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wcab connections
Hey all, for the Sanditon Staffy thing, I am making a WCAB Gardener and I would love to fit him into an existing family or even want ad if you have one that fits. I will be using Chance Perdomo who is a POC so keep that in mind. <3

These are other aspects I have in mind for him:
  • Between the ages of 18-25
  • 7+ Reputation as required by Sanditon
  • He is a bit of a slut but discreet about it and has never been caught yet.
  • Regularly sleeps with guests of varying genders.
  • Lowkey has the hots for one of the sirens and not any of the female ones.
  • Fully human as that's one of the employee requirements of Sanditon
  • Not a squib

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You could talk to Willow about an Umbernauld relative? They are a POC family, recently gone legit, none of their past misdealings are public knowledge.

[Image: wl0I79B.jpg]
Lady is a wonder
He could be Arthur Beck's brother, have been disowned for something by his CMJ fam. He and Arthur could have reconnected after Arthur married his eccentric wife who's big on family?

Magic by MJ!

This isn't this super specific but @Adam Ragge could have cousins on either his mother's or father's side. His dad passed away, mom lives and works in a village somewhere.
Umbernaulds and Becks wouldn't quite work as he needs to have a rep of at least 7 as I said in my list. Connections to shady individuals and being disowned and dropped a social class would probably lower his reputation below that 7. I know being disowned most certainly would xD

So, I'm going to go with Ragge. Vague enough to give me flexibility but a played family member for him to perhaps vex/bro out with sometimes. :P I'll go with fathers side so I can be lazy and not need to find my own surname for Dad and the Gardener. <3 @Ophelia Devine

Thanks for the connections, all!
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