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June 25th, 1890 — Irvingly Village Shoppe

Andy had some insignificant amount of money to spend, which to him seemed like six figures. He was planning on using it at the one shop at Irvingly, which sold everything. Well, not all. They didn't have wands or brooms or anything exciting of that sort. But there were books and toys and spoons and things.

He was heading there and so was a girl opposite him. Andy hastened his pace, so he could offer: "Let me open that for you, Miss!" His mother had instilled in him the values of opening doors for ladies and being a gentleman. This was what Andy wanted to be, not like his father.

@Charity Lloyd
With her lessons completed for the day, Charity was given a choice of what she wished to do, and what she wished to do today was go shopping. She rarely bought anything, because that meant asking Uncle Evander for money and she didn't like asking him for much, but she enjoyed make-believing that she was a rich little girl who could fill her bedroom with whatever she pleased. Irvingly had less to choose from than Hogsmeade; mostly everything was non-magical and catered towards poorer people. There was no frilly lace or porcelain dolls in silk, nor many books to choose from.

Today the store had restocked, though, and there were new items in the window display. There was a wooden horse, which seemed older than she but also better made than the dolls that sat beside it. She was too old for wooden toys, anyways, but it made her wonder what new things had been added to the shelves. She made her way to the door, her chaperon in tow, when suddenly a boy ran out in front of her to hold the door.

"You're very kind," she said, giving him a smile as she walked through the door. She paused just beyond the entrance, because of course she had to say more than a simple hello. She'd never seen the boy before, so she wondered if he was a muggle child.

cutest set ever by MJ <3
Andy beamed as his gesture was welcomed by the redhead girl. ‘‘It's what one should do for a lady,’’ Andy replied. His dear mother had taught him all about manners and being a good gentleman. Andy himself wanted to be as different from his father as possible.

‘‘I'm Andrew Vainart, but everyone calls me Andy,’’ he introduced himself. ‘‘I haven't seen you around.’’ Irvingly was a rather small community after all, most people knew of each other.

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