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Sometimes I wet my plants

Miss H. Crawford

I hope you will not think me presumptious to write, but I am reliabably informed that there is an event coming up at the end of this month which is of great social significance to the british.  Given my lack of knowledge of british customs and your role as volunteer ambassador and wondered if you might accompany me?  I would hate to damage British-American relations any further by offering some slight by misidentifying roses. 

Kind Regards
Mister S. St.John-Black

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Lady is a star
Mister Samuel St. John-Black,

If you are referring to the Wizarding Horticultural Society Annual Flower Show then I did have plans to attend. I would be delighted to accompany you and my parents have no objections as they will also be attendance at the event. It will be a great delight for me to introduce you to this wonderful flower show!

Miss Hope Crawford

Set by MJ!
Miss Crawford,

I look forward to it! I promise I shall not subject you to any more of my terrible piano playing!

Kind Regards
S. St.John-Black

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Lady is a star

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