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Thrown To The Wolves
22nd July, 1890 — Whizzhard Books, Local Authors Day
“...and therefore, with these findings in mind, the fact remains that until the blight of lycanthropy has been entirely expunged, innocent people continue to live in peril and society cannot know real progress or peace.”

Quite satisfied with his chapter reading - and indeed, himself - Emerett closed his copy of his 1888 book, Lupine Lawlessness: Why Lycanthropes Don’t Deserve To Live and glanced again upon his audience at the literary festival. 

He smiled. “Nevertheless, I shall thank you profusely for your time and allow the topic to rest for today,” - someone seemed halfway out of their chair - “...unless there are any questions?”
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Titania did not get involved in public debate. She did not get involved in public debate. The litany ran through her mind as she listened to 'Professor' Picardy spout his theories. Honestly, how could anyone assume such nonsense about an entire species?

Titania had read his book, all of his books, but Lupin Lawlessness was particularly vicious. Anya had hoped to find the author more measured and scholarly in person, but that was far from the case. If the man started salivating like the creatures he loathed, Anya wouldn't be shocked. While she hoped to be a silent observer, Anya couldn't hold her tongue any longer.

Against her better judgement, Anya found herself rising to her feet. "Professor Picardy, how do you account for the humanity and moral complexity of the individuals that are these werewolves? Certainly you can't damn individuals for a state they inhabit once a moon cycle?"
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Archelaus was attending Picardys lecture for the sole fact that the man amused him. His own views on werewolves were somewhat similar to Picardys but he still saw werewolves as being human for the most part. He was observing peoples reactions to what the man had to say. Most seemed to be disgusted. A woman posed a question and Archelaus waited to see what the so-called professor would have to say. Merlin, he hoped this would become heated.

Timothy clapped in response to the womans question. Picardy was an idiot as far as he was concerned. He read the mans writings in an almost hateful manner. He much preferred Professor Forfangs research on the subject of werewolves. It was a lot more humane and took into account that these poor afflicted were also humans most of the time. "Have you ever even met a werewolf?"

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