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"I'll bleed wherever I damn well please!" She shouted, scowling at him. As if to prove it, she uncovered her nose and shook her head back and forth like a dog attempting to dry its fur of water. Little droplets of blood rained on the sidewalk all willy-nilly. Billie Farrow in A Good Dusting
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A Plague of Rats!
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Price One Knut
May 22nd, 1890

A Plague of Rats!
Rodents Wreak Havoc in Diagon Alley

Residents, shoppers, and spectators were horrified in Diagon Alley yesterday as a rumble in the streets was swiftly followed by a course of rats from various sewer covers in the shopping district.

Though the rodents themselves prompted only minor injuries, no fewer than a dozen individuals were injured, and four killed, in the panic that followed. One man, a Mr. Leroy Johnson, failed so utterly in his attempts to apparate away from the scene that only his head was found on the street.

A representative from the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes said that the cause was under investigation, though given many bite victims seemed to be rather befuddled when authorities arrived on the scene, the department suspects a magical source.

As always, anyone with information is encouraged to alert the appropriate Ministry officials.
Gulliver Doran
Written by Kayte

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