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while the older ones are away
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May 30th, 1890 — Gryffindor Common Room
Most of the older students were off at the Coming Out Ball and Alcyone wondered if they were having fun. At her current age, the idea of dancing around the Great Hall didn't hold any sort of enticement for her. She did enjoy seeing the girls all dressed up though and a bit of fun gossip. At the moment, she was settled in the common room with a group of other Gryffindors. If you strained your ears hard enough, you could almost make out the music from the Ball. "Just think - in a few years, we might be down there, too," she said to no one in particular.
open to gryffindors that were too young to to the cob or did not go

"Personally, I'm glad I'm too young to go," Maggie said. "It all seems a bit stuffy and boring." Dancing could be fun when you could let loose and do whatever moves you wanted, but the kind of dancing they did at the ball seemed too prim and neat for her tastes. Besides, she didn't relish the idea of getting dolled up in a tight, itchy dress. And dancing with boys -- no thanks! Maggie thought most boys were annoying, and the ones that weren't, she saw simply as friends. "Though I suppose I might change my mind when I'm older." She tried to picture herself as an older student. She hoped she would still be able to have fun and explore, even with the added stress of OWLs and NEWTs and having to be quiet and proper all the time. For now, she was happy to be a child.
Due to her age, Meta had never been to a ball before. However, due to her social status, she had likely been to more fancy events than the two other girls had ever been to. Just in a few weeks, she would have to attend not one, but two family weddings. Two different Lytton dressed were in the making for Meta, because she couldn't possibly be seen wearing the same dress at two different events. Even if, in Meta's mind, they would be pretty much the same thing. Two of her cousins would marry each other, they would eat nice food, then go home.

That being said, events that she wasn't supposed to go to, excited her. She kind of wanted to sneak into Hogwarts' coming out ball.

"Has it crossed your mind to try and sneak in?" Meta asked her housemates. "That would be fun!"

[Image: meta.png]
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"No," Alcyone said, her attention turning from the girl who was glad to be young to go to Meta Lestrange. She smiled in a conspiratorial way as she looked over. "Want to try?" She was addressing both Miss Lestrange and Miss Robinson though it sounded like Miss Robinson might not be interested if she didn't care a whit about the ball.

"Ooh, that sounds exciting!" Maggie couldn't help but be interested in the prospect of some kind of adventure, even - perhaps especially - if it would get her into trouble. Besides, despite the fact that she enjoyed being young, a part of her wanted to impress these slightly older girls. "Except what would we do there?" She wondered if she might get bored once the initial thrill of sneaking in had worn off.
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"We could grab a few of the sweet treats and a couple of drinks for our own little party," Alcyone said as she sat up more properly. "It would be more to say that we could than anything else." Bragging rights, more or less, she supposed.

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