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May 30th, 1890 — Coming Out Ball; Great Hall
Ah, the Hogwarts Coming Out Ball... It had been seventeen years ago at this very event when he had met his Birdie. He had been enchanted by her and had been engaged to her before the year was done. He had been only twenty-two. Goodness! Had he really been so young once? Nearing forty, Tiger did not quite look it nor did he feel it. The young at heart never do truly grow old.

Tiger could not help but close his eyes for a moment, as memories ran through his mind of that Coming Out Ball so many years ago and the feisty redhead that had laughed and teased him. He opened them and turned just in time for the debutantes to be presented to society. Goodness but they all looked so young!

"Is it just me or do graduates look younger each passing year?" He asked, despite the tall blonde he directed the question to hardly looking an age to have an opinion on it. "Though perhaps I'm just old," he added on with a bit of a teasing wink, unable to help but be his own, incorrigible self despite the fact he didn't think he had ever been formally introduced to the girl.

@Madeleine Backus

Despite being only almost 21 herself she felt Maddie felt she had lived a thousand years since her own debut, she was a different person, had seen and done things she had never expected to when she had danced with Handsome, and the boys of her year at her own debut. She had flung herself across the globe, seen her family ripped asunder, and then found each other again. The 2 years since her own debut seemed like a hundred years.

'I would probably agree sir' she said with a laugh, blushing lightly at his teasing wink. 'I don't remember being quite so young at my own debut, I did consider myself to be rather grown-up at least.' she remarked sheepishly, watching the swirling figures on the floor. 'It seems terribly naive now.' She turned her face from the dance floor to fully face the gentleman who was addressing her. 'Madleine Backus' she greeted extending her hand to him to shake.

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The blonde was hardly much older than the graduates themselves so he could not help but find her words mildly amusing. But her words rang true so he supposed she might be more mature than she appeared. "I'll tell you a secret: no one ever really grows up," he said with a chuckle. Merlin knew that while he was certainly among the more mature of his siblings, he wasn't always.

"Kentigern MacFusty. A pleasure to make your acquaintance," he said, finding the surname vaguely familiar.

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'McFusty!' she exclaimed suddenly, the formal mask of the practiced debutante slipping for a moment. 'Mister Mcfusty of the beadst division?' she confirmed lest she embarrass herself. Excitement overtaking her features as she realized with whom she was speaking. With a puff of exasperated air at herself for forgetting the formalities in her excitement. She bobbed a curtsey and offered an apologetic smile. Her correspondence with him had been another letter that had caused a major argument with Ana and had been burned by the pernicious Russian. If the thought of her joining the translation services had led to a row, then the thought of her joining the more active and practical beast division had resulted in a major screaming match with Ana doing a very good impression of a Veela with her screeching- Maddie actually thought she might hex her.

Maddie might not have been raised as middle class but her mother had instilled in her all of the airs and graces of a middle-class girl. She and her sister might have been accused of having airs and graces by some of their working-class companions because of the way they spoke and conducted themselves. It had turned out to be useful when their grandfathers estate had passed to two of the girls. So when Maddie spoke again it was with a good deal more composure than her sudden excited exclamation. 'Excuse my boldness but I believe I wrote to you some months ago about life in the beast division, you were good enough to answer but I'm afraid the response went astray' she explained, offering a sanitized version of the truth - rather than Ana burning his response, and promising that while under her roof Maddie would never be permitted to join the ministry, and then throwing the letter that Maddie had intended as her reply into the fireplace.

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Tiger was taken somewhat by surprise as she exclaimed her name. "Of the Dragon Restraint Bureau, to me more precise but yes," he said. There was no need to apologize for abandoned courtesies with Kentigern MacFusty but he appreciated it all the same. He did wonder what this might be about before realizing where he knew her surname from.

"Ah, I suppose it is good then that I did not ramble on within it," he chuckled good naturedly when the young woman said that his response to her had gone astray. "I had merely pointed you towards Miss Elinor Goyle who is head of the Beast Division. Anyone looking to me more than a secretary must first have interned in the Beast Division for a year. But I had also invited you to write me back if you had questions about the Dragon Bureau and its positions specifically." Though there were only two positions within the department available to women - secretary and researcher so he didn't know if her interest would stay firm.

'Yes Yes! ' she flustered, 'No please, it is a most interesting area of work, and I should have liked to hear a great deal about it.' she clarified truthfully. She had been excellent at Care of magical creatures at school, Maddie's own nature seemed to appeal to creatures magical and muggle. the memory of the parchment, curling and smoking in the fire, his signature blackening, and turning to ash as the fire consumed the delicate paper set her teeth on edge as she spoke.

She wasn't sure what she had imagined when she had thought about the head of the dragon restraint bureau. She had imagined a grizzled, one-eyed one-armed piratey looking man, employed more for his grit than his graces. The gentleman before her was...well not that. He was exceptionally tall, and as a taller kind of woman she appreciated gentlemen who were suitably taller than she was. 'I should have loved to hear what dealing with dragons entails...specifically.' she answered honestly, her shoulders, slim as they were set, meeting his gaze steadily if a touch excitedly. 'I've read of it, of course, the charms, and spells needed to subdue such a creature, it must be a heady experience.' she laughed lightly, blushing at her own enthusiasm. Ignoring the glares of Ana, that she could feel from across the room, not prepared to give up good conversation with someone she genuinely found interesting to satisfy the vapid Russians inclinations. 'Did you always dream of dragons as a child?' she offered with a light laugh.

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"Well, we have the restraint officers who are comprised entirely of men - they're the ones who restrain the dragons when needed," he said. "Then we have the researchers who do exactly that - compile data and research about the dragons. They don't tend to personally handle the dragons themselves, too dangerous." After all, a couple of his family members had been maimed by toddler dragons. Grown ones could do much worse.

Kentigern was vaguely aware that such things were not considered a proper topic to discuss with a young woman but she had asked. "It can be quite heady, that is true." As for the question about whether he had always dreamed of dragons, Kentigern had to shrug. "I suppose? They have always been present in my life since boyhood."

Maddie blushed deeply again, 'I'm envious' she said warmly. 'To have had such clear purpose' Proper or not, Maddie was not inclined to give up this conversation. Had Ana not burned the letters she would more likely have assaulted the man before her with letters and questions - a chance to get to know him from a distance rather than face to face. But now, faced with the man in question, she had to be sure to thank Ana later. The tall broad-shouldered, and, frankly, handsome man before her was perhaps better than anything she might have imagined from letters. Now coupled with her knowledge of him she was disinclined to break their acquaintance.

'I eh, should like to hear about it?' she ventured, it was bold of her to ask, but her head was already full of slightly Romantic (with a capital R) notions of a young man, a boy even walking around with dragons on his shoulder or hiding dragon eggs in his wardrobe. Realising that what she was asking was rather bold, for a young lady to ask, Maddie dropped her face from his to focus on his hands, it was easier to wear your heart on your sleeve when you were not looking into someones eyes.

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"About my childhood?" He asked, unsure of how much he could share with a young woman or should share. Especially one not well acquainted with his family. At least two of his siblings had been forever maimed by a young dragon but those had been toddling ones. "It was dangerous a lot of the time. But if we found eggs abandoned by the mother, we would keep them warm. Blankets covering them and the like. But once they're toddling about it is usually best to keep out of their way - two of my siblings were severely injured by toddling dragons. When they're small and can still fit on your shoulder though, they can be quite charming."

She could tell he was hesitant, it wasn't the sort of appropriate question she should ask, but she had had enough of that. She had cornered someone interesting and wasn't about to be put off by anything as staid as what was and wasn't 'proper'. She had only ever seen baby dragons, or even full adult dragons in books.

Her expression waivered slightly, 'Oh, I'm sorry for your siblings, it must be hard to have lost something in the pursuit of what is right', she acknowledged, 'Although I am sure there is some comfort in knowing the aid you've given to a creature in need.' her expression was earnest, plaintive even. 'They may be dragons but they are still babys. Would you have had many at a time?'

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