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Group Chat Gone Wrong
"Sloane!" Sisse gasped, as her friend moved, only to vomit everywhere. Sisse couldn't blame her, she'd been there only weeks before. "It's okay." She tried to reassure her friend, laughing as Sloane tried to do the same thing at exactly the same time. She quickly dashed away her tears. "Thank Merlin you are alright!"

It was much easier to get ropes off a friend when she could do it herself, another thing that Sisse found herself grateful for. She scoffed. "Hardly! You scared us half to death!" Sisse scolded, suddenly feeling like her mother even as she pointed a stern glare at Sloane.

She looked behind them to the lake, sobering at the thought that the boys were still out there.

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It was Sloane's turn to scoff, "Please it takes more than a giant squid to get rid of me." She laughed, pushing soaking wet hair from her face, because it was the only thing keeping her from crying about it; Sloane did not cry in front of people no matter how scary it was. The petite Gryffindor wasn't even sure if that was what had grabbed her, but she was going with it.

Suddenly she remembered the kitten, the whole reason they'd gone out there and finally noticed the boys weren't with her on shore. Sitting up immediately, she looked out to where they were perched on the boat. "The kitten?" She squeaked, hoping the little thing was alright! Then she looked to find Calla flying to get Ned and Cam, which was a relief. Exciting indeed!

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Cameron watched from across the lake, waiting, waiting, waiting for Sloane to sit up or take a breath or something. He barely paid attention to the droplets of water that fell over his brow bone onto his cheeks, or to the unsteady rocking of the rowboat as Ned attempted to bring them to a still. He didn't even pay attention to Calla, who had begun her trek across the lake towards them.

Then, finally, she sat up. Cameron let out a breath that he wasn't aware he'd been holding, and suddenly his heart was beating faster than it was a moment before. The boat. The water. Ned. He took note of everything, from the missing oars to the unsettling ripples that filled the lake around them.

Luckily Calla arrived.

"We need to go," he said, "I don't think we have much time to waste." He took once glance down at the water, grimaced, and motioned for Calla to lower herself towards them.

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