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Perhaps utterly ignoring it had been the wrong way to go. He didn’t dare look back at her, but from the corner of his eye he felt she had reacted badly, and he nearly grimaced at himself for saying anything, for having kissed her at all. 

“Forgive me, I -” he got out, abashed, just as she spoke again. “Oh,” Evander said uncertainly, finally regaining enough courage to glance at her and finding she was already staring back. She was not offended; he doubted she was talking about the weather there.

“Oh. Then I am less sorry for it,” he amended, trying to stop his mouth quirking into too much of a smile. He breathed out a little instead, and brushed some water off his upper arm; if he was exasperated now, it was entirely at himself. He was too old for this sort of thing, and even so, woefully underprepared, whilst Caroline... she had an inexplicable confidence in everything. As though she had been courting a hundred times before, as though nothing in the world could catch her unawares. Youth, probably. Or something they taught across the Atlantic.

And as usual she needed reassurance in nothing, save perhaps in him. Though his instinct had been to shut down, close off mere moments after showing anything - Merlin knew why that felt like the natural thing to do - he did not want her to find offence nonetheless in presuming he regretted it. To that end, he turned back towards her, reaching for her hand again and squeezing it tightly: this they had done often enough that it felt natural, a gesture familiar and understood.

It was astonishing how pretty she looked even in dishevelment, beads of water still hanging to her clothes, some incensed colour lingering in her cheeks. He was not usually at such liberty to look so long - but that was no doubt what had led to the urge to kiss her in the first place. Evander turned over his words for a moment, supposing it might be best to put it plainly, to spare him the misery of overthinking. “But you will tell me if you... wish the exercise to be repeated?”

Surely she knew by now that spontaneity was not his strongest suit.

Evander for his part seemed… embarrassed. It was the best way that Caroline could interpret until her words caught up with him. Finally he glanced at her, Caroline had smoothed her features to make sure she looked nonplussed as her eyes sought his. There! There was a twinge of a smile tilting his lips as he took back his apology, Caroline couldn’t help the returning smile. “I should hope.” She kept her words playful, they could steer through this, she felt certain of it. It was just a strong wind, nothing to worry the ship as a whole. The worries that had begun to grow unbidden in the back of her mind, those awful clouds, dissipated as his hands found her own, the squeeze of warmth a comfort and a reassurance. She gently squeezed back, letting him know it was alright.

An exercise? That certainly seemed to make it seem much less romantic, internally Caroline shook her head. This, much like socializing, did not seem to be Evander’s strong suit. But she was sure she could remedy that. After all he had no qualms talking with her now, nor attending events either, both of which she had come to know were not things he was comfortable with. She would add kissing to that list soon enough, but for the moment. “I shall, and I do, Evander. Although I dare say you ought to call it something other than an exercise.” She teased.
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Evander truly was fortunate to have stumbled upon a young woman who was clearly able to be enchanted by anything. Who seemed to have endless patience, even with him. Especially with him. She was not quite the person he had once imagined himself courting, but - mercifully, as things had worked out this year - he had given up those expectations of courting long ago.

Caroline was being as warm as ever now, full of lightness and smiles and a playfulness that didn’t wound him quite as much as mockery usually did. Frankly, it was more difficult to be defensive or thorny about anything she had said when, practically in the same breath, she had confessed to wanting to be kissed again. He had not been expecting so much, and it buoyed him beyond the worst discomfort of it, saw his mouth curve into another smile.

But no, spontaneity was not his strong suit, and nor were parties or picnics or being caught in the rain, and certainly not being romantic about language: if he wasn’t careful, everyone would forget he had any strong suits at all. Although pedantry was probably one of them, so, in something near to amusement, he countered: “And what would you venture to call it, then?” An exercise, an activity, he didn’t see the problem in a little dry euphemism - but if she gave him another chance at kissing her, he would call it what she liked.

"I think kissing might be an appropriate place to start." Caroline suggested cheerfully, grateful that the tension seemed to have escaped from between them. She lent toward him, her free hand smoothing the wet fabric of his arm to rest by his elbow. Around them the rain still fell but for all Caroline cared it could have been nothing but a cloudy day.

A playful smile flit over her lips as she tilted her head toward him, "Perhaps you would like to try again?

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He was still devastated about the weather refusing to follow the reports... however. Evander supposed he could forgive the world for ruining his plans, just this once. Because they would have to wait it out, now - far worse to go running through the town square like a pair of drowned rats.

And now that he had already ruined things by the misguided notion of ignoring them - that really hadn’t gone down well with her; he might be a fool but he wasn’t blind and deaf - they were unlikely to get worse. At any rate, he wanted to please her, and if she really thought it appropriate (he certainly trusted Miss Delaney’s assessment more than he did Alfred’s), perhaps a moment of self-indulgence in their privacy wasn’t the end of the world.

Evander stepped back in toward her, returning her touch at his elbow and the lurch of confidence it had given him by setting his hands lightly at her waist. “I suppose kissing - like any other exercise -” he relented, still feigning a little seriousness in answer to her teasing, “might benefit from a little repetition.” Practice made perfect, and whatnot. Some fine-tuning never hurt.

He cast a brief glance towards the church, just in case there was any sign of Mrs. Delaney, but since there was not... Evander bit back a smile and leant in to kiss her again. This time he was even resolved to let himself enjoy it.

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