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Uh what the heck?

Mister P Black.

You will forgive the circumstances of my writing but I am afraid the matter cannot be left unaddressed. 

While I appreciate the difficulty experienced by your wife in the last few months for her to publically, and under her own name write to a tabloid to cast asperions on our family, to question our blood status and by extension the legitimacy of our blood line is wholly unacceptable.  I will presume you were not aware of this, but such defamation, in so public a forum I would imagine to be beneath a man of your standing, and as I say I will presume it to be in error. 

The upset caused to members of my family, who are no less proud of our lineage than yours.  Our great- grandfathers were brothers, Eduardus Limette Black is a second son, but a second son is a son none the less, for it to be implied so explicitly, or indeed tacitly that our family is somehow illigitimate is not acceptable.  I will presume that her comments were merely a mistake but given the rather public nature of her declaration I would expect some sort of public retraction of her slanderous comments.

I await your response

Mister S. St.John-Black

@Elsie Beauregard  @Phineas Black

Accusing, or implying that a family is illigitimate was defamation in VE, and if Ursula's slander could be said to have affected Samuel, his sister's or younger brothers chance of marriage, not to mention the professional impact -she could face jail for malicious defamation! Sharpe v Dauncey! #LawNerds!
Eduardus Limette Black -is eventually burnt off the family tree by Sirius' mum probably because his blood line married outside of purebloods...which Samuel's muse seems determined to do.

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June 5th, 1890

Mr. St. John-Black,

My wife merely intended that you are, at best, a distant relation with only blood, not acquaintance or affection, to tie you with our own. There were not, I think, any aspersions cast upon your mother, grandmother, or the dignities thereof, only a formal desire to set the degree of our connection in the public’s eyes—which you will acknowledge as the right of any woman of character. Our ties are at best, merely in name by this generation- and half that as it is, given its hyphenation.

Candidly, given your poor choice of would-be bride and the fairly recent scandal she proceeded to bring about, I do not believe Mrs. Black to have erred in her judgement, though her words might have been more tempered. I strongly suggest you let the matter lie and I will speak to my wife about her tendency to react without thinking.

Phineas N. Black
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