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Just Young And Sweet, Only Seventeen
May 30th, 1890 — Hogwarts Coming Out Ball

It was Ruby's first ball. As a child, she had been looking forward to attending a ball. When her father had been elected Minister, she had imagined all the balls she would attend, dressed in her beautiful expensive gowns. As it is the pattern in most of Ruby's posts, I speak briefly of what her dreams had been, until her sister was turned into a werewolf.

Holliday and some other friends would be attending, so Ruby had no reason not to. She also had a nice dress to wear as a ballgown, which she had used magic on to alter. She had used some of the spells Marcus Lytton had taught them at his seminar some weeks ago. It was originally cotton, which she had transformed to look like silk and it had a pretty egg yolk yellow colour which looked beautiful against her complexion. It wasn't white, so she'd look like a debutante, but neither so dark and extravagant for her to look inappropriate.

Once at the ball, Ruby had felt somewhat overwhelmed.

Her friends, one by one, received offers for dancing -- all except for Ruby. Being seventeen and already severely insecure, that dampened her spirits. She tried to think positively, that she wasn't a debutante so that was why she hadn't received any dance offers but, in reality, she knew that it was because she was The Werewolf's twin.

In the past months, she had developed growing dependability on cigarettes at times of distress. As such, she decided to sneak away for a fag.

She picked a nice secluded spot and lit one. It wouldn't make for a fun opener if your character didn't conveniently approach.

Now that she’d seen Jack again after all, all her put-out pouting of earlier was over with, and the prospect of dancing with someone’s smelly old uncle was no longer even remotely tempting like it had been earlier when she’d been desperate for some attention. Instead, the ballroom felt a little stuffy for her good mood, and so out she went, clasping another glass of champagne. Just for good luck.
She had been a little tipsy before the last one she’d had, so maybe this glass was what was making the meandering so difficult. She hadn’t made it particularly far when she felt dizzy enough that she had to fall to a halt, and was so busy feeling relief at being able to lean on something that for a good long moment, Jemima didn’t notice she was not alone.

And then her eyes registered the classmate right before her eyes, and she flinched dramatically, though sensibly prioritising the safety of her champagne. “Oh my, Miss Urquart!” Jemima exclaimed, half in laughter and half a surprised squeal, “you scared me, I didn’t even see you!” Now that she did, look at that! She had gotten the yellow dress Jemima had dreamt of; and here she was enduring being dressed in blue. After getting over Miss Urquart’s gown, Jemima’s eyes at last fell on - was that a cigarette? She hoped her eyes hadn’t exploded out of her head as it had felt like in her surprise; hopefully she looked cool and nonchalant and as if this was something she saw every day. “What are you doing out here?”
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Ruby jumped a bit and brought her free hand to her chest. It was Jemima Farley. Great. After having her diary pages leaked, Jemima Farley had gained a bit of a reputation. Surprisingly, the comments about Ruby hadn't been that bad. It appeared that Jemima Farley had been jealous of her and Topaz's looks, something that Ruby couldn't understand because she didn't think she was attractive at all. Then again, Miss Farley looked like... them. She wasn't a blonde with skin so pale that you could see the blue veins underneath. Which was the ideal of beauty at their time. Ruby had gray eyes, so she supposed she won some points in the Eurocentric beauty standards game.

In all honesty, Ruby felt somewhat bad for Jemima Farley, for what had happened to her diary. The situation rung too close to home. Ruby had once made the mistake of snooping into Topaz's things and reading her diary, which had probably kickstarted the events that lead to Topaz being attacked by a werewolf. Ruby often thought that if she hadn't been such nosy brat, Topaz wouldn't have wandered off in the middle of the night and she would have never been attacked...

In sort, she couldn't truly be mad at Jemima Farley, even if some of the things she'd written were insensitive. Everyone was mean in their diary. That was the purpose of them, to trash talk people in the diary so you wouldn't do it to their face.

In any case, if Jemima Farley couldn't keep her diary from being leaked, she wouldn't keep quiet about seeing Ruby with a cigarette. Thankfully, she hadn't seen her taking a puff from it. Perhaps the situation could be salvaged.

"Miss Farley! Me? Oh! This!" She held out the cigarette, widening her eyes a bit with a smile. "I'm holding this for someone. But they're still not here so I think I'll just extinguish it now." She threw the cigarette on the ground and with a flick of her wand she made it vanish. Hopefully, it wouldn't cause a forest fire where it was transported to.
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Jemima supposed Ruby Urquart was just as surprised as she had been, stumbling across her out here. She almost had to laugh at both their reactions; they both seemed a little jumpy for a ball.

Jemima suspected that had in part to do with all the bubbles going to her head. The champagne was not helping her think straight. (Not that Jemima was usually particularly good at thinking straight, either. Logic was not the first weapon of the naturally gullible.)

So, although there was a small part of her that felt Miss Urquart was being a little shifty, Jemima fell entirely for her excuse about the cigarette. Well of course it looked a little strange, but no proper young lady would be out smoking cigarettes at a ball! No, the only situation Ruby Urquart - daughter of a former Minister - would be so near to a cigarette was as she’d said. “Oh?” Jemima exclaimed, latching onto the juiciest part of the tale and deciding everything made perfect sense. She lowered her tone to an eager whisper, as if whispering would show she was trying to be conspiratorial. “Of course, yes! Who were you waiting for?”

Probably a boy. Probably the bad-boy sort, if he smoked cigarettes. Jemima wracked her brains for who in school might be a likely culprit; and indeed, which boy in school Ruby Urquart might be most likely to be meeting up for secret romantic trysts with. She suspected it would be another Gryffindor, if only because the whole thing seemed rather bold and daring of them. Jemima giggled aloud at the thought.

Unless it was a young man, someone she could only have met at the ball? Merlin, how thrilling!

Good, Jemima Farley seemed to have believed Ruby's theatrical excuse, but here she was giggling and Ruby could suspect why that had been happening. Even though she had tried not to read the leaked pages, she caved into the temptation and the impression Jemina gave off was that she was rather boy crazy. In all honesty, Ruby would have been too, hadn't she gotten so depressed on that matter. Nobody would want to marry her now that her sister was a werewolf unless they were a foreigner who didn't even know who the Urquarts were.

Ruby would have to continue with the train of lies and make up some story of a Marlon Brando-ish man who had made her hold his cigarette for him. Come think of it, maybe that wouldn't be so bad. If Jemima Farley was a tattletale, then would it really hurt for people to think that Ruby had success with men? Ruby felt so unwanted compared to other girls. (Girls Miss Farley had mentioned in her diary.)

‘‘Um, his name was very ordinary, you know, Thomas something,’’ Ruby explained casually. ‘‘I think he was a Quidditch player, because he had the body of a sportsman.’’
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This was going to be juicy, she knew it. She hadn’t thought the remaining Miss Urquart was particularly popular - more popular than Jemima, but who wasn’t at this point? - but things must be going well if she was sneaking out in the middle of a ball for some more private diversions!

At the first glimpse of detail, Jemima pounced. “You don’t mean Thomas Montgomery, do you?!” It was hard not to recoil in horror at the thought, because Thomas Montgomery was - well, a horrible human being. Rude and quite revolting. Still, he was the Ravenclaw keeper and quite tall which she supposed was a sportsmanlike body, even if he was a typical swot and a year younger than them - and one of Jemima’s particular nemeses, for that matter. But still, she had expected Ruby Urquart to have better taste than that, so after a shiver of revulsion, she extended her the benefit of the doubt. “Or do you mean like a professional player?” Jemima said, with her tongue in her cheek as she leant in conspiratorially.
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Ruby couldn't keep herself from making a bit of a face at the suggestion of Thomas Montgomery. Maybe he would have a Neville Longbottom-like glow up at some point, but for now, he was quite unattractive, by Ruby's standards. He really needed to put on some weight. He also looked somewhat effeminate in his features. Ruby didn't consider herself a great beauty, but she still thought that she deserved someone better looking than that! Besides, she would like her future husband to be artistic and Mr. Montgomery didn't seem to be like that.

‘‘Merlin no, not Mr. Montgommery,’’ Ruby replied. ‘‘No, he was a professional Quidditch player. But he must be a second-stringer, you probably haven't heard of him.’’ Hopefully this would convince Miss Farley and she couldn't delve deeper into the identity of the mysterious smoker Ruby had allegedly danced with.

‘‘And what about you, Miss Farley? Why are you here and not dancing?’’

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