Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Rufina Mulciber nÚe Longbottom
    In Character
    [Image: 24gptzn.png]
    Full Name: Rufina Elizabeth Mulciber nÚe Longbottom


    Birthdate: November 7th, 1855

    Current Age: Twenty-Seven

    Occupation: --

    Hogwarts House: Slytherin

    • Silver Lime, Nine Inches, Flexible. Unicorn Tail Hair.
    Blood Status: Pureblood

    Social Class: Upper

    • Ernest Mulciber, Husband [1847 | Ravenclaw | Unspeakable] | Rufina did not choose her husbandùhe was not even her father's first choiceùbut accepted that the luxury to choose was not something that she had, and made the best of it. His accident, however, put quite the strain on things.

      Meriweather Mulciber, Stepson [1871 | ----- | Child] | Ernest's only surviving child from his first marriage, Meriweather has always been quite a sickly lad, much to his father's disappointment. Still, he seems to be the only son either of them will ever be able to claim, and Rufina truly is quite fond of him.

      Flora Mulciber, Daughter [1878 | ----- | Child] | Rufina's daughter is the apple of her eye, though, as many of her status, she leaves Flora's care and education primarily to nannies and the like. She does try to make time for her daughter every day, particularly now that she has returned from America.

      Alexander Wilde, Son [1882 | ----- | Child] | Upon his delivery into the world, Alexander was thrust promptly into the arms of a nurse. Rufina is well aware that entrusting her ill-gotten son to her sister's care solved both of their problems, but found the act of doing so difficult enough without risking bonding with the infant. Though she remained in America for two months after his delivery, she saw him only perhaps twice afterwards. Gladys was, however, sweet enough to declare his middle name Rufus in her honour.

      Eldin Longbottom, Father [1825 | Ravenclaw | Gentleman] | Eldin is an old-fashioned man, but not unkind. Surprisingly, he has grown slightly more liberalùslightlyùin his older years, though not enough so to be unseemly.

      Hermione Longbottom nÚe Potter, Mother [1831 | Gryffindor | Gentlewoman] | Rufina's mother is, in her eyes, the perfect example of what a woman should beùand far, far from what Rufina is herself. Though the two are quite different and don't always see eye-to-eye, Rufina does love her mother dearly.

      Annabelle Bones nÚe Longbottom, Sister [1850 | Slytherin | Healer] | Rufina's eldest sibling. She is quite perplexed by Belle's decision to work as a healer, but supposes it could be worse. She tries not to mention it during introductions.

      Judith _____ nÚe Longbottom, Sister [1852 | ----- | -----] | Rufina's elder sister.

      Gladys Wilde nÚe Longbottom, Sister [1854 | Ravenclaw | Wife] | The sister with whom Rufina is closest due to their closeness in age. After tryingùand failingùto have a child of her own for several years, it seemed only natural that Rufina would go first to her after realizing the gravity of her situation. Gladys resides in New York.

      Matilda _____ nÚe Longbottom, Sister [1856 | ----- | -----] | The first of Rufina's younger siblings.

      Louisa Lovegood nÚe Longbottom, Sister [1858 | ----- | -----] | Rufina's younger sister. She was widowed young, and later remarried. She currently has one son, Abraxas Crabbe.

      Justice Longbottom, Brother [1859 | Gryffindor | Quidditch Player] | Rufina thinks it ridiculous that her brother would choose so trivial an occupation, though assumes he'll find a good woman and retire to the life of leisure his position as the only son has promised him within a couple of years.

      Marcella Weasley nÚe Longbottom, Sister [1861 | Hufflepuff | Wife] | The youngest of the Longbottoms, and the only one to marry down.

    • Rufina's looks favour those of the Lonbottoms over those of the Potters. Hers is a slender frame, topped with brown waves and always fashionably clad; she has never been one to sacrifice style for comfort. Her eyes are the same chocolate shade as her hair, and don't smile as readily as her lips do. In general, Rufina's features are delicateùpretty, in her opinion, though none would all her breathtaking. She stands at a respectable height of five feet, three inches, though likes to add a couple of inches via her footwear to make her seem more imposing, and so more deserving of respect. Her voice is neither high nor low, and she carries herself like any woman who spent years under the eye of a strict governess. She both writes and wields her wand with her right hand.
    • November 7th 1855 | Rufina is born the fourth child to the Longbottom family.

      1856 | Mathilda is born.

      1858 | Louisa is born.

      August 19th 1859 | The Longbottoms finally have a son, Justice.

      June 4th 1861 | Marcella is born, and is the last of the Longbottom children.

      September 1st 1861 | Annabelle begins her studies at Hogwarts. Rufina is quite jealous of this, prompting her first display of magic as she causes her sister's trunk to burst open whilst Annabelle is on her way out the door.

      September 1st 1863 | Judith goes to Hogwarts.

      September 1st 1865 | Gladys goes to Hogwarts. This proved the most noteworthy departure for Rufina, as of all her siblings, she was always closest to Gladys.

      September 1st 1867 | Rufina is finally able to attend Hogwarts for herself. The hat toys first with Hufflepuff for her, then with Gryffindor, before finally deciding on Slytherinùnot because she lacks kindness, but because of her ambition. Matilda, too, begins at Hogwarts this year, and the two become closer due to their shared experience.

      September 1st 1870 | Justice begins at Hogwarts and is sorted into Gryffindor.

      July 1871 | Rufina is named Slytherin prefect.

      October 1871 | Her parents inform her that, after her graduation, she is to marry Mr. Edwin Mulciber.

      Summer 1872 | Rufina receives her OWL scores.

      September 1st 1872 | Marcella begins at Hogwarts and is sorted into Hufflepuff.

      July 1873 | Rufina is very much put out when she receives her yearly supply list but not a congratulatory letter informing her that she is head girl.

      May 17th, 1874 | Edwin, who is to marry Rufina in less than a month, splinches himself in half and dies.

      June 4th, 1874 | Rufina's intended wedding date arrives leaving her utterly unsure as to what she is supposed to do with herself.

      July 1874 | NEWT scores arrive.

      September 1874 | Mrs. Margaret Mulciber dies in her attempts to give her husband a second child.

      October 1875 | A new betrothal is arranged: now, Rufina is to marry Edwin's younger brother, a widower. The match, her father assures her, will provide her with all of the comforts that her marriage to Edwin was supposed to provide, without the burden of pressure where providing an heir was concerned.

      July 9th 1876 | Rufina becomes Mrs. Ernest Mulciber.

      Christmas Day 1876 | Rufina delivers twin boys only nineteen weeks into her pregnancy. The first is dead at birth, the second within his first hour. Rufina herself spends the better part of three months recovering, nearing death twice during that period herself.

      January 7th 1878 | Rufina delivers her first healthy child, a girl called Flora.

      September 1878 | Trahern Crabbe, husband to her sister Louisa, dies.

      April 1879 | An unspeakable, Ernest is injured on the job, though the cause is never revealed to his wife. This injury leaves him entirely paralyzed from the waist down and confines him to a wheelchair for life.

      May 1879 | To add insult to injury, Rufina's father grows quite ill. Mercifully, he is spared, though in the years to follow he proves to bounce between flawless health and half in the grave.

      April 1880 | Marcella marries Mr. Catigern Weasley, the only one of the Longbottom girls to marry below herself.

      October 1881 | Louisa remarries to Mr. Ozias Lovegood.

      Early January 1882 | Rufina is no longer able to abide the damage her husband's injury has done to their marriage and, on impulse, gives herself to a Hogwarts student. She is immediately ashamed of this action, and spends the next month playing nurse to Ernestùmuch to his surprise.

      Early March 1882 | After some weeks of denial, Rufina concludes that she must be pregnant. While many woman in such a situation would have the crutch of a husband to hide the indiscretion, her husband's known condition prevents her from doing so. Promptly, she writes to her barren sister in America.

      Mid-March 1882 | After a guilt-ridden confession of her sin to her husband, Rufina leaves for New York under the guise of intending to help her favourite sister through her "pregnancy".

      October 5th 1882 | Rufina delivers a robust baby boy that she quite promptly hands over to his nurse. Gladys calls the child Alexander in honour of his "father", and Rufus in honour of the woman who bore him. Rufina decides to remain in America for some time longer, not thrilled by the prospect of returning home to Ernest.

      December 24th 1882 | Rufina returns home to Hogsmeade, her husband, her stepson, and her daughter, feeling always as if she is walking on eggshells.


      Ancient Studies ù A

      Ancient Runes ù E

      Astronomy ù O

      Charms ù O

      Defense Against the Dark Arts ù A

      Herbology ù A

      History of Magic ù E

      Potions ù O

      Transfiguration ù A


      Ancient Runes ù O

      Astronomy ù O

      Charms ù E

      History of Magic ù O

      Potions ù E

    • Rufina, like much of her family, is neither exceedingly traditional nor aggressively liberal in thought and in deed. Her opinions (below) are greatly influenced by this headspace, and her sheer stubbornness ensures they remain intact.

      She is not so much friendly as she is social, but upon getting to know herùprovided she finds the experience positiveùRufina is incredibly kind. Though hardly the most patient woman in the world, she does her best to mind both words and actions to avoid offending. Though she can be catty with the best of them, she seldom initiates such conversation.

      Rufina is marked by a moderate level of insecurity; as a middle daughter of several, she always sought over the best grades, the most desirable friends, the highest opinion, to ensure that she would not be overlooked. Her husband's injury, with this in mind, came as quite the blowùif he could not perform as a husband, what interest would he have in her as a wife? She is very much about pomp, throwing herself into charitable events and elaborate parties as a form of self-validation.

      As a mother, she is incredibly dedicated; her two childrenùthough only Flora is hersùare the center of her world. Oh yes, her upper-class upbringing ensured that she would not think to go through life without nurses and a governess for them, but she spends more time with both children than either parent ever spent with her, and feels great pain in being separated from them.


      On Blood Purity: Rufina would consider herself a soft blood purist. She would happily befriend appropriate halfbloods and exceptional muggle-borns, but neither she nor her children would ever marry either.

      On Women's Rights: Rufina would like to be able to vote, and doesn't see a reason in the world why she, an intelligent woman of status, should not be able to. While she will voice this opinion when the matter arises, she does not actively campaign for such freedoms.

      On Social Hierarchy & Social Mobility: One should never marry above or below their class, for that makes the borders fuzzyùand if the borders become fuzzy, chaos ensues. In Marcella's case, she considers Mr. Weasley to be a pleasant enough man, but is still not convinced the two should have married. In Rufina's opinion, one must be cordial to those beneath them, but friendship restricted to one's own class.

      On Scandal: It is a self-centered woman who makes a public spectacle of herself, and a careless man who allows her to do so.

      On Fallen Women: A woman who gives herself to a man who is not her husbandùfor any reasonùis a woman without morals and so a woman not fit for acquaintance. Her own misdeeds in this regard do not change her opinion; Rufina simply feels that a woman who can hide the indiscretion from the public should be permitted more leeway.

      On Quidditch: Like a good sister, Rufina is a supporter of the Chudley Cannons, though she does not follow quidditch with great vigour. Where women are concerned, she thinks they should be permitted to play, but would rather see them in their own league as it is beastly for a gentleman to hit an object into a woman's head.

      On Minister Potter: While she does not think he has enough life experience to do the job properly, she concedes that he has not done a worse job than any of his predecessors in recent memory.

    Sample Roleplay Post:
    Quote:Odira was a practical girl, one who enjoyed having a plan. She had thought that her future was well in handùbetween her trail winnings and the support she could no doubt gain from her father, opening a bookshop in Irvingly had seemed like a no-brainer to the Ravenclaw, who had had an interest in shop ownership for as long as she could remember. But now she had been informed, someone had already inched ahead of her in that department. The Head Girl was now left with few options for the time after her graduation, none of which were desirable: wait around to marry, as her sisters had done; become a governess; or hope someone was looking for a barely-graduated young witch with no real experience to manage their shop for them.

    The wind had left her sails a bit, to say the least.

    Still, she was not a defeatist; there was always the chance this new shop (or even the one in Hogsmeade) would go out of business, or be put on the market. She would not, of course, wish ill on anyone's business venture, but at the same time Odira was hesitant to relinquish her (admittedly recent) dream altogether.

    But that would be an issue for another day; for now, the witch would be relieved for the current presence of bookshops as she made her way into Whizzhard books, in need of an enjoyable pastime until she was to meet with her sister and infant niece later that afternoon.

    The bell jingled merrily as the seventh year stepped inside, the familiar scent of the books on the shelves making her feel immediately at home. She was not here with purpose today, but Odira moved to make specific inquiries nonetheless. "Excuse me, but would you happen to have any new, muggle literature?" she asked directly of the man behind the counter. Her interest in such material was something her family thought peculiar, and she found the shop seldom had an ample enough amount to satisfy her appetite. Still, Odira knew that it did not hurt to ask, and establishing a rapport with the clerks (she did not think she had encountered this one before, though she might have been mistaken), she had found, made shopping on other occasions much easier.

    Or help her get a job down the line.

    Out of Character
    Name: Kayte

    Age: 22

    Contact: PM

    Other Characters: All of them.

    How did you hear about us?: I'm not here. You don't see me.
    [Image: tX7JAur.png]
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