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"I'll bleed wherever I damn well please!" She shouted, scowling at him. As if to prove it, she uncovered her nose and shook her head back and forth like a dog attempting to dry its fur of water. Little droplets of blood rained on the sidewalk all willy-nilly. Billie Farrow in A Good Dusting
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Blood, Sweat, and Tears - But Mostly Blood
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May 22nd, 1890 — Hogwarts Great Hall
History of Magic O.W.L. Examination
All around her, George could hear the sounds of test-taking: quills scratching on parchment, shuffling feet, and two desks over, a Gryffindor girl crying softly into her sleeve, clearly not doing as well as she would have liked. Thus far, the O.W.L.s had lived up to their reputation, and even the Ravenclaw, who typically did well in her classes, was feeling quite stressed.

That today was History of Magic, though, took a bit of the weight off: there would be no practical, and so no one judging George directly, only through words and ink.

Thirty minutes remaining! one of the examiners announced, prompting the fifth year to look up from the test page briefly. When her eyes returned to the paper, though, George noticed something out of place. A dark droplet had marred the paper—similar to an ink drop but not quite the same. No, this one was strangely red in color.

Something almost like rain landed on the back of George's neck, then another on George's hand. It, too, was red.

Then the downpour began.
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Though George is publicly presented as male and should be addressed as He/Him/His, privately she considers herself as female and will use She/Her/Hers pronouns.

To think that this had been almost the lone exam he had dared to feel good about! He was scribbling away as fast as he could - exams were about the only place where he could communicate at the same speed as practically anyone else - and determined to finish his thought on witch-hunts when he began to feel droplets like rain beating down on him. For a futile moment, Nelson attempted to ignore it, as if he’d be able to survive an exam in this downpour...

Then he actually took note of what was happening - at the colour of the rain - and it was only a hurried fist stuffed to his jaw that stopped Nelson from dropping dead at the sight of it.

Once he was reasonably sure of his continued (silent) life, Nelson looked around wide-eyed, and then - remembering his future hanging in the balance of this exam and seeing the drops staining the parchment in front of him, shifted backwards abruptly in his chair and stuffed his not-yet-finished exam paper down the front of his robes to shelter it. What’s happening??? He mouthed across at his nearest neighbour, admittedly suddenly less concerned about any kind of conversations being considered cheating than the drop of blood that had just rolled off his nose into his open mouth. Yuck.

History of Magic was one of Clue's stronger subjects, for it reminded him of when he'd first discovered the wizarding world, and subsequently spent an overabundance of time researching everything he could about its history. But his focus on studying for OWLs had rid him of some sleep and clarity, so it was perhaps no wonder that, as the exam trundled on, he felt the beginnings of a headache.

By the time they were told the examination was thirty minutes from conclusion, the headache felt like a dagger in his skull. Clue reached up one pale hand to touch his head, then instinctively looked at his fingertips, and — they were red with blood. He stared at them blankly a moment, then looked up.

"Everyone is bleeding."

[Image: clue-sig.jpg]
Aristide was as confused as anyone else and looked over at his twin. He wasn't hurt and neither was she; he knew he would somehow just feel it if she were. So the blood was obviously not their own. He turned his exam sheet over to protect it as best as he could. "I don't think it is coming from any of us," he said as the .. blood rain? Continued to pour down upon them.

[Image: Fh6X9WE.png]
Ironically, exams, at least of the non-practical sort, were a great way for Thomas to shed any lingering frustrations. It allowed him to focus, and the act of physically scribbling his answers down on a bit of parchment was soothing in a way. (Even though his stress remained high.) The thought never occurred to him that he could probably garner the same results by keeping a journal, but he wasn't ready for feelings.

He was so focused, with his body bent fully over his parchment, that he hadn't realized anything was amiss until he heard the voices of others around him. Had the exam ended and he hadn't been alerted? "Can't you be sil--"

It was then that something sticky splattered on his face. The young Ravenclaw swiped it away and stared down at its reddish color. Was that...blood?

"Merlin's Shit," he stated, voice in a tone of quiet disbelief.

Hurriedly, he scooped up his exam and tucked it under the table so that it wouldn't be completely ruined. So much for the calm the exam had temporarily offered him. He now cast a look around at the gathered students with un-hidden suspicion and fury.

"Who's doing this?!"

Didn't they know this exam was incredibly instrumental in determining their futures? The gall.

[Image: 6RQbibH.png]
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Narcissus personally felt like History of Magic was a pretty important OWL to do well in to help bolster his candidacy for becoming a lawyer. And thus he was very focused on exam. He was close to finishing it off when a splatter of red fell across his page and he heard Clue saying something about bleeding. He grimaced when he felt the droplets falling onto his hair and neck.

"It's like blood rain," he said as he hastily tucked his already somewhat soaked exam papers into his robes. He doubted the thing was readable - would that effect their grades?

History of Magic was one of those classes that Cane didn't even need to do much studying to get good grades at so he was fairly confident with his exam. He neatly wrote in all his answers and was taking his time, making sure to reread everything so that he wouldn't mess anything up. He had a habit of tuning everyone out pretty much always so he didn't notice anything amiss until the red droplets fell right onto his paper, smudging his answers to questions about rebellions. Looking up in confusion, he unconsciously used his exam paper to shield his eyes as the red droplets continued to rain down upon them.

[Image: tumblr_pca8gcKV2p1qgpaguo1_540.gif]
Aleksei looked around in confusion as the red droplets fell around them. Some people seemed to think it was some sort of blood and it kind of looked that way. Not that Aleksei was up for seeing if this was true. Thomas Montgomery seemed to be especially irate, not that anyone could blame the boy, Aleksei supposed. This was their OWLs, not just any old examination that they could possibly make up at a later time.

Alekseis own exam paper was beyond saving, they noted in mild despair. And their paper was unlikely the only one ruined by this downpour.

aleksei is non-binary. in ooc narrative, aleksei goes by they/them, IC people would percive them as he/him

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