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Perhaps I Should Take Up One Of The Chaser Spots
July 3rd, 1890 — Gallivan Home

After her unpleasant encounter with Mrs. Melody Crouch some days ago, Cee had been thinking a lot about women in Quidditch. She had always been supportive of women playing the sport, however she hadn't put much thought about the unfairness regarding representation on teams. After her talk with Mrs. Crouch, Cee had a newfound passion about seeing more women play the sport.

She and Theo were in his office that afternoon, looking at photographs of players from lesser British teams and teams from abroad. They had been discussing for a long time about the Cannons needing new talent. Cee had looked over potential new players and narrowed them down to a smaller pool so she and Theo could pick from them.

At some point, Cee thought it fitting to casually toss:"Perhaps I should take up one of the chaser spots." She was only joking, of course. She would hate to use her privilege to get on her family's team. Besides, playing Quidditch was off-limits for her. It had been years since she had last played and, well, for all that she had championed for the women's right to play Quidditch, she didn't feel brave enough to fight the patriarchy by pursuing a career as a professional Quidditch player.

A part of her wished she had the, well, balls to do that.

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The national team had scraped an international win last week - thanks mostly to their own seeker (not that they could take any credit for Cash Lestrange being talented) - so there was some time before focus would fall back on the upcoming season, but Theo was starting to see Cee’s point.

They could use a new chaser or two. “Hah, the press would love that,” Theo said with a hearty laugh, because Cee having made chaser when they were on the Ravenclaw team together was one thing, but the Gallivans announcing a surprise addition to the roster would be an astonishing new level of nepotism, by anyone’s standards.

Still, it was a funny thought and had cheered Theodore up from the increasing frustration of looking over potential players (and not knowing how his father had ever made up his mind about these things to begin with), so he latched onto it readily enough as a change of subject. “You might as well, at this rate,” he teased, sure that she could do a better job than the lad from the Tornadoes he’d been sizing up. “You do still remember how to play, don’t you?”

Cee didn't expect her joke to be this well-received. Theodore had become progressively gloomier in recent years, to the point that she sometimes couldn't make a joke in front of him. This was a welcome change and Cee smiled.

‘‘I don't think it's possible to ever forget. Muscle memory and all that.’’ That being said, it was certainly different to play on your House's team compared to a professional team. Then there was the issue of chemistry with your teammates. Cee played wonderfully with her old Ravenclaw teammates, but it was likely that in a new team, with different dynamics, she wouldn't be that great.

‘‘And what about you, Theo?’’ Cee asked softly. Sometimes she thought that her brother would much rather play in a team than run it.

this beauty was made by mj

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