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June 30th, 1890 — Knockturn Alley

Seneca was getting annoyed at all of the boys in her small 'study group' going to Knockturn Alley and shopping at the black market, while she hadn't even seen what the infamous alley was like. Even though her father allowed her access to some of the family library's more questionable book selections, he had never taken her to Knockturn Alley. The other person who she liked to occasionally pester about dark magic was Tiberius and, while he sometimes answered her letters and answered the occasional question she might have, Seneca doubted that he would ever take her to Knockturn Alley.\

She was seventeen now and she could take matters in her own hands. She also happened to have a really useful ability if she wanted to go to Knockturn Alley and not be recognized.

She had spent some days working on her face, making it more masculine. She had decided to go as a male there. She figured that Knockturn Alley wasn't the best place for a lone woman. She kind of assumed that women were randomly assaulted in those poorer areas if they weren't accompanied by a man. That was the impression she had been given of the world and perhaps so she wouldn't go anywhere unchaperoned.

She could have easily morphed into a man she knew but Seneca decided to create an entirely new persona. She didn't want to have a possibility of someone recognizing whoever she posed as and having to deal with that.

As such, she worked with her own facial features until she ended up with a result that resembled Johnny Depp in his youth, basically. She made her body resemble Cassius' since they were close in height and stole some of his more boring clothes so she would have something to wear.

She had picked a day when she knew that her father would busy at the Wizengamot. Cornelia was now a married woman, so out of the house and Belphoebe would visit a friend with Cicero. As for Cash and Kristoffer... Well, she didn't care about them. They were both probably off abusing substances somewhere.

It had felt so strange to leave the house completely on her own. Strange and liberating. At first, she had felt self-conscious that everyone could see right through her disguise. Then, she gradually eased into it. She struggled a bit to find the entrance to Knockturn Alley but in the end, she did and there she was.

Her heart nearly jumped out of her chest when she spotted Kristoffer, for a moment forgetting that she didn't look like her. Then, she became curious as to what her idiot cousin was doing there. She could have expected to see Tiberius, or Germander, but not Kristoffer.

Her previous fear had gone away and Seneca decided to approach him, curious as to where he was heading at.

"Oi, mate!" Seneca said. She made her voice resemble that of a classmate at Hogwarts and she did her best to copy his 'poor person' accent. "I want to buy some unicorn blood, you know where I can find some mate?" Poor men called each other 'mate', didn't they?

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Kristoffer had been up and down Knockturn Alley often enough in the last year to know how this worked. People ignored you if you ignored them, and if anything untoward happened on the street, you got out of there before law enforcement arrived. Simple enough.

So, he had been skulking down the street on his way to Borgin & Burke’s with nothing in particular on his mind to buy - although he might do a little browsing to jeer at Claude Burke after he’d spent a little time with his poor wife.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t made it all the way there when some scum off the streets stopped him in his tracks. Kristoffer scowled, staring the man down. Didn’t the riff-raff know to mind their own sodding business?

Even if they did speak to passers-by, they were usually beggars. This man had, rather loudly, inquired after unicorn blood, as if every patron of Knockturn Alley signed up for a little show-and-tell with all their purchases. This fellow looked a little clean and washed, too; but Kristoffer had certainly never seen him before. Maybe he was an undercover auror doing some fishing. Fucking fool, if he was. Did the working poor of London even know what a bloody unicorn was?

“Try a forest, mate,” Kris replied rudely, narrowing his eyes suddenly as another conundrum came to him. “What the fuck do you need unicorn blood for, anyway?” God, if he were poor, the last thing he would want was to make life last longer.
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Seneca was rather taken aback by how rudely Kristoffer spoke. And this was Kristoffer, who wasn't very pleasant at home either! He would never dare say things like 'fuck' at home, in front of Seneca. In fact, nobody had ever used this word when speaking to her. Was this how men spoke when women weren't around? Using profanities such as 'fuck'? What did 'fuck' even mean, exactly? She had heard phrases such as 'fuck you' and 'fuck your wife', but since she had received no sexual education, she couldn't associate the word with the act. She only knew that it was an indecent word that ladies didn't use.

However, if she was to pass as a regular of Knockturn Alley, she ought to speak in a rougher manner as well.

"Damn mate, no need to be such a wanker cunt!" Seneca used a potpourri of various swear words she had overheard at Hogwarts. This gave her a rather liberating sensation. She wanted to say more bad words. Especially if Kristoffer was to be the recipient. "I'm an alchemist, mate, I need me some unicorn blood to make a bloody elixir." This totally sounded as natural speech from someone who'd hang around Knockturn Alley.
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Something was off about this bloke. Majorly off. And not just because he’d just called Kris a wanker cunt, which - Kristoffer didn’t have words. (Worse than that, he was half-convinced that the next time the stranger said mate he was going to spontaneously combust. Was this how the poor spoke or was someone trying weirdly hard and failing miserably?)

Well, unlucky for this guy, but Kristoffer wasn’t stupid. No, but he was ever more convinced by his narc theory, and determined not to entrap himself by falling for the question about where to secure probably-illegal ingredients. Not that he ever came here for potions ingredients anyway, but there was a dingy apothecary a few doors down from Borgin & Burke’s that he might have pointed out if he’d been feeling generous.

...If there were any universe in which Kris was ever willingly generous towards a stranger, that was. In this case, it was only his suspicion that this was some law enforcement wizard who was notoriously bad at acting that prevented him from drawing his wand and hexing him immediately. Best not to incriminate himself.

“Of course you are,” Kristoffer sneered, making his skepticism overt just to prove how intelligent he was. Perhaps the undercover auror would shuffle off in embarrassment now, and let him get on with his plans. “Well, I have no idea, sorry,” he answered blithely, not sorry at all, and giving the stranger a patronising slap on the shoulder just because he felt so satisfied with himself. “But you’re the alchemist, aren’t you?” Alchemists were supposed to be good at problem-solving. “You’ll figure it out.”
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Seneca actually sort of believed him. Kristoffer wasn't particularly skilled in anything, so it was very likely that he didn't know where to procure rare potion ingredients from. Which still left the question: what was he doing here? Was he perhaps gambling his money away at some underground casino? If someone was to take the Arthur Pettigrew route in their family, that would be Kristoffer. If it wasn't for Gretchen, Seneca wouldn't care if Kristoffer gambled away all of his money. But she didn't want him to do that and then her best friend to be left without a dowry!

The mere thought of that was annoying and then Kristoffer went ahead and slapped her on the shoulder.

"Get your hands off me mate!" Seneca snapped and slapped his hand away. She really wanted to slap him in the face but the last thing she needed now was to get in a brawl with Kristoffer. He would undoubtedly have her. Even though she could make herself look muscular and manly, she couldn't actually cheat years' worth of athletic effort and make herself stronger. Besides, she had no idea how to throw a punch.

She could hex and curse Kristoffer if it came down to dueling, though.

"You'll gonna regret this," she continued, deciding to toy with Kristoffer a little. "If you were nicer and not a troll twat I could have brewed something for you, mate. Something that would fulfill all your wishes."

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He had only meant it as a casual, bro-ish pat on the shoulder - if a little harder than necessary - but this fellow exploded in anger about it, enough that, if he had let himself, he might have leapt a foot backwards.

But it wouldn’t do to look scared of a fight, and although Kristoffer wasn’t exactly spoiling for a black eye, he did suspect his days as a beater had equipped him well enough to stuff up this bloke a bit if he asked for it. And if he drew his wand, if this fellow was an undercover auror the next thing he knew he’d be cuffed and off to a cell before he’d even cast a spell.

He had to wonder whether this weirdo was an alchemist now, and whether he’d just made an actual enemy of him. Merlin. Kristoffer tried to keep looking nonchalant about this, taking a step or two to suggest he was just going to start walking again and ignore the man.

Which might even had worked, if he were not terrible at ignoring things.

“Like there’s anything you could give me that I don’t have,” Kristoffer scoffed, with a scornful laugh, making a face over his shoulder at the fellow. “Go mix up some poison and swallow it, why don’t you?”

De-escalation, Kristoffer. That was what he’d meant to do, de-escalate. Shit. He started walking again, a little faster.
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Seneca had an advantage over Kristoffer in the sense that she knew more about him than he knew about her fake Johnny Depp looking persona. She suddenly had the grand idea of using that to play with him a bit. Give him a scare. Convince him that she was, in fact, an alchemist and an all-knowing one at that.

‘‘You don't have any parents,’’ Seneca replied trying to sound threatening. ‘‘Nobody to protect you in case someone tries to dispose of you. Someone close to you, perhaps.’’

How amusing would it be if Kristoffer bought into her tale and then became paranoid that someone in the family was actually out to get him?

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He had barely taken another step when the weirdo alchemist spoke again, and Kristoffer, in his shock, caught his foot on a cobblestone and stumbled slightly - not enough to throw him to the ground, but enough that he looked stupid. Like he was scared.

He turned, trying to keep his face casual and sneering, even though he was now fairly sure this was no undercover auror, and possibly instead just an unhinged alchemist. He wasn’t sure he wanted to know what a foul-mouthed, absolutely mental alchemist was going to do to him, but if there was one thing he was also opposed to here, it was making a run for it.

“How do you know?” Kris retorted, trying to make it sound like the alchemist was entirely wrong and not strangely on the mark about having no parents. He was slightly offended. Was it that obvious? (To be frank, he did bemoan being a tragic orphan a fair amount, but not to strangers on Knockturn Alley.) “Do you have any idea who my family is?” He answered, forgetting that he had been counting on his anonymity in hope instead of sounding threatening in return.
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This was so amusing. Seneca tried to keep her self control. The last thing she wanted was to start laughing hysterically, lose grip of her powers, and reveal herself to Kristoffer.

"I know them very well," Seneca replied in her attempt at a 'poor British person' accent. Then, she spontaneously added: "Perhaps it is them who sent me here." She was smiling now. "Your uncle Lucius wouldn't want you to get into any trouble. He's afraid you'll bring your family shame." Suddenly, another idea occurred to Seneca. "But, perhaps we could arrange it between ourselves so he hears good things about you. Because if he doesn't... He might want to ensure he has you under... control-" Seneca stressed this word so the implication to the Imperio Curse wouldn't go unnoticed. "In a more drastic way."

If Kristoffer got scared enough, she could arrange for him to give her money, which she could then use to fund her hobbies. There were certain items she couldn't just ask her parents for pocket money for.
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