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We're coming after you~!
I'm usually down for anything, but what I have listed per character is what they really need/don't want! Feel free to post here or PM me @'Avril lukeson'!

Other ways to contact Ocean:
Skype – candypaw
Discord – oceanwings #2796

DISCLAIMER: Ocean is bad at remembering to post/reply to threads so just like, message me or post here if it's been over like, a week since I said I'd make it/since you last replied ♥

@Aamiya Power:
Friendships: Miya hasn't had any real contact with people (besides her husband) since she got married. She needs a social life. Probably other purebloods but half-bloods and muggle-borns work as well. Also, she's pregnant so...
Former classmates: Miya was a Hufflepuff who graduated in 1887. She wasn't very social in school, but she didn't spend seven years in solitude... and she wasn't quiet the whole time, either. I'm sure she'd recognize... some... of her year/house-mates outside of school. Depending on how much of a lasting impression their interaction left on her. She was probably close to one or two other people. They were most likely in her house and year, but they could have been from other houses, but not a different year.

@'avril lukeson':
Romance: Technically she's in mourning, but I imagine with her purest Aunt more in her life, that Jade would want to try and get Avril married ASAP. I also imagine it'd be less than willing on her end, but y'know, she don't got a choice no more. Can be developed in-character, but we can discuss it OOC... just so Avril has more of a reason to be salty towards her purest family.
Friendships: She needs more friends :( Can be those who encourage her to make poor life choices or possibly someone who changes her POV on purist... Which would be totally interesting tbh but Avril is stubborn so she might not just be convinced in one thread that purebloods are the supreme race... (and I'm sure Ace and her siblings/half-blood cousins wouldn't let her get as bad as the rest of her family).
Former Classmates: She was a Ravenclaw but didn't return after she finished her fifth year in 1887. Could most defiantly be backdated if they're still in school or if they left earlier than she did, it could be a present thread :D Could possibly be a current date as well if they happen to meet on one of the Hogsmeade trips
Enemies: Chances are her attitude and Seer ability (even if it isn't widely known) got her into some trouble with others. I don't know if they'd be considered enemies or just rivals or something... but Avril needs people besides family to dislike.

@Céleste Bénet:
Friendships: Cele is a very social creature, even if she's very timid. More friends are a need. Either people whom she's going to Hogwarts with or people a few years younger, or people who just went to Hogwarts in 1887. I don't see her being friends with many older people, but if there's a reason they'd be friends – or something close to having a friendship with – that we can come up with then i'm totally alright with it!
PEOPLE TO PRANK: Oh, God, please. I want her to prank someone and get in trouble for it. Like, maybe she just pranks the wrong person(s) – either because they were in a bad mood or something! I WANT TO DO THIS. PLEASE. The more people she can prank before September, the better.

@Chrysanta Ruskin:
Romance: I mean, I don't think Crystal is interested in having a romantic relationship with anyone right now, but who knows. I'd prefer it to start out as a friendship first, though.
Friendships: >.> Crystal also needs friends, like all my characters. <.< She's currently only had a thread with @Sweetie Whitledge. Well, technically she's had two others BUT they weren't with people she considered friends. Please help Crystal's social life and be her friend.
Enemies: Being that she's a half-vampire, I think she'd have run into problems... Either while she (and all other half-breeds) were banned from Hogwarts or from after she returned. Hell, it could've been years ago, when was was a child or when she first started Hogwarts.

@Sapphire Weasley:
Romance: I feel like Sapphire should focus more on her schooling than romance, but she's also a teenager now so idk what she's going to do. Preferably starting out as a friendship.
Friendships: >.> please help. She was in Gryffindor for a few weeks in 1886 because the sorting hat was missing. Does that help? It helped her with her confidence a lot. She probably made a few friends in her stay in the House of Lions, but seeing as that was nearly two years ago... She probably has some from of relationship with the older Gryffindors and older Hufflepuffs. She doesn't really venture out of those two houses.

For @Pumpkin Whitledge:
Romance: I feel like Pumpkin would gladly focus on her love-life over her schooling. She doesn't like going to class five of seven days a week, even though she loves learning. Def something we can talk about, though the more organic it is the better. :)
Friendships: Pumpkin is probably on the more antisocial side, so I don't see her having many close friends. But maybe she wasn't social her first few years  of school, and the few friends she did make made her get out of her little shell. She's probably tried getting people to call her Camie since she's really self-conscious of her name.
Goals: I want her to at least be a prefect in her 7th year >C Headgirl would be amazing but I don't know if she's 'headgirl marital'

Elaine made Avril's set!
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pfft Ocean don't make threads but she might make an exception for you ;D

Elaine made Avril's set!

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