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The Great Character Survey: 2020 Revival Edition
CHARACTER NAME: Mundungus Uilleam MacFusty
BECAUSE… Emily had an ad for him for a fun nemesis turned something else plot with her Pru Browne and I took it.

CREATION DATE: February 3, 2015 on the old board. March 1, 2018 on new board.
PLANNED DEMISE: Haven't thought on it - likely to be dragon related
BOGGART: Becoming a werewolf.
AMORTENTIA: Chocolate, dragonhide gloves, broom polish
PATRONUS: A dragon
RESIDENCE: Number Four Orpington Way in North Bartonburg

BEST FRIEND: @Handsome Whitledge comes closest
NEMESIS: Emily's Prudence Browne, now no one
MOST OFTEN POSTED WITH: @Bragi Holm at the moment, I think? Emily's Pru on the old site.
I DREAM OF POSTING WITH… other professional Quidditch players

IN THE MODERN AGE… Hockey player
DURING THE WAR… They would be in the Order and at the front lines fighting

THOUGHTS ON MUGGLES: They're all right and should be helped not harmed
THOUGHTS ON BLOOD PURITY: Whatever, blood all bleeds the same in the end
THOUGHTS ON CLASS DISTINCTION: It benefits him and he doesn't tend to give it much thought.

- Gave Rasmus Mohr difficult feelings when Rasmus was grieving.
- Flirted with Glimmer Whitledge (Retconned to be a NPC girl)
- Had a rivalry turned flirtation with Emily's Prudence Browne (retconned to be a NPC girl)
- Was oblivious to the crush Emmeline Woodcroft had on him and enjoyed her friendship.
- Until she started avoiding him after a Cursed Mistletoe Kiss. After which, things never quite got back to normal.
- Tried hitting on @Acacia Ruskin once
- Made a pact of sorts with Handsome that they would try out for a Quidditch team together. Both succeeded. Only Munny stuck it out.
- Got onto the first string after a few months. thanks to an against all odds prize mwahaha
- Moved to Hogsmeade so he could have his own space. Began renting from Bragi Holm.
- Had to battle a boggart in his new home with the help of his landlord whom he finds quite pretty. Proving in an OOC sense that his taste for redheads is not gender-exlusive though he has hardly thought too into this to realize it.
- Tried out for the National Team and got on as a reserve beater.

IMMEDIATE GOALS: His: continue rocking at quidditch, continue flirting with pretty girls. don't die.
Mine: Marry inappropriately young.
LONG-TERM GOALS: Become a Quidditch Captain

[Image: source.gif]

Poor Lopaka deserved a survey until I send him off to Hawaii, never to be heard from again.

BECAUSE… Kayte said that there was an urgent need for Hawaiian chasers so the IC game could happen. I really wasn't interested in making a Hawaiian Quidditch player otherwise it felt like too much effort to research an entire culture for a temp >.>, I knew that I wouldn't care to thread him outside of the game, so if there wasn't a need I wouldn't have made him. I did try to flesh him out a bit and I even filled out his profile, so he's not too much of a lazy character. I kinda like him, actually ,and wish him the best. xD

CREATION DATE: Sometime in 2020
PLANNED DEMISE: From old age in Hawaii.
HOGWARTS HOUSE: Would be in Hufflepuff maybe that's why I'm not making an effort to keep him >.>
BOGGART: Some scary Hawaiian sea monster
AMORTENTIA: Nature related scents
PATRONUS: An ant because #hardworking

DIVERGENT FACTION: One of those boring and barely fleshed-out ones that Good People go.

CLOSEST RELATION: The uncle that taught him Quidditch.
BEST FRIEND: Some Hawaiian guy.
NEMESIS: Kokoikane and his poor beater skills D:<
MOST OFTEN POSTED WITH: The Quidditch people
I DREAM OF POSTING WITH… Nobody, he's getting deactivated lol

IN THE MODERN AGE… He'd be an athlete since a child and work really hard in order to go to the Olympics. Probably as a swimmer, I guess? After he got too old to have a career in sports, he would retire and become a coach instead. He'd marry someone who's also into sports and have two kids who would also do sports.
DURING THE WAR… He'd hear of what is happening in GB and be grateful that it's all so far away from Hawaii. He'd probably be concerned of Nazi Wizard groups in Hawaii, though.

THOUGHTS ON MUGGLES: They're alright.
THOUGHTS ON BLOOD PURITY: *shrug* He's a pureblood but that's because I imagine Hawaiian wizarding communities are more secluded. He doesn't mind halfbloods or muggleborns, nor that would keep him from marrying one.
THOUGHTS ON ARRANGED MARRIAGES: If his family arranged his marriage, he wouldn't oppose it because his parents know best.
THOUGHTS ON CLASS DISTINCTION: It's there for a reason. Lopaka is a conformist person and he doesn't really think about why things are the way they are and whether they should be changed. He's kinda conservative too, as he believes that huge social changes could be dangerous. He'd still try to help the poor, though.

PROGRESS SO FAR: Lopaka was made for the sole purpose of the QWC game. He did sort of well, until his own teammate accidentally hit him with a bludger and he was out. I tactfully waited for the game to end before posting to get him deactivated. >.>

IMMEDIATE GOALS: Return to Hawaii.
LONG-TERM GOALS: Find a nice girl and settle down. Have lots of kids.
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*cracks knuckles* LET'S DO THIS.

CHARACTER NAME: Tatiana Selwyna Lestrange—the middle name is an homage to her mother's natal family (and makes her look more pretentious)
BECAUSE… She had long been a favourite of mine, so once she became available BOY DID I POUNCE.

CREATION DATE: November 7, 2016 for my edition!
PLANNED DEMISE: She insists she will not.
BOGGART: I haven't ~officially decided, but I imagine it would be some embodiment of powerlessness on her part.
PATRONUS: Tatiana cannot cast one.
RESIDENCE: Cambridgeshire


CLOSEST RELATION: Either @Tiberius Lestrange or @Mariana Macnair
BEST FRIEND: Ugh Tattypants needs friends
NEMESIS: @Antigone Lestrange
MOST OFTEN POSTED WITH: @Charles Macmillan :eyes:
I DREAM OF POSTING WITH… @Rosalind Pendergast to see how they mesh! <3

IN THE MODERN AGE… Tatiana would still be focused on marrying a man for status, but would leave her husband after using him as a springboard for her own success, likely in business or law. She would then come out and find a really hot wife.
DURING THE WAR… Trying to marry Voldemort #TeamDeathEater

THOUGHTS ON MUGGLES: Honestly she forgets they exist most of the time and is okay with that.
THOUGHTS ON BLOOD PURITY: She is a soft purist. She'll always favour purebloods, but knows there can be exceptions to any rule.
THOUGHTS ON ARRANGED MARRIAGES: A fact of life, and if she's single much longer she'll bemoan her lack of one, but generally they limit one's potential.
THOUGHTS ON CLASS DISTINCTION: Important—everyone has a role to play.

PROGRESS SO FAR: Literally just being her brother's sidekick and trying to find a man.

Me: Flirt with ALL the men to inspire Charles to do something foolish like challenge some guy to a duel ;)
LONG-TERM GOALS: Have husband become Minister of Magic that she controls with her vagina and/or superior manipulation skills. Have a son before Antigone does.

[Image: Gurh.gif]
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graphics by mj ❤ —
CHARACTER NAME: Finnian Clancy Byrne
BECAUSE… The Connolly family was all the rage so I pimped him to myself.

CREATION DATE: March of 2018
PLANNED DEMISE: Doing something stupid. I'm honestly surprised it hasn't happened yet.
HOGWARTS HOUSE: GRYFFINDOR. And aggressively so.
BOGGART: I haven't though about it, but probably something to do with being alone/lonely.
AMORTENTIA: The lawn after it rains, the cookies he gets on the way to work, something to do with Belle, probably.
PATRONUS: A FIRE ANT. It is very tiny and Finnian is very embarrassed about it. It also happens to be my favorite patronus out of all my characters'.

ASOIF/GOT HOUSE: LBR Finny would not last long in GoT unless he was one of the rich Lannister cousins.

BEST FRIEND: WhyyyYYyy does he not HAVE any?
NEMESIS: The auror department.
I DREAM OF POSTING WITH… @Beckett Longbottom or @Rufina Mulciber

IN THE MODERN AGE… Not a lawyer. He'd probably be one of those kids that dreams of being an athlete but barely makes the university team and uses his scholarship to to get a basically useless degree and is forced to work in that industry after not making the pros.
DURING THE WAR… He'd be on the battlefield. He'd probably die, tbh.

THOUGHTS ON MUGGLES: He doesn't think about them much.
THOUGHTS ON BLOOD PURITY: He doesn't understand it, and he doesn't try to.
THOUGHTS ON ARRANGED MARRIAGES: Why would any parent subject their child to them?
THOUGHTS ON CLASS DISTINCTION: It's boring and no fun, especially when he wants to bang a wealthy widow without being judged for it.


— He took his brother to the Himalayas for his birthday and they almost died.
— His brother got married and Finnian decided it was hilarious.
— He went on the Irvingly expedition, where he almost died met Annabelle Bones and was very attracted to her.
— Spent the next two years trying to gain her affection.
— Woke up in her bed one morning and found that somehow neither of them remembered banging. (But they did, which is what matters to Finny.) They, presumably, keep up the affair.

IMMEDIATE GOALS: Become Belle's trophy husband.
LONG-TERM GOALS: Do something with his liiiiife.
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set by MJ!
Post Log
CHARACTER NAME: Katherine Ashley Midford
BECAUSE… First character! I wanted my first character to be a shy bookworm and a student but as I play her she turned out to be more social than I expected. I also wanted to use Allison Harvard as her play by.

CREATION DATE: December 31, 2014
PLANNED DEMISE: I remember that I a time where I lost muse for her and tried to drown her. I'm glad that didn't work out >.> She'll most likely die of old age.
BOGGART: Her mother's dead body and the lion that killed her.
AMORTENTIA: Lavender, peaches, chocolate & parchment.
PATRONUS: Butterfly, if she can cast one in the future

ASOIF/GOT HOUSE: Uhh I'm not familiar enough with the fandom to know
DIVERGENT FACTION: Amity... based from searching

CLOSEST RELATION: Her brother whom I always NPC as her chaperone
BEST FRIEND: @Daffodil Potts but best played friend would be @Cecily Gallivan
NEMESIS: None yet. The girl is too nice. Please give me a character that she can hate xD
MOST OFTEN POSTED WITH: @Handsome Whitledge
I DREAM OF POSTING WITH… @Richard Gladstone because their play bys were both in Les Mis and I just want to hurl a character who has Eddie Redmayne's face.

IN THE MODERN AGE… Back then I wrote being into theater because she sang. Katherine would most likely end up taking a degree in Anthropology.
DURING THE WAR… She is most likely a member of the Order.
THOUGHTS ON MUGGLES: They're smart for getting through life without magic. She probably wouldn't marry one though.
THOUGHTS ON BLOOD PURITY: Against it but she isn't vocal on her opinions
THOUGHTS ON ARRANGED MARRIAGES: They're essential for those who can't get a partner themselves (aka spinsters). She feels thankful that she doesn't have to go through with one.
THOUGHTS ON CLASS DISTINCTION: Does not care for class however does like the privilege and status of being born a rich lady.

- #Friendzoned by Rasmus Mohr
-Became a prefect
- Interned for the Ministry of Magic because she wanted to work there after graduating. Her experience made her realize she was made to be a debutante.
- Had front row view of her mother being mauled by a lion during the World Wizarding Fair of 1887
- Became Head Girl
- Graduate and became a debutante. Avoided finishing school.
- Fall for Handsome Whitledge
- Her dog dug up the corpse of a close friend
- Sent OOC to Europe

IMMEDIATE GOALS: Hurl her to as many male characters as possible. Get married. Define what she feels about Handsome.
LONG-TERM GOALS: Become the next big socialite.

[Image: 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e617773...372e676966]
CHARACTER NAME: Zachariah Andrew Binns
BECAUSE… someone needed to run Whizzhards! Also, I needed more adults.

CREATION DATE: October 20, 2018
PLANNED DEMISE: I have not thought about it. Dude needs to find love first.
BOGGART: Hugo murdering his family.
AMORTENTIA: Whizzhards--Books, cats, ink, a crackling fire, etc.
PATRONUS: Obviously a lot of characters won’t be able to cast one, but if they could!
RESIDENCE: Above his shop, Hogsmeade

ASOIF/GOT HOUSE: I'm not sure, but he's very much a Samwell Tarly sort of character, now that I think of it.
DIVERGENT FACTION: Somewhere between Amity and Erudite.

CLOSEST RELATION: @Rosie Binns and @Emma Binns
BEST FRIEND: Omg he's such a loser without played friends. He definitely has some literary bros. Of the played characters (who aren't family) @Jupiter Smith might be the closest? rofl
NEMESIS: He doesn't have one. He's even friendly with rival book shop owners.
MOST OFTEN POSTED WITH: It seems like he's posted with people fairly equally.
I DREAM OF POSTING WITH… More book lovers? Street kiddos he'd teach to read? Other booksellers/collectors?

IN THE MODERN AGE… I mean, it would likely be the same. He'd very happily own a bookstore, tons of cats, and just live life to the fullest. He'd probably add a cafe to his shop, I imagine.
DURING THE WAR… He would be working behind the scenes against the deatheaters.

THOUGHTS ON MUGGLES: They're fascinating.
THOUGHTS ON BLOOD PURITY: Meh, who cares. He also doesn't mind half-breeds. All are welcome.
THOUGHTS ON ARRANGED MARRIAGES: He hasn't super thought about it.
THOUGHTS ON CLASS DISTINCTION: He just dreams of a day where all children will have an equal opportunity to a full education. Society would be better that way.

PROGRESS SO FAR: Sold a lot of books. Pined over Rosie. Got accidentally enchanted to be a character in a book. Had his shop constantly flooded by herbology textbooks. (OH WAIT MAYBE HIS NEMESIS IS @Mason Skeeter.) Met Jo on two continents and developed a kind of cute friendship that could maybe turn into something more if he eve
r gets a dang clue.

Me for Zach: See below.
Zach for Zach: Write letters to Jo! Bask in the business of summer at Whizzhards. Spend precious time with his niece before she heads back to school. And her mother.
Me for Zach: Love? More bookstore events.
Zach for Zach: Keep on bettering his business. He'd love to have children.

[Image: original.gif]
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[Image: BosGN1.png]
Thank you, Haaaawke!
CHARACTER NAME: Meserimus Valenduris
BECAUSE… The slytherin head of house spot was open and if kids had to deal with Phineas (who I had previously played and dropped) they deserved someone nice! XD

CREATION DATE:08-02-2016
PLANNED DEMISE: I don't want to think about it.
HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin yo!
BOGGART: His children all dead
AMORTENTIA: Katerina's perfume and something spicey
PATRONUS: It is a Raven
RESIDENCE: Hogsmeade Wellingtonshire, but has a country property

ASOIF/GOT HOUSE: Mormont maybe - he's probably a maester
DIVERGENT FACTION:The science ones - erudite?

CLOSEST RELATION: He has a wife, brothers, and kids all living
BEST FRIEND: No one especially, he's been too busy doing old teacher things to have many grown up friends!
NEMESIS: Again - no one specific
I DREAM OF POSTING WITH… Other teachers or grown ups generally

IN THE MODERN AGE… He'd be a Robin Williams Dead Poet Society style teacher, working in a college as the crackpot in his ivory tower, who has tenure so no one can get rid of him. publishing the most random desperate academic texts on the planet, like my PhD supervisor who has written variously on horses in Shakespeare, snooker's strangest matches and the Whesker Trilogy.
DURING THE WAR… He would be working low key for the goodies, possibly as a double agent on the proviso that none of his family be included in either side.

THOUGHTS ON MUGGLES: generally sympathetic
THOUGHTS ON BLOOD PURITY: Has value and status, like money it bestows responsibility rather than privledige
THOUGHTS ON ARRANGED MARRIAGES: He's had one, it was fine, and has arranged one at the request of his son. He thinks they are fine for certain people.
THOUGHTS ON CLASS DISTINCTION: Money imposes obligations

PROGRESS SO FAR: Got married, came back to be head of Slytherin
Sponsered another kids education
Played Santa at the Christmas fair!
Took on summer interns
But mostly LOTS of potions

IMMEDIATE GOALS: He wants a quiet life. I'd love for his brother to be played!

LONG-TERM GOALS: Nothing specific

[Image: Cn7X.gif]

[Image: CgHzljG.png]
Bee is amazing
CHARACTER NAME: Ernest Mulciber
BECAUSE… This was actually a trade with Kayte; I wanted her to play Hannah Pettigrew and she let me pick one of her plottables in exchange. I tried to get invested in someone else because Ernest is awful for ratios but ultimately I wanted a sarcastic time wizard >>

CREATION DATE: March 21, 2018
PLANNED DEMISE: Magical experiment turned catastrophe
BOGGART: Himself much older and still in the damn wheelchair.
AMORTENTIA: Fresh tobacco leaves, clean linen, and some indistinguishable chemical scent present in the Department of Mysteries.
PATRONUS: He can cast one but I haven't picked it. Something big. A rhinoceros?
RESIDENCE: Wellingtonshire

ASOIF/GOT HOUSE: Martell, maybe?

CLOSEST RELATION: Flora Mulciber, probably
BEST FRIEND: Not super established but I feel like he and Balthazar Urquart could be work besties by now. Ernest liked him before he ran for Minister and has been enjoying his company since he came back to the DoM except for the past few months when he's been too mopey about the wheelchair to enjoy anything
NEMESIS: He doesn't have a nemesis but he's not fond of Tiberius Lestrange or Kristoffer Lestrange
MOST OFTEN POSTED WITH: Rosie Binns and Petra Sleptova lol
I DREAM OF POSTING WITH… Lucius Lestrange, Ministry Heads/Assistant Heads generally so he can be derisive about their work.

IN THE MODERN AGE… Scientist, maybe working with pharmaceutical companies doing mildly unethical things for lots of money.
DURING THE WAR… Probably get dragged into the Death Eater's general circle due to family connections or something but he'd much rather stay out of it if he had his druthers.

THOUGHTS ON MUGGLES: Curiosity, mostly.
THOUGHTS ON BLOOD PURITY: From his profile: Ernest is casually purist, in that most of his social circle tends to consist of other purebloods, as it has for his entire life. He has nothing particularly against the rest of the wizarding world, but can't see that he might have much in common with them, either.
THOUGHTS ON CLASS DISTINCTION: Similar to blood purity: not actively against the working class but not particularly interested in socializing with them, either.

- flirted with Rosie Binns
- got himself crippled in a DoM catastrophe
- hired Petra Sleptova
- hangs out snarkily in the background of a lot of Ministry happenings and social events

IMMEDIATE GOALS: Get out of the wheelchair.
LONG-TERM GOALS: I have them ;)

CHARACTER NAME: Melody Crouch née Finch
BECAUSE… The princess plot called to me for months.

CREATION DATE: I apparently registered her in May but didn't post the app until mid-July 2019. Sorry Lynn.
PLANNED DEMISE: If/when she ever gets the courage to attempt transforming into an animagus I'll be rolling for death.
BOGGART: Ben standing with his new wife after divorcing her.
AMORTENTIA: Musty book smell. Spiced whiskey. Freshly cut roses.
PATRONUS: She was able to cast one in school, unsure if she still can or not. It takes the form of a burmese cat. This would also be the form of her animagus.
RESIDENCE: Swallowbuty, Irvingly. Idk if Lynn has a preferred street or not.

ASOIF/GOT HOUSE: Probably Arryn. Mainly because of her selfishness.

CLOSEST RELATION: @Dorothy Finch or @Reuben Crouch
BEST FRIEND: @Diana Fawley or @Benevolence Montague. She's been a really distant friend to all lately though.
NEMESIS: @Cecily Gallivan & @Samuel St.John-Black
MOST OFTEN POSTED WITH: @Reuben Crouch without a doubt.

IN THE MODERN AGE… Would likely be a doctor that eventually lost her license for committing insurance fraud to help a patient. Or a professor.
DURING THE WAR… Helped the order quietly.

THOUGHTS ON MUGGLES: They must have simple lives.
THOUGHTS ON ARRANGED MARRIAGES: They suck and should be abolished and the men who arrange them should be hung by their genitals.
THOUGHTS ON CLASS DISTINCTION: A rather unfortunate fact of life. She misses being rich.

PROGRESS SO FAR: • Fought with Ben on numerous occasions.
• Fought with Samuel.
• Lost her virginity in a closet to Ben. Then drugged and eloped with him.
• Got disowned.
• Ran off to Paris for two months.
• Aborted their baby. Tried to hide it from Ben.
• Fought with Ben some more.
• Moved to Irvingly.
• Awkward dinners galore.
• Started banging her husband again.

IMMEDIATE GOALS: Become an animagus. Find a purpose.
LONG-TERM GOALS: Have an affair? Maybe? Get Ben to love her? Babies? Who knows.

[Image: tumblr_p1ylxtuswo1qafbb8o1_400.gifv]
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Beautiful set credit goes to MJ
[Image: rVeL1F.png]
CHARACTER NAME: Sisse Thompsett
BECAUSE… One, because I wanted to join the site. Two, at the time I didn't know if Hogwarts or the adult world was more active, so with it being right as the Hogwarts school year started, I figured I'd make a student. Also I saw the Hogwarts Is My Home Stamp and that sucked me in.

CREATION DATE: Sept 1, 2017
PLANNED DEMISE: Nope, I feel like she should live a nice long life, at least until she graduates Hogwarts
BOGGART: Hasn't discovered it yet
AMORTENTIA: Hasn't discovered it yet
PATRONUS: I'd like to think it would be a large cat, like a lion, but it could also be a terrier puppy. She'll hopefully find out this year.
RESIDENCE: 24 Hibiscus Lane, North Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

ASOIF/GOT HOUSE: Probably Stark

CLOSEST RELATION: Her younger brother Henry
BEST FRIEND: @Sloane Bixby & @Calla Potts
NEMESIS: @"Holly Scrimegour" & @Maxima Goshawk
MOST OFTEN POSTED WITH: I'm pretty sure it's Sloane Bixby and Calla Potts
I DREAM OF POSTING WITH… Any older boy that she can develop a crush on

IN THE MODERN AGE… Sisse would be your average middle school girl who is friends with everyone. Her family is solidly middle class, but they'd live a comfortable suburban life. She'd get along well with most of the school and she'd be dreaming about the day she gets to move to college.
DURING THE WAR… Much as above Sisse's family life would be comfortable. Matthew would have joined the resistance and Sisse likely would joined Dumbledore's Army and helped Neville. She'd have stayed for the Battle of Hogwarts.

THOUGHTS ON MUGGLES: She really doesn't have much of an opinion. While she has been left with the impression of fear because of the family's move to Hogsmeade it hasn't left her with a lasting impression. They seem nice enough although it is sad they don't have magic too.
THOUGHTS ON BLOOD PURITY: Since she is a half blood she doesn't really have strong opinions on the matter. One of her friends is a muggleborn and she isn't bothered by it in the least.
THOUGHTS ON ARRANGED MARRIAGES: Sisse believes in having the freedom to choose, she doesn't think that she should be forced into a marriage. Her mother, however, is open to the option.
THOUGHTS ON CLASS DISTINCTION: Being solidly middle class and at a age where it doesn't affect her Sisse often feels this is pointless.

PROGRESS SO FAR: Sisse has completed her first through third years at Hogwarts. She has become friends with the Gryffingirls (honorary members include Cam and Calla) and has given the impression to the school that she is one of the Quidditch crazed girls of her class when she actually doesn't like Quidditch. Sisse is currently trying to seem like the perfect daughter so she can stay at Hogwarts all 7 years instead of going to be a Pendergast Rose.

IMMEDIATE GOALS: My goal for her is to find someone for her to crush on this year. She's at the age that I really think she'd start delving into this. She is developing a crush on Cam, but I do want something on a boy in 6th or 7th year that is definitely out of her range.
LONG-TERM GOALS: My goal for her is to keep her at Hogwarts. I currently have the added pressure of her mom wanting her to be a Pendergast Rose and not complete her final two years. I'd love to have her mom played in the next few years to really develop this. I'm also hoping next year she will be a prefect, but we'll have to wait and see.

[Image: x5VH1p.png]
An amazing signature from Bee <3
CHARACTER NAME: Reuben Winston Crouch
BECAUSE… OK, so Ben was actually a trade. Hawke wanted Una Walsh's 'Almost Lover' guy and I wanted... I think Lupus Jameshill's mom? Anyway Hawke said it wasn't a romance plot but I think she kind of wanted it to end up that way regardless, because when Una and Ben didn't coalesce into anything romantic after a few months she requested a different romance-y guy. Meanwhile, Ben made really questionable life choices, met the Princess, and by the time he'd gotten himself shipped off to Canada I was committed to his idiocy.

CREATION DATE: Feb 18th, 2017
PLANNED DEMISE: He swore an Unbreakable Vow not to impersonate Ministry officials anymore so he'll probably try to do an entertaining satirical Aldous impersonation at a party and kill himself on accident.
BOGGART: Himself, old and crippled like Aldous. Or maybe worse than Aldous.
AMORTENTIA: Maple sap, which reminds him of America; cardamom, like his mother's perfume; worn leather, which reminds him of flying.
PATRONUS: He's only done a wisp but probably a lion.
RESIDENCE: Swallowbury, Irvingly

ASOIF/GOT HOUSE: Baratheon? IDK. Like a Robert Baratheon and not a Renly Baratheon (are those even their names ugh idk) OKAY I WENT AND CHECKED and those are names but I actually meant he's not like Stannis Baratheon. IDEK anything about Renly, I am amazed I remembered his name and have no recollection of his personality.
DIVERGENT FACTION: He'd choose Dauntless but he'd be a better fit for Abnegation. But he's selfless in emotional ways, not material ways, so he'd never opt into the ugly grey clothes they wear. xD Do they get to choose? I don't remember the book that well >>

CLOSEST RELATION: He'd say @November Malfoy for sentimental reasons but practically it's @Aldous Crouch
BEST FRIEND: @Arthur Pettigrew
NEMESIS: uh well he's not terribly well liked by Melody's fiance or the Scrimgeour fam but I don't think he'd elevate anyone to 'nemesis' status.
MOST OFTEN POSTED WITH: Probs @Melody Crouch
I DREAM OF POSTING WITH… Hmmm not sure. Ben tends to thread with everyone so I've covered a lot of the most interesting dynamics xD

IN THE MODERN AGE… Working some corporate job that he got because of nepotism and doing drugs in the club and living that NYC playboy lifestyle.
DURING THE WAR… Like an Order of the Phoenix background member who is generally considered flaky and unreliable but actually comes through in a pinch before the big battle.

THOUGHTS ON MUGGLES: Fun to be around and good for anything you need the rest of magical society to not find out about. He has a few Muggle pubs he has frequented, for instance, when he doesn't want to be seen meeting with someone.
THOUGHTS ON BLOOD PURITY: Meh, not much of a priority for him, though he understands it is/might be for his family.
THOUGHTS ON ARRANGED MARRIAGES: Sucks for everyone but particularly for the women involved. No one should do them ever.

- Made out with a Connolly at a party under influence of some amortentia-ish party food. Subsequently got her in trouble with her finishing school, whoops.
- Reconnected with old friend/flirtation Una Walsh and she was weird about it.
- Repaired things with Una slowly but surely and they were friendly.
- Accidentally got Ellory Pendergast portkeyed to Mexico
- Had a run-in with the Minister of Magic when he was trying to get a portkey to follow her, which made that interaction a little more high profile than he would have liked.
- Saved Ellory from inferi and returned her to her mother who was pretty sure she'd been maliciously kidnapped. Olivia Pendergast was not as grateful as she might have been.
- Had a FWB thing with Angie Swan.
- Kidnapped his brother Roman and took him to Turkey 'accidentally.' Which, since he missed the Jubilee Ball, was also more high profile than it ought to have been.
- Lost his portkey privileges D:
- Got arrested with Art after starting a fight in the Casino, but they didn't give their real names and it was just Muggle jail so no big.
- Met Melody and started hardcore flirting with her
- Got in trouble with her family who made some threats which caused Aldous to ship him off to Canada for his own protection.
- Lost his cursebreaker job as a result of the portkey thing and the Canada thing.
- Had some sled-based shenanigans in Canada with Art Pettigrew
- Returned to England in time to not vote for his brother for Minister because he was angry at him at the time.
- Got involved with Bella Scrimgeour which lead to her being attacked by her father and disappearing into the night
- Convinced Bella was probably dead and her father had def killed her, Ben polyjuiced himself into Aldous and went to steal Argus Scrimgeour's old auror records to prove he was insane and corrupt or whatever.
- Got caught and held in a Ministry holding cell and later interrogated by Aldous
- Had to take an Unbreakable Vow never to impersonate a Ministry official again which he def should have taken more seriously than he did
- Gets hired as a promoter for Jewell Distillery.
- Reconnected with Melody, which didn't go very well at first...
- ... but they eventually got all smoochy and she told him her folks were going to arrange her marriage and was all 'help me Obi-Wan, you're my only hope.'
- So he procured an illegal potion for her that would hopefully make her arranged marriage more bearable
- Then slept with her in a closet at a Valentine's Day party
- Got drugged with his own potion and forced to elope which he was super not interested in.
- Went to Paris and eventually patched things up with Melody sort of, but then she tried to abort their baby without telling him first and he went on a 'I hate everything' bender and wrote a lot of angsty letters to Art
- Eventually came back and they decided to go through with the abortion together
- Came back to Irvingly and is now pretending to be all happy-go-lucky in love.

IMMEDIATE GOALS: Get through the first year of his marriage without the circumstances of the elopement coming to light.
LONG-TERM GOALS: Reach some sort of contented stasis with Melody, though it seems like a pipe dream sometimes.
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Set credit to MJ! <3
CHARACTER NAME: Cassius Lestrange
BECAUSE… Lynn asked me to make Cash as a narrative foil to Tiberius. I almost didn't because I played a Cassandra at the time. Oh how the turntables. Also, I was interested in an extroverted Ravenclaw who was not necessarily an academic as a concept.

CREATION DATE: Uhhh sometime spring 2012? I think?
PLANNED DEMISE: *me, looking at cash's mental health*
It's more that I know what I don't want, which is I don't want Cash to get Lestranged because it would feel narratively unsatisfying to me.
BOGGART: Well it was Eli being murdered by his father but then that happened, so. Probably Eli's corpse come back to haunt him? Idk Cash has a lot of trauma.
AMORTENTIA: The smell of rain, which he associates with flying bc England; citrus; vanilla
PATRONUS: Probably a fluffy cat, but Cash hasn't tried to cast one of these in a while
RESIDENCE: Lestrange residence, London

ASOIF/GOT HOUSE: Uhhh idk, Baratheon?

CLOSEST RELATION: @Ellory Lestrange
BEST FRIEND: Angie Sinnet, but played would probably be like... Jesus is it @Theodore Gallivan.
NEMESIS: I mean Cash thinks it's @Tiberius Lestrange but it's for sure @Lucius Lestrange.
MOST OFTEN POSTED WITH: Over the course of his life still Eli, new board maybe Spryly?

IN THE MODERN AGE… Soccer profile from old money family who went to the weird prep schools and has a bunch of high-profile beard relationships with models.
DURING THE WAR… Purist-family defector to the Order of the Phoenix who has a lot of childhood trauma baggage, probably gets killed by his own family.

THOUGHTS ON MUGGLES: Cash is like, not super interested in muggles as a concept, but hangs out in muggle bars for anonymity. Broadly neutral.
THOUGHTS ON BLOOD PURITY: Unlearned a lot of his thoughts on blood purity, still has a gut reaction to squibs
THOUGHTS ON CLASS DISTINCTION: Money doesn't make you a better person, but Cash has always had a cushion of money to fall back on, and is like - that rich friend who tries to slip you money and doesn't understand why people would be offended by it

PROGRESS SO FAR: Yeah I'm not going all the way back but on new board:
- Generally being deeply unhappy
- Had a lot of weird interactions with people
- Tried to hit on Nora
- Made out with Felix Prewett

IMMEDIATE GOALS: Leave Quidditch, figure things out with Nora, Cash what is your deal with SEVERAL PEOPLE
LONG-TERM GOALS: Cash has a lot of trauma to unpack

[Image: ShimmeringEqualGermanshepherd-small.gif]
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MJ made this!
CHARACTER NAME: Elsie Violette Beauregard
BECAUSE… I'd played previous incarnations for several years, but the "characters we do and do not need" stated they needed 5th year Gryffindor girls who were not rebellious and so I made her fit

CREATION DATE: October 16, 2011
PLANNED DEMISE: embarrassment? Haven't thought it out
BOGGART: the embodiment of loneliness
AMORTENTIA: books, lilacs, whatever it is Tyb smells like
PATRONUS: doormouse
RESIDENCE: Willow St, N. Bburg


CLOSEST RELATION: @Charlotte Beauregard
BEST FRIEND: @Tybalt Kirke & @Odira Keene
I DREAM OF POSTING WITH… I REALLY need some more girlfriends for her lol

IN THE MODERN AGE… she'd be a children's librarian!
DURING THE WAR… she'd be the Molly Weasley of the group lol

THOUGHTS ON BLOOD PURITY: doesn't see the purpose
THOUGHTS ON CLASS DISTINCTION: she understands why it happens, but wishes the gaps weren't so big and people had more opportunities

PROGRESS SO FAR: How much room do I have? XD

- befriended Grip and defended him when he was kicked out of Hogwarts
- crushed on Adam Parker, but that fizzled out
- slowly became friends with Tyb because I monopolized his open threads, constantly embarrassed herself around him
- barely survived Tyb playing in the first QWC
- lost her brother to a house fire
- slowly realized she was hardcore crushing on Tyb, didn't do a damn thing about it
- until her COB where she tripped and almost fell and they wound up locking lips
- she takes a job at Wizzhards an shadows her Mom as a governess
- decides that's not for her and becomes a junior librarian
- Tybsie have some ups and downs after Elsie here some letters from a secret admirer, they recover a few months later
- Odira is kidnapped and Elsie is devastated, fortunately she is found- with the baby, but also amnesia! Elsie slowly rebuilds their friendship.
- Tybsie are caught by Lucinda in the library and drama ensues!
- Elsie breaks up with Tyb because she doesn't want him to quit quidditch because of her. They make it a grand total of 9 months before she caves and they fix things.
- while they were apart Elsie accidentally leads Percy on and he inquires after a courtship. She turns him down gently. WW drama follows which has Elsie minding her Ps and Qs.
- Tybsie buckles down on trying to do everything properly, minus a late night rendezvous here and there, which are not always innocent xD
- QWC pstd

IMMEDIATE GOALS: Elsie just wants to settle down with Tyb without too much drama
LONG-TERM GOALS: to cause her as much drama as possible before/if she ever gets her happily ever after.
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[Image: bk9GUs.png]
CHARACTER NAME: Leonard "Leo" Lloyd Lupin II
BECAUSE… I saw his adoptable, debated for a really long time, and then realized I wanted a tiny sociopath who likes to WATCH THE WORLD BURN.  And also be the cause of it, too.

CREATION DATE: July 9, 2018
PLANNED DEMISE: I feel like someone will have to murder this little shit in order for him to ever die.  Or the Dementor's Kiss.  I don't know when, but I want his reign of terror to stretch into Hogwarts.
BOGGART: Probably his mother leaving him.
AMORTENTIA: I haven't really thought about it.  Decay?
PATRONUS: A spider.
RESIDENCE: Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade.  I'm not sure which street.

ASOIF/GOT HOUSE: Targaryen or Greyjoy
DIVERGENT FACTION: N/A  He'd be part of The Bureau of Genetic Welfare.

CLOSEST RELATION: He only cares about his parents. Elsbeth and @Leon Lupin.
BEST FRIEND: @Emily Lyness has been the closest thing he's had to a friend.
NEMESIS:  ...everyone?
I DREAM OF POSTING WITH… Other children to torture.  A new nanny/governess to bully.

IN THE MODERN AGE… He'd HOPEFULLY be put into some serious therapy.  His school would at least be very concerned.
DURING THE WAR… He wouldn't be old enough to fight, but he'd support everything terrible going on.  He'd probably spit on people.

THOUGHTS ON MUGGLES:  Lesser humans. Worthless.
THOUGHTS ON BLOOD PURITY:  Purebloods are superior.  Half-breeds and non-humans are an abomination. He's a pint-sized racist.
THOUGHTS ON ARRANGED MARRIAGES: He doesn't think about marriage.
THOUGHTS ON CLASS DISTINCTION: He feels as though he is far superior to those who are of lower classes.

-Tortured Nanny
-Basked in his parents' affection
-Chucked rocks at someone's cat
-Aided Emily Lyness in stealing
-Tossed food at adults
-Taunted Serp with a dead cat he wanted to inspect
-Lit the side of Emerett's house on fire

IMMEDIATE GOALS: Find more people to torture and continue to explore his blossoming sociopathic tendencies.
LONG-TERM GOALS: Seriously harm someone, bring his terror to Hogwarts, all the evil

[Image: BpUd.gif]
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