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A Finer Night You Know You'll Never See
July 31st, 1890 — Destiny Hotel, London
International Quidditch League Cup Dinner & Dance

Although one can say attending social functions were just as stressful as a job, she had to insist that Julius and her were in attendance. Firstly, because her brother looked as if he’d rather stay cooped up at the ministry after getting his old job back. Lastly, she wanted to prove that the mere assumptions on her being were false and that Bella and she were separate. Araminta had enough mopping around in Wales.

The evening began with Julius by her side but the both of them separated as the function moved to the ballroom. As one by one the ladies were led by their partners, the debutante felt that she might have to skip the next dance. She chose to watch close to the dance floor. Surprisingly at the last minute she noticed Mr. Prewett was next to her. "I hope you aren't here to speak to my brother. His attention is currently occupied with someone." She gave a quick glance at where her sibling was before directing her attention back to him.

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CW for casual racism~
Fitzroy Prewett had seen little of the world, and less still of the world as it really was, rather than how it was in the upscale gentlemen's clubs and sprawling country homes he tended to frequent whilst abroad. As a result, already the arrival of the Moroccan national quidditch team was proving to be something of an eye-opener for him, from the unusual garb they wore to one fellow declining his invitation to play poker because it was, apparently, haram.

(Wasn't haram where they kept their women for orgies and whatnot? Or was that reserved to the Arabs further east?)

With that particular plan briefly scuttled, Fitzroy decided to return his attentions to his guests—particularly the attractive ones nearer to the dance floor. Though many had already paired off in preparation for the upcoming waltz, he did spot Miss Scrimgeour lurking in solutitude at the edge of the floor, seemingly not yet engaged.

"If you believe Julius Scrimgeour to be a fine dancing partner for a fellow like myself, then please, do say the word and I shall go to him forthwith," Fitz joked in answer. His family had had it's...unsavory moment in the spotlight, mercifully since cleared up, and so he would hardly condemn the Scrimgeour children for the sins of their father as others in society had done. Besides, Araminta Scrimgeour was hardly a struggle to look at! "If not, it was rather my intention that you accompany me for the waltz."

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While a widow, Mr. Prewett was childless, respectable, and a pureblood. Getting his attention would make both her mother and dead father proud and would certainly help her get back to her circle. However, she believed that he (and his brothers) was out of her reach. It wasn’t him that she needed to impress – it was Harriet Prewett, his mother.

Minty had not meant for that to come out as a joke but was glad the she was able to humor him. “You are in luck. As graceful of a dancer that he is, I do believe that I am better at the waltz.” She chuckled. “I would be delighted to accompany you.”
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With a chuckle, he offered Miss Scrimgeour his arm before leading her onto the dance floor as the musicians began their first notes. Fitz had always been a 'just in time' sort of fellow. As the music set off, the wizard began to lead the two of them in the familiar pattern of the dance.

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Araminta allowed herself to be lead through the dance by Mr. Prewett. Dancing was one of the few things that she dedicated herself to. She can confidently match the beat of the music and her partner. However, a conversationalist she was not and was left to carefully think of what to talk with him. Weather? Quidditch? The Moroccans? The least she wanted was to make this dance be quietly awkward for herself and for her partner.

“Quite a fine party you have.” She remarked casually.

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- She is the identical twin of Bella Scrimgeour. Your character might mistake her for her twin -
"Oh, I shouldn't take all of the credit," Fitzroy responded with his patented Flirtatious Smile™, "but that does not mean I won't."

Though his true passion was flying, Fitzroy Prewett did not lack in grace on the ground, as was evident as he led Miss Scrimgeour—not a shabby partner, herself—through the steps of the dance. It helped, he supposed, that it the waltz was rather an undemanding arrangement, but the pair glid effortlessly even still.

"Though entertaining is often seen as a woman's occupation," he continued, "I have never thought it...reasonable that I should be denied the opportunity to arrange an event simply because my family's circumstances."

It did not due to bring up a dead wife directly when one was dancing with an attractive young lady.

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That smile! Even a usually stoic and calm woman like her would blush and feel warm. It also did not help that their bodies were close. “But I do believe you deserve most of the credit. The event wouldn't be possible without your presence and you do make quite a fine host.” Araminta complimented sincerely. While it did lack the glamour that socialites such Mrs. Devine or Miss Zabini had she was sure that the evening was considered to be a success. 

“Well, I hope that this won't be your last and that you will have other opportunities to hold future events. ” That not to say that Mr. Prewett looked like the type to host events that were not sports related.

They continued to move elegantly and in sync with the orchestra until the music came to an end. That’s a shame. “Thank you for the fine dance. I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening.”
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"It is I who should thank you, Miss Scrimgeour," Fitz insisted as the pair left the dance floor. "Perhaps I might engage you again, later in the evening?"
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