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Badged at Breakfast
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July 29th, 1890 — Fraser House, Swallowbury

Owls in the dining room, though not exactly hygienic, were not an uncommon sight, particularly over breakfast. What was less common, however, was mail for Idunn Fraser, the youngest of the family. The end of July, though, brought annually the supply list from school (nothing particularly exciting), and so this was all Idunn expected when she opened her envelope.

What she got was a chunk of metal falling into her porridge.

Confused, the Ravenclaw spooned it out to get a better look.
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Ewart had been faraway in thought (not unusual, particularly at breakfast) until he saw, out of the corner of his eye, his daughter spooning out a strange looking lump of porridge. Oh, and the owl was here too.

Absently, Ewart fed the creature a bit of bacon as he squinted at the porridge-covered thing. “What’ve you got there? The owl didn’t cough up a pellet in there, did he?” Ewart inquired with a chuckle - although he hadn’t heard the familiar hacking noise of a owl regurgitating, so it had probably been something else.
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A finger on the porridge-y surface revealed something hard and metallic underneath; awkwardly, Idunn shook and scraped off her breakfast, her suspicions growing with each oat that fell away.

"I think it's a badge," she remarked in surprise before shutting her mouth quickly. A badge. A prefect's badge—and, Merlin help her, she'd just admitted as much aloud!

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“A badge!” Ewart repeated, loudly enough to wake half the house. It took him a moment to recall how old Idunn was, and thus which year she was set to begin - less because he was a disinterested father and more because time was the oddest thing - but as he leapt up and rounded the table to get a better look at it, the badge confirmed it. A fifth year.

A fifth year prefect.

“Well I never!” he said, planting his hands on the back of his daughter’s chair to blink back his mild disbelief. “I had no idea you were such a favourite of the school authorities, Idunn!” He had presumed she and her oddball friends, like the oddball family from whence she had come, would be the sort of students to go against the grain rather than with it. But first the summer apprenticeship, and now this!

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