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June 14th, 1890 — Department of Mysteries

With unnecessary merriment, the elevator dinged! its arrival at the final, lowest floor of the Ministry. The Department of Mysteries. Even as the doors opened onto a long, foreboding corridor, Bragi remained standing in the safety of the elevator for a moment, feeling very small. There was nobody else here. It was lunchtime, so perhaps all the Unspeakables were up in the dining hall or otherwise out and about doing their own thing. But Bragi had a message to deliver — a folded and sealed piece of parchment tucked safely in his pocket — and he had been instructed to conduct the delivery in person.

So off he went, down the corridor. And then he turned right, as per the directions he'd been given. Or was it left? No, it was definitely right. Then right again. At which point he almost bumped into a very ugly gargoyle by a door (and he muttered an apology to it), then he turned right, and then... right again? Was he going round in circles?

Before long, the red-haired lad was completely lost, acutely aware that he was not only going in the wrong direction, but also that he'd forgotten how to get back to the elevator.

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Pet was running a little late for her lunch having had difficulty putting her work to one side in favor of nourishment. She'd found a great many challenges in becoming an Unspeakable but enjoying the workload was not one of them. It was by no means the same sort of structure as Hogwarts but it was similar in that she was regularly being challenged and learning new things and boy was there a lot to learn!

Not all of the learning curves had been directly related to the job either, such as finding her way around. She now had the hang of the place thankfully, the chances of her getting lost or stuck somewhere were now pretty much on par with the other Unspeakables.

She was meandering her way towards the elevator and turned a corner that nearly brought her into a head on collision with a stranger. "Ahhh!" she gasped, flattening herself against the wall in surprise. "Who are you? What are you doing here?" Normally she wouldn't be quite so forward with the interrogation but in her experience it was uncommon for people who weren't Unspeakables to be there. Plus she'd been startled.

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Bragi stifled an ever so unmanly squeak as he almost collided with a person — but no matter how much they'd startled each other, Bragi was very glad to see her. Rescue at last!

"I'm terribly sorry", he apologised, running a hand distractedly through his hair and ruining its professional placement. "My name's Bragi Holm, I'm from the Department of International Magical Co-operation, charged with delivering an important note. Are you a..." Would he get the term right? It was a very bizarre term... "an Unspeakable?"
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