controlling of her life. (She is also in complete denial of being bi, and no one knows about this).

  • Warwick Zachary Nott

    [Image: pk6nk8.gif] [Image: pk6RQd.gif] [Image: pk6X5O.gif]

    Warwick Nott
    32 | UCPB | Slytherin Class of '75 | Rep 8
    Gentleman of Leisure
  • Friends! UCPB men are the main people that he would talk to, let alone be friends with. However, he would also befriend those in the position of power (mainly for the bragging rights). He does have house pride, so would prefer former Slytherins, but will make acceptions.
  • Enemies! Probably most of the... well... not UCPB men.
  • Lovers! A newly married man, he would never cheat on her (especially because he loves her and his brother-in-law/best friend would kill him).

  • Magic by MJ!
    [Image: pbH8Qz.png]
    [Image: IyGtyD.png][Image: fbG6udO.png]
    [Image: uZwWyBq.jpg]
    Margaret Rawlinson I can see her and Aster really not getting on. Aster would be jealous as heck and maybe Margaret would be kinda shocked at Aster's background? If she found out.

    Sweetie Whitledge I think Aster and Sweetie might get on. I can see them studying for exams in the Common Room next to each other. One for OWLs, one for NEWT stuff.
    (April 27, 2018 – 8:52 PM)Aster Langloire Wrote: Margaret Rawlinson  I can see her and Aster really not getting on. Aster would be jealous as heck and maybe Margaret would be kinda shocked at Aster's background? If she found out.

    Sweetie Whitledge I think Aster and Sweetie might get on. I can see them studying for exams in the Common Room next to each other. One for OWLs, one for NEWT stuff.

    Sorry for the very late reply.

    I would not see Margaret as being too negative towards Aster based on family background, more of thrown off by the fact. Though she is judgmental about other people's actions, and would not like the jealousy that would be directed towards her. We can do a past thread and see where that goes.

    Sweetie could use a friend, and they could have been friends for a while, if you want to make a few past threads to establish that.

    Magic by MJ!
    [Image: pbH8Qz.png]
    [Image: IyGtyD.png][Image: fbG6udO.png]
    [Image: uZwWyBq.jpg]
    Hi guys. So, I've been in and out of absence quite a bit recently (which has really stressed me out, I like it here). After seeing a few of y'all announce character vacations and retirements, I was starting to feel like that this might be a good route for me to take as well so I can feel less overwhelmed with all of my owed posts. (With this, I'm hoping my anxiety will let me come back to all of you lovely people!)

    Right now, I'd really love to wrap as many of my older posts as I can so there's a nice end to my darling character's threads. I'd also like to know who would be willing to let a few of our threads die so that I can have less to worry about.

    Persephone was made as a temporary character and I don't really have enough time and muse to make her a permanent one, so she's going to go into retirement. I shall miss my dear carnie!

    If anyone wants to chat to me about all of this, feel free to PM me/Skype me/comment here.
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    Magic by MJ!
    [Image: pbH8Qz.png]
    [Image: IyGtyD.png][Image: fbG6udO.png]
    [Image: uZwWyBq.jpg]

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