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I hold my peace, sir? no; No, I will speak as liberal as the north; Let heaven and men and devils, let them all, All, all, cry shame against me, yet I’ll speak.
He has touched my ankle and seen me with my hair down (not intentionally, of course!), so I'm pretty sure I already know what it feels like to be married.Helga Scamander in Helga's Boy Book
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It reminds me of when we were young
Let me photograph you in this light
In case it is the last time
That we might be exactly like we were
Before we realized
We were sad of getting old
It made us restless
Oh, I'm so mad I'm getting old
It makes me reckless
It was just like a movie
It was just like a song
When we were young
July 25th, 1890 - Paris, France
"I cannot believe we are doing this." Angelica's words were a collision of stage whisper and glee as she leaned into the arms of her husband. Her "husband".The thought had her dissolving into a fit of laughter she couldn't fully smother against his chest. If her late actual husband could see her now. She had just enough of the evening's champagne in her veins to think the idea funny instead of terrifying. The dead had no power here.

Fingers interlaced in a familiarity that certainly seemed intimate, the lift back from the hotel's private club to their honeymoon penthouse seemed to take an eternity. Once safely inside their hideaway, an additional privacy ward on the door, Angelica locked eyes with her partner-in-crime a few second before they both fell apart at the seams. "Well done, my dear lord husband," she offered in a French that was beginning to sound more Italian by the moment. "I swear, only in Paris can you get away with so silly a ruse." The few changes she'd made to her features were melting away as she relaxed into the door at her back. "Felix, there is one more thing I wanted to do."
~ ~ ~
"Merlin, do men actually enjoy this or this one of those tests of manhood that mean absolutely nothing to witches?" Angelica made a face as she took a mouthful of the most shocking firewhiskey she'd ever tasted before shoving the bottle across the bed to Felix. "This is worse than that bottle my brother smuggled in after Yule Ball our seventh year. Do you remember? He spiked the punch we took back to the Common Room. I still don't know how we got away with that."

Angelica reached for the champagne bottle levitating above the bed near them, the sweet bubbles far better on the tongue. Tossing her now loose hair over her shoulder, she held up her free hand. "That doesn't count as my question. My birthday, my rules, Prewett." The imperious proclamation tone hadn't changed in the nineteen years they'd known one another. "You're picking truth. Alright, tell me the truth: there was a Hufflepuff girl in our year, a shy little thing that had the worst infatuation with you. Did you kiss her or did she finally give up and lie to save face?" Angelica was smirking, her bet firmly on another girl struck by the curse of the Pretty Prewetts.

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Felix for his part could not agree more. The whole plan had seemed completely absurd, something they would have attempted as children, which of course meant they simply had to do it. Angel’s warm body leaned into his and Felix smiled. He’d once offered her this in all sincerity, he hadn’t batted an eye when she turned him down, they both knew there was nothing more than friendship between them, but to give her the gift of a night was something they could both do.

It was only in the safety of their penthouse that Felix allowed his own laughter to escape. “The Parisians have a blessedly different sense of scandal.” Felix agreed.

Oh?” And what was it up his dear friend’s sleeve?


I suspect a bit of both.” Felix responded taking the bottle of firewhiskey back. He rather enjoyed getting drunk like this, feeling that there was no reason to test his manhood, which most people thankfully were assured of with his looks, plus the actions of his twin who many just assumed he was.

He chuckled at the memory. “We almost didn’t, if my memory serves. You almost gave it all away with your giggling.

At her proclamation Felix opened his arms to protest but thought better of it, “Fine, fine.” Instead he took a gulp of the firewhiskey.

Meave Lockwood?” Felix remembered the girl a bit and thought back, he had kissed her. A horrid wet kiss that was the beginning of his realization that a woman would never be what he needed, the beginning of realizing there was something awfully wrong with him. He’d never told anyone about the kiss, when the rumors started he’d shrugged them off even though Angel had always been determined to find the truth. What did it matter so many years later? “I gave in and kissed her. She seemed so sad. Always thought she was after the wrong twin. Fitz would have kissed her in half a second if she had her eyes set on him.

I supposed you’re picking dare?

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Never in her life had Angelica reveled in such recklessness. She would savor every drunken tipsy moment, because she knew this was not the sort of freedom that came again in life, not for them.

Swatting at his hand with a laugh at the memory, she could only groan. "I was Head Girl!" She squeaked before laughing. "And Fitz was the Quidditch Captain, I was meant to punish such idiocy, not partake. Giggling was natural." In truth, her normally cutthroat, academics above all approach was most likely how she convinced the other prefect on rounds that she was escorting her housemates back in their shame. No need to discuss what they all got up to in the Common Room. Let it never be said that Slytherins lacked the will to revel.

Taking another sip of champagne from the bottle, releasing it back to the charm she had suspending their drinks above the bed, Angel's focus quickly narrowed to Felix's revelation. "I knew it!" her cheer was triumphant, fifteen years of speculation confirmed. She should feel bad for the little Hufflepuff, whatever became of her, but Angelica was now content to leave her as a footnote in their childhood.

"It must have been difficult, to be one of the Pretty Prewett, destined to break the hearts of many a girl." Angelica smirked, but the jab wasn't weighted; she knew that Felix never sought out girls or played up his looks. Merlin, there was even a time when she was taken with bloody Fitz Prewett, but Felix? Felix Prewett was a strange comfort to her soul, the keeper of their mutually heavy secrets. Twin or not, their path wasn't one of passion.

He'd proposed once when she returned to Britain an offer only an idiot would turn away. Angelica was, apparently, and idiot. While the deep affection she had for this man, the weighted feelings she could easily name as 'love,' it was not the love she'd briefly tasted in her marriage. What she wanted, what she craved, was not something her dearest friend could give and that truth remained unspoken. There were some things he could never ask him to voice and things she could never share. But theirs was a strange intimacy of friendship that she shared with no other. There was no other willing soul that made her feel so safe or free.

Squaring her shoulders, all bravado, she nodded, "Of course I pick dare. Do your worst, Prewett."

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By nature Felix was not the type that liked to leave broken hearts scattered behind him. He left that to Fitz. But Angelica had a point. He never intended to, but he knew he had. To him it felt like a curse, he was sure it felt nothing like it to Fitz, but then again identical twins were not identical in personality or spirit - or even with whom they were attracted to. “A heavy weight.” Felix admitted, making sure to keep his tone light. Even to Angelica he could not burden her with the weight of his admission. He suspected she knew, that she trusted him more in this moment then she would have if she didn’t, but they never spoke of it - just as they never spoke of her own past and weights she carried.

Felix watched her from his position on the bed, leaning on one arm, the other lazily tilting the firewhiskey to his lips. Had he been any other man such an opportunity would be an easy one, but Felix was not. Instead he was left pondering what was too childish a dare or too lame a dare. Nothing seemed to suit the mood just right. He longed for secrets and knowledge not for any purpose beyond the responsibility of knowing. Dares did little for him. “Alright,” Felix said slowly taking another swig of the firewhiskey. “I dare you to give me a song. Mind you I mean singing and dancing.” Felix nodded toward the floor in front of the bed.

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At Felix's dare, Angel couldn't help but laugh. There wasn't another man living that would see her so relaxed, with her hair down, or in her nightgown, but it was still amusing to her that his dare was to send her physically further away. She absolutely adored him. Leaning into him and curling her fingers around the firewhiskey bottle, she raised it to her lips and took a solid pull before placing it back into his hands. "You know, you could have dared me to tell you a truth, Oh, Lover of Secrets." She smirked before dropping a kiss to his cheek.

Popping to her feet, and tripping right back onto the mattress in the process, she recovered amid laughter. Making it to the floor without further incident, Angel made a deep bow. "In honor of our delightful hosts, I give you La Marseillaise." Angelica could sing quite well, but the French anthem was a strange beast when turned into a cabaret. Granted, calling for the blood of tyrants in the name of the Fatherland was most palatable with a few drinks in the blood.

Finishing her song with a flourish and bowing like a prima donna, Angelica rejoined Felix in bed with a grin, snagging the champagne for herself. "Next time you wish to force me into defeat, remember that I have never shied away from an audience." Full attention on her companion now, Angel offered the next move. "Truth or dare, Felix?" As if she didn't know already.

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I haven’t ruled it out.” Felix told her lazily as he watched her move away from him. Their friendship had always been this easy, although there had been times it had never been as… intimate as it was now, or as scandalous. Not that there was really anything to make a scandal over, in Felix’s mind.

It was Angel’s laughter that caused him to chuckle when he was sure she had recovered from her stumbled. Her performance made him laugh as well and merriment twinkled in his eyes. He could not remember an evening he had had such a good time.

Force you into defeat? Never, my dear Angel, you are much too good for that.” Felix laughed.

Oh, you may as well give me a dare.” Too many truths and she’d stumble on something he wouldn’t want to share.

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"Well, color me surprised." She hummed before taking another hearty drink, contemplating her next move. She picked dares and Felix picked truths. It was a standard and predictable pattern, but tonight seemed about shaking up the comfortable, even the settled patterns between them. Finishing the last of the champagne - grateful her sober self brought sobriety potions they would both want in the morning - Angel let the bottle float off.

Propped up on her elbow, she met Felix eye to eye with a bit of a mischievous glint in her own. He had been kind enough not to take advantage, of course, but she was only human. "As I cannot imagine a Hufflepuff or a Lockwood having something I haven't, I dare you, Felix Prewett, for a kiss." In all honesty, she would never push him to do something that was too uncomfortable and she fully expected him to drop a kiss to her cheek. "And once, you forfeit the dare, I'll take truth." Angel loved to tease him and a poked up Felix was always entertaining, but were he ever to draw a line in the sand, she would be the first to honor it. He meant the world to her.

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