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11th July, 1890 — Hogwarts Charity Drive, Padmore Park
This charity drive was a splendid idea of the young Scamanders, and had given Ewart the excuse to rummage about his cupboards for old Hogwarts relics of his. He might have passed them down to his own children, but strangely enough none of them had ever seemed inclined to inherit half these things. Pity!

He had also discovered a veritable treasure trove of memories from he and Ailsa’s younger days - but of course he had only brought the things today that would suit young Hogwarts pupils, mostly. He’d lugged along a cauldron stuffed full of old books (and... things), and had roped in another willing (?) attendee to help him sort through that collection whilst he rummaged around in the pockets of a forty-year-old set of old schoolrobes, finding all sorts.

Glancing over at the cauldron, he watched his helper as they fished out a handful small coloured stones. “Oh, look, my old gobstones - !” Ewart began delightedly... although the dusty old set of them had apparently forgotten how the game worked, because one of the gobstones took this sudden movement as a sign to start squirting out their signature acrid liquid out into his new acquaintance’s face.
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It wasn't healing or teaching, but this sort of event was enough to lure Titania away from her happy solitude in Aberdeen. It wasn't as if she was free to avoid Society, even if she'd prefer it. Anya was actually, excited at the prospect of the charity drive and came with an embarrassing amount of donations. Hogwarts had been her safe haven, why shouldn't every child have that experience?

She'd been sorting items with Mr. Ewart Fraser and it had made the day one for the books. Titania couldn't say if she'd ever met someone over nursery age that was so, well, jolly. Anya had been at school with his oldest daughter and had heard plenty of stories, she'd even read some of his research, but meeting him in person was a delight.

She barely had to say a thing to prompt him to launch into a story which, for Titania, was ideal. She was hardly the chatty type. Working through the contents of another book he sent her direction, Anya pulled a handful of gobstones out as her companion joyously greeted the sight of his boyhood toy. About to comment on the find, deciding to at least prove she could speak, Anya was cut short by the small toys going rogue and spraying her like a frightened skunk.

Letting out an undignified squeak that should not be possible from someone of her stature, Anya dropped the handful of renegade gobstones as if they burned her hand. That would have been preferable to the face of stink smile currently blurring her vision. Mortification was an accurate description of the moment, Anya's loathing of drawing attention rearing its head as she stood frozen. Oddly, amusement was also there at the fringes.

With what dignity she could manage, Anya cleared the worst of the mess from her eyes and mouth with her handkerchief. "Mr. Fraser, may I suggest that you keep these from the charity items? I believe they are better retained for your own personal use."
This Miss Allaway was just the sort of person he liked. (Which was not to say that Ewart did not say the same of most people - one had to work rather deliberately to be disliked - but she was interesting as well as helpful, which proceeded to double her charm.)

So he did feel sorry for her as the gobstones shot out their gobstone goo, although he did have to try magnificently hard to suppress the temptation to chuckle at her startled squeak. “Are you sure you wouldn’t like them instead? I think they were rather excited to be held by you,” Ewart remarked gaily, though his smile was sympathetic as well as amused. Admittedly, she had dropped them into the grass at their feet - but, he supposed, getting the gunk off her face was another worthy priority. Perhaps once she was cleaned up she might feel more willing.

“But here, dear, have another handker-” he added in an attempt at assisting her, feeling something made of cloth squeezed in amongst the old set of robe pockets and presuming it would help to get rid of the last of the gobstone liquid on her face. “Oh no, that’s a... slipper? Hm.” Ewart frowned in surprise at the very squished tartan slipper, without the faintest idea of how it got in there - or indeed how much help that would be for wiping anyone’s face.

"Absolutely not!" Titania realized her adamant refusal was verbalized a millisecond before knowing she should keep her opinions mild. "That is to say, if this is the showing of excitement, I would hate to know what my fate would be if I offended them." She looked at the offending stones in the grass as she tried to find a polite way of cleaning the mess from her face.

Anya had already extended her hand for a cleaning cloth, but was met with a tartan slipper? Looking from Fraser to footwear, Titania lasted a full breath before dissolving into laughter. Making peace with looking more freak than feminine, Anya reluctantly scrubbed a sleeve over her eyes to clear more of the foul stuff from her skin. Why were these given to children?!

"Forgive me, Professor Fraser," the title rolled off the tongue as if it belonged. "But with five nieces and nephews between the ages of ten and four, I fear my family estates would be toppled in the Great Gobstone War of 1890. I fear the Allaways would be bested by exuberant toys."

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“Catapulting themselves spontaneously at your head?” Ewart suggested in amusement of her fate if there was something worse than their goo, regardless of whether gobstones actually had such abilities. (They could always be charmed to - no, Ewart.)

She seemed perfectly entertained by the slipper, and though Ewart did not mean to entertain, it was certainly nothing to be sniffed at! A high honour, to be found entertaining. And to be called Professor, as a matter of fact. Even those in his historical fields often seemed not to think him worthy of such a title. (He knew he liked her.)

Ewart tossed the slipper onto the table of old school supplies and began rummaging around on the off chance that he would find the other of the pair lurking about somewhere. Though if his difficulty in finding matching socks was an experience to go by, it was a slim chance indeed.

“Well, a worthy excuse,” he said magnanimously, letting her off without having to keep the over-excited gobstones forever, and turning to a topic he found just as entertaining. “An excellent number of nieces and nephews you have there. Are you fond of children?”

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