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July 9th, 1890 - Podmore Zoological Gardens
@Dorothea Birdwhistle

Things had pretty much settled since Eva had come home- at the zoo anyway. It was funny how she kind of missed being in charge of certain things. Zach was up and off on his adventure and so Sydney had taken over and while the new Mr. Podmore was quite adept at running the business side of the zoo, he was a healer after all and therefore not entirely used to the actual zoo itself. At least his specialty had been Creature-Induced Injuries, so he became to go-to for any injuries! If she were being honest, these days between her, Amelia and Beau it wasn't like they needed too much direction. Eva had been here long enough to know the ropes for just about every aspect of the daily maintenance and care, which certainly helped.

Even Astra had settled nicely, though Eva was still on the lookout for a pen pal for her. Another Thunderbird was likely out of the question, as she only had Astra because she couldn't fly. Eva had feelers out for a hippogiff or something of a similar size so they could play together. Another creature that needed rehabilitation or a permanent home would certainly do the trick. For now though, Eva just took Astra on walks around the zoo during normal business hours to see other creatures and interact with guests.

Even having a small Thunderbird on a leash was a sight, but Astra had been hand-raised by Eavan and Beau since she was just a chick; she adored people. She also adored the mooncalves and so Eva brought her to see them often. The pair stood outside the enclosure, Eva watching Astra who was watching the calves play. They interacted with a guest here and there, but the zoo was largely quiet that morning. She'd been about to move on when she nearly ran over a little girl standing nearby. "Oh my, I'm so sorry, I didn't see you at first!" She apologized, holding Astra behind her so the Thunderbird ran into her instead of the little girl.

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On account of her father's profession, Thea and her family usually did quite a lot of traveling over the summer. He was a researcher who had devoted his time to studying the history of magical Britain, thus his work took him all over the country. Mostly they went to small towns adjacent to obscure ruins. While Mr. Birdwhistle oohed and awed at old, crumbling rocks, the rest of the family had to find something to do with themselves. Needless to say, they didn't enjoy those trips much.

This summer, they were mercifully spared being Mr. Birdwhistle's tag alongs due to him shifting focus onto local history. They'd all pretended to be disappointed, but secretly rejoiced. Finally,there was an opportunity for real enjoyment. In the early days of summer, Thea had gone calling on all of her friends and even made some new ones in the process. Once her desire to be a social butterfly had been appeased, she started to plan little adventures for herself. Some she could do on her own, but others required supervision which Thea hated. She wasn't a baby anymore - almost eleven was plenty grown up - and she generally had good behavior. Alas, her mother cared little for her attempts at independence and the trip she wanted to take to the zoo in Irvingly became a family affair.

Despite the oppressive presence of her relatives, Thea was immediately thrilled once they arrived at their destination. There was so much to see and everything demanded her attention. She practically ran from exhibit to exhibit until she stopped to marvel at the mooncalves and their wide, wide eyes. Before she could move on, a woman collided with her and she wobbled a little, but didn't fall. "It's okay, Miss! I'm alright." She smoothed down the front of her dress, more out of habit than necessity. Thea looked up at the woman and then at the creature she had with her. Thea had never seen anything like it. "What's that? Is that your pet? Does the zoo allow pets? Does it have a name?"

Mother would wring her ear if she heard how she was carrying on now. Alas, mother was elsewhere and Thea had questions, as always.

@Eavan MacKay

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Pleased that the wee lamb was unharmed, it didn't take long for a bemused smile to curl Eva's lips. She was going a mile a minute with questions and Eva was nodding along already trying to keep a tally of what she was being bombarded with.

Taking it in stride, as she wasn't unfamiliar with this, Eva waited until the girl paused before gearing up her answers. "I'm glad you're alright, this is Astra, she's a Thunderbird from America." It was pretty unusual for one to see an adolescent thunderbird being walked around like a horse, but since Eva had hand-raised Astra since hatching, it wasn't exactly a normal situation. Not to mention the creature's deformed wing prevented her from flying, so there was that.

"She is not my pet, I work here. We do allow pets however, I have a diricawl that comes to work with me and my co-worker is oft accompanied by her dog." Having Penny around was always fun. Eva had always loved dogs, but had never settled on getting one for herself. "I was taking her for a walk, she's very friendly and likes people and other animals very much." Perk of socializing her well from chick.

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