Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Canon List
    Canon List

    Charming has a variety of canons that you’re welcome to take on! Some of them actually hail from the books, movies, or supplementary material, while others are board-specific to give members a starting point!

    Simply post below to reserve the canon that catches your fancy. Reservations last only five days. In cases where multiple members of a family are nameless, they’ll be given a number (ie. Mr. ____ Potter (2)). Please be sure to include this number in your reservation! Bolded characters are available, while those struck through are taken.

    Information outlined below may be updated or added to with permission from the staff team. Please contact a member of the staff team if you have any questions, or if your character sees any important developments you think need mentioning!


    Canon characters with ample development may "graduate" off of the list and become permanently connected to their player. This will be done on a case-by-case basis.


    The following characters all currently reside in Hogsmeade, though may work elsewhere at your discretion!

    The AVERY Family
    — Upper Class —
    Mr. ____ Avery is a muggleborn (born 1850). Upon receiving his Hogwarts letter, he disowned his muggle family. He pretends to be a pureblood, and when asked will say he’s related to the pureblooded family of the same name. When he attended Hogwarts, he was sorted into Slytherin and spent the summers with his classmates and their families. He often tells people that he is an orphan.

    The BADDOCK Family
    — Middle Class —

    Mr.____  Baddock is a halfblood (born 1844). He married his Hogwarts sweetheart. She passed away after the couple were only married for 3 years due to childbirth. Four years later, he remarried (1868). When he attended Hogwarts, he was sorted into the Gryffindor house. Mrs.____ Baddock is a pureblood (born 1851). She married Mr. Baddock only six months after leaving Hogwarts. When she attended, she was sorted into Hufflepuff. Mrs. @Irina Skeeter is a halfblood (born 1864) and a Reporter for the Daily Prophet. She married a friend for appearance's sake in February of 1883. She died in March 1884, after giving birth to her first child. As Mr. Baddock's favorite daughter, she could get away with tormenting her stepmother. She was sorted into Gryffindor. Ms. Charity Baddock is a halfblood (born 1870). She is single. The fact that she is Mrs. Baddock's favorite daughter is well-known, and most likely brought on by the fact that she is Mrs. Baddock's biological child. She was sorted into Hufflepuff. Mr. Benjamin Baddock is the couple’s other child, born in 1882.

    The BANGES Family
    — Middle Class —

    Mr._______ Banges is a  pureblood (born 1842). When he attended Hogwarts, he was sorted into Ravenclaw and he is now co-owner and co-founder of Dervish and Banges.  After the fire of 1884 destroyed his shop, he and his partner were unable to repair the damage and struggled to find a solution, eventually settling upon a silent partner. His wife was his Hogwarts sweetheart. He founded the shop with her father when he was 18 and married Mrs. Banges two years later. Mrs._______ Banges (née Dervish) is a pureblood (born 1844). Her husband is her Hogwarts sweetheart, and his business partner is her brother. When she attended Hogwarts, she was sorted into Ravenclaw. The day that she finished her schooling was the day that the two were wed. Mr._______ Banges (1) is a pureblood (born 1863). He is single. When he attended Hogwarts he was sorted into Ravenclaw. As the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Banges he is entitled to take over the shop once his father thinks he is ready. The only reason that he is interested in taking over the shop is because then his younger brother cannot have it. Mr. _____ Banges (2) is a pureblood (born 1864). He is single. When he attended Hogwarts he was sorted in Ravenclaw. He is genuinely interested in taking over the shop but cannot have it unless his eldest brother decides to give it to him. Ms. ____ Banges (3) is a pureblood (born 1865). She is single. She was sorted into the ____ house. As the eldest daughter and third-born of Mr. and Mrs. Banges, she is keen on getting married and moving up to the upper class in order to prove her worth to her elder brothers. Ms.______ Banges (4) is a pureblood. (born 1867). She is single. She was in the Ravenclaw house. Mr.______ Banges (5) is a pureblood (born 1868). He is the fifth born child to Mr. and Mrs. Banges and has a twin sister. He was sorted into the Gryffindor house. Ms.____ Banges (6) is a pureblood (born 1868). She is single though has developed many crushes over the years. She is the sixth born to Mr. and Mrs. Banges and has a twin brother. She was sorted into the Ravenclaw house.

    The BEAMISH Family
    — Upper Class —
    Mr. Oswald Beamish is a pureblood (born 1850). He is a handsome gentleman, but is much too busy with his own interests to be bothered with finding a wife. This does not stop women from attempting to catch his attention, however, thanks to his inherited large bank account. When he attended Hogwarts, he was sorted into ______. His goal is to be a pioneer of goblin rights.

    The CROUCH Family
    — Upper Class —
    Mr. @Aldous Crouch (1) is a  pureblood (born 1855) and was his sister's official guardian after the passing of their parents in 1877, a tragic accident shortly after the family moved to Hogsmeade. He was sorted into Slytherin and is a respected figure in the Ministry. Mr. @Roman Crouch (2) is a pureblood (born 1858) and has high ambitions within the Ministry and as such was a Slytherin in his time at Hogwarts. Mr. @Reuben Crouch (3) is a pureblood (born 1858) and the shame of his twin brother. He is very liberal and is unprejudiced like his brothers. He was sorted into Gryffindor while at Hogwarts. He wanted to play Quidditch professionally for a career but had the resistance of his brothers to contend with. Mrs. @November Malfoy is a pureblood (born 1864) who was sorted into Ravenclaw. She is very studious and often overlooked in the family as she is more passive than her brothers. After falling into an unrequited love with a muggleborn, she eventually married a respectable pureblood.

    The DERVISH Family
    — Middle Class —

    Mr. ____ Dervish is a pureblood (born 1846). He is currently single, though unhappily so. His father founded Dervish and Banges with Mr. Banges, who later married Mr. Dervish's elder sister. Before their father retired and moved to the countryside, he handed his half-ownership of the shop over to his son. When he attended Hogwarts he was sorted into the ____ house. After the fire of 1884 destroyed his shop, he and his partner were unable to repair the damage and had to take on a silent partner.

    The de MONTMORENCY Family
    — Middle Class —

    Ms. Laverne de Montmorency is a halfblood (born 1823). During her time at Hogwarts, she was a Ravenclaw and a prodigy in the potions classroom. She was in love with and betrothed to an upper class wizard in her youth with the help of a love potion but felt guilty at the last minute and did not marry him. He left her and she has yet to fall in love again, instead preferring to brew and sell love potions which she has grown famous for.

    The DODDERIDGE Family
    — Lower Class —

    Ms. Damara Dodderidge, Ms. ____ Dodderidge (1) and Ms. ____ Dodderidge (2) are all halfbloods (born 1862) who are former Gryffindors. Their mother died giving birth to them. Recently, they have all met the same man and fallen in love with him though they don't realize they're all in love with the same person. The three are prone to fighting between themselves but are very close otherwise.

    The FILCH Family
    — Lower Class —

    Mr.____ Filch is a pureblood (born 1842). He was sorted into ____ when he attended Hogwarts. He is not legally married to the mother of his children, but few are aware of this as they function as if they were married. @'Ms. Muriel Filch' is a halfblood (born 1847) and cohabits with her cousin. She was sorted into the ____ house but dropped out of school during her fourth year because of her pregnancy. She practices dark magic and has accidentally caused the death of two of her children. Ms. ____ Filch is a halfblood (born 1862) sorted into the Hufflepuff house, but did not finish her schooling squib. She fell in love with a member of the upper class and bore his child. Since giving it up to a relative of his (and making an Unbreakable Vow that she will not ever speak of it), she has been missing. Mr. ____ Filch (1) is a halfblood (born 1864) sorted into the Ravenclaw house. His strong grades allowed him to finish his Hogwarts education. The identity of his father is a cause of debate between his parents. Mr. ____  Filch (2) is a halfblood (born 1866). He was sorted into Hufflepuff but dropped out during his fourth year to work as an apprentice instead. Mr. ____ Filch (3) is a halfblood (born 1869) who is a member of the ____ house. Ms._____ Filch (2) is a halfblood (born 1870) and the baby of the family. She was sorted into Slytherin.

    The GALATEA Family
    — Lower Class —

    Mr._____ Galatea is a pureblood (born 1849). He has been married since 1865. He does not have any schooling. Mrs. _____ Galatea is a muggleborn (born 1850). The marriage has been shaky since the beginning, as the couple had met at the age of 15 upon the street. The two had a tryst that lasted only a week, but a few months later Mrs. Galatea figured out that she was with child. A private marriage ceremony was quickly held and the two buckled down and tried to be the best parents they could. Ms. @Galatea Merrythought is a halfblood (born 1865). She is single though hopes to better herself in order to care for her parents so that they might not need to work. She was sorted into the Slytherin house and has a very strong knack for Defence Against the Dark Arts. In 1884, she discovered that due to a birth certificate mix-up her official name is Galatea Merrythought, rather than the other way around.

    The GAUNT Family
    — Lower Class —

    Due to generations of inbreeding, members of the Gaunt family are not certain to be mentally sound. Mr. ____ Gaunt (1) was a pureblood (born 1843). His wife died in childbirth, leaving him to attempt to raise their son alone. He believed very strongly in pureblood supremacy, and believed the fact that he is descended from Salazar Slytherin made him better than many members of the upper class. When he attended Hogwarts, he was sorted into Slytherin. He died in 1884 of the laughing plague. Mr. Marvolo Gaunt is a pureblood (born 1870). He started Hogwarts in September of 1881, and was sorted into Slytherin. He is a parseltongue and is betrothed to his cousin, Ms. @Morgana Gaunt (3). She is a pureblood (born 1872), and a parseltongue. Her parents are Mr. _____ Gaunt (2), a pureblood (born 1846); and Mrs. ______ Gaunt (5) also a pureblood (born 1854). Mr. Gaunt was sorted into Slytherin but Mrs. Gaunt did not attend Hogwarts. While Mr. Gaunt possesses his family's gift of parseltongue, Mrs. Gaunt cannot speak parseltongue, having married into the Gaunt family, and is frequently nervous when her husband and children converse with snakes. Other than Ms. Gaunt (3), they have two other children: Mr._____ Gaunt (3), a pureblood and parseltongue (born 1875), and Ms._____ Gaunt (2), a pureblood and parseltongue (born 1877).

    The HONEYDUKE Family
    — Middle Class —

    Mr. @Quincey Honeyduke is a muggleborn (born 1857). He is single. When he attended Hogwarts he was sorted into the Hufflepuff house. Right after he finished his schooling, he opened up a small shop in Diagon Alley to sell wizarding sweets and treats. With the loss of a good part of the population in London in favor of Hogsmeade, he decided it was in his best interest to move his shop. Ever since, his shop has begun to thrive as his candy's flavors and novelty have begun to improve.

    — Lower Class —

    Mr. ____ Hooch (1) is a halfblood (born 1837). He was sorted into the ____ house and excelled in quidditch. He was a professional player until he had a terrible accident during a game which resulted in his having his left leg amputated. Mrs. ____ Hooch is a muggleborn (born 1846). She was sorted into the ____ house. She is an insatiable flirt and constantly a source of vexation to her husband. Ms._____ Hooch (1) is a halfblood (born 1865) who was in the _____ house. She has proven to be a talented flier. Mr._____ Hooch (2) is a halfblood (born 1868). He was sorted into ____. Ms. ____ Hooch (2) is a halfblood (born 1870) who was sorted into ____. Ms. ____ Hooch (3) is a halfblood (born 1872) who intentionally failed out of her second year of school. Mr. ____ Hooch (3) is a halfblood (born 1876)who relentlessly attempts to steal his father's broom.

    The LOVEGOOD Family
    — Upper Class —

    Mr. @Orlando Lovegood is a pureblood (born 1855). He was married in October of 1881. While he is only attracted to men, he does not want this knowledge to be revealed to society. He had a wife for appearance’s sake, though she was aware of his secret. When he attended Hogwarts, he was sorted into ____. Currently, his younger siblings live with him in the home he has purchased in Wellingtonshire. Ms. @Adelia Lovegood is a pureblood (born 1860). She was engaged to a man of the upper class, but the engagement was later broken. She is aware of her brother's sexuality. When she attended Hogwarts she was sorted into _____. Ms. Olive Lovegood was a pureblood (born 1865). She was sorted into Ravenclaw. After a pornography scandal erupted involving her, she was removed from school. She died in 1883, from complications of a miscarriage. Mr. @Andren Lovegood is a pureblood (born 1867). He is currently single, although due to his good looks and charming personality, he had many girls at Hogwarts fawning over him. He was sorted into Hufflepuff.

    The OAKBY Family
    — Upper Class —

    Mr._____ Oakby is a pureblood (born 1844). He was once married, though his wife ran off and left him for another woman after 13 years of marriage. The subject is taboo and he speaks of her as if she died. Ms. _____ Oakby is a halfblood (born 1868). She is single. When she was sorted at Hogwarts she was put into the ______ house. Ms. ____ Oakby is a halfblood (born late in 1872). She is single. She is a squib, and many feel this is most likely so due to the traumatic event of her mother's leaving.

    The OLLIVANDER Family
    — (Mostly) Middle Class —

    Their father, Gerbold Ollivander, died in a fire that engulfed their shop in the summer of 1884.  Mr. @Gervaise Ollivander is a pureblood (born 1853). He is single. When he attended Hogwarts, he was sorted into_____.  He inherited the London branch of the shop. Mr. @Grayson Ollivander is a pureblood (born 1854). He is single. When he attended Hogwarts, he was sorted into_____.  He inherited the Hogsmeade branch of the shop. Mrs. @Violet MacFusty is a pureblood (born 1860). She married a man of the upper class in 1883. When she attended Hogwarts, she was sorted into Ravenclaw. Her mother died in childbirth with her her father and brother's blamed Violet for it.

    The QUIRRELL Family
    — Lower Class —

    Mr.  ____ Quirrell is a muggleborn (born 1847) and former Hufflepuff. He cannot seem to hold down employment as he is careless and a liability. Mrs. _____ Quirrell is a halfblood (born 1849) who was sorted into Ravenclaw. She is very resentful of her husband and treats him cruelly. Mr. ____ Quirrell (1) is a halfblood (born 1866) who was a student of ____ house. Ms. ____ Quirrell is a halfblood (born 1869) who was sorted into the _____ house.  Mr. @Ignatius Quirrell (2) is a halfblood (born 1871). He was sorted into ____ house.

    The SCAMANDER Family
    — Upper Class —

    Mr. @Eugene Scamander is a pureblood (born 1853). He was sorted into Hufflepuff when he attended Hogwarts. He has been married since 1878 to Mrs. ----- Scamander, who is a pureblood (born 1860). She was also sorted into Hufflepuff. She has a great passion for magical creatures and it was after the death of their first child that she took to raising and breeding hippogriffs in her spare time.

    — Upper Class —

    Mr. Silas Scrivenshaft is an upper class halfblood (born 1848). He is single. When he attended Hogwarts, he was sorted into ____. A few years after finishing school, he started up his own quill shop in his home. Once Hogsmeade became a popular place to live, he set up shop there and has been perfecting his business of quill making ever since. His shop has done so well that he was able to rise to the Upper Class, though raised quite a few eyebrows when he married a farmer’s daughter in 1884.

    The SMITH Family
    — Upper Class —

    Mr. ______ Smith is a pureblood (born 1821). During his time at Hogwarts he was sorted into Slytherin and is a practitioner of dark magic. He is very wealthy and likes to spend his time collecting wizarding antiques and objects of interest to him. He is currently on his third marriage and has not been fortunate enough to father any living children yet. His wife, Mrs. Hepzibah Smith is a pureblood (born 1864) and fancies herself to be a renowned beauty. She was a Hufflepuff when she attended Hogwarts and boasts that she is a descendant of the founder, Helga Hufflepuff.

    The TATTING Family
    — Middle Class —

    Mr.____ Tatting (1) is a halfblood (born 1842). When he attended Hogwarts, he was sorted into Hufflepuff. Mrs._____ Tatting (née Twilfit) is a pureblood (born 1856). She has been married since 1874. When she attended Hogwarts she was sorted into Ravenclaw. After finishing school, she decided to open up a wizard dress shop with her twin sister. Together, the two sisters co-own, run, sew and create everything in the shop. Mr. ____ Tatting (2) is a halfblood (born 1875). He is single though aspires to one day marry a woman exactly like his mother. He has a twin brother sister, Miss _____ Tatting who is also a halfblood (born 1875). She is single and shows more interest in toys and candy than anything else.

    The TRELAWNEY Family
    — Lower Class —

    Ms. @Cassandra Trelawney is a lower class halfblood (born 1858). Her father was a muggle man who belonged to the military. He was killed in combat and never knew that he had a daughter. She was able to attend Hogwarts up until her fifth year and was sorted into _____. Her strong visions and prophecies brought too much attention to her and she could not be left alone by her classmates who wanted to know their own futures. She is regarded as a very gifted and famous Seer, despite her attempts at anonymity. She is slowly working at coming to terms with her gift, although she still tries to discourage people from seeking her out. In 1885, she gave birth to an illegitimate son. Her family is a complicated one.

    The TWILFIT Family
    — Middle Class —

    Ms._____ Twilfit is a middle class pureblood (born 1856). She is single. When she attended Hogwarts, she was sorted into Ravenclaw. After finishing school, she searched for a Middle Class or Upper Class husband though none were interested. Instead, she decided to open up a wizard dress shop with her twin sister who was fortunate enough to find a husband. Together, the two sisters co-own, run, sew and create everything in the shop.

    The WAFFLING Family
    — Middle Class —

    Mr. Adalbert Waffling is a pureblood (born 1852) who was a Ravenclaw when he attended Hogwarts school. He was recognized as a gifted student at Hogwarts and spends a large majority of his time working on his theories of magic. He has a considerable amount of money which allows him to concentrate on his experiments and hypotheses at his leisure. Ms. @Lenora Waffling is a pureblood (born 1859) who was considerably less fortunate than her older brother who appears to have inherited all the intellect. She is very beautiful but not ideal for an intelligent conversation. She was sorted into Hufflepuff.

    The WEASLEY Family
    — Middle Class —

    Mr. ______ Weasley is a pureblood (born 1853). Is married, though previously was revealed in the papers to have been briefly involved with a half-vampire. When he attended Hogwarts, he was sorted into Gryffindor. His twin brother, Mr. @Catigern Weasley (2) is also a pureblood (born 1853). He is married to another pureblood and they are expecting their fourth child.

    The WELLBELOVED Family
    — Upper Class —

    Mrs. Dorcas Wellbeloved is a halfblood widow (born 1813) whose younger sister was treated very poorly by her husband which resulted in her death. Combined with her own poisonous marriage, she was encouraged her to set up the Society for Distressed Witches. She is very much a feminist which has earned her ostracism from a number of upper class social circles. The rumor that she poisoned her husband is unproved but many choose to believe it. She was sorted into the ____ house at Hogwarts. Her niece, Ms. ____ Wellbeloved is a halfblood (born 1849) and is fiercely independent. She was sorted into Gryffindor. She acts as a companion to her aging aunt and has an illegitimate son whose existence is not public knowledge. Mr. ____ Wellbeloved is a halfblood (born 1877) who lives a solitary childhood without any interaction with other children. He is a morose child and it's currently in debate what is to be done with him when he gets his Hogwarts letter.

    The WOODCROFT Family
    — Middle Class —

    Descendants of the original founder of Hogsmeade. Mr._____ Woodcroft (1) is a halfblood (born 1835). He was sorted into ____ when he attended Hogwarts. Though born in a Hogsmeade that was little more than a hamlet, he relocated after graduating from school, only to return in 1875 when his father died and left him The Three Broomsticks. Shortly after people started pouring into the village in 1877, he gambled away the family inn. Mrs. ____ Woodcroft (2) is a muggleborn (born 1842). She was sorted into the ____ house. Mr. ____ Woodcroft (3) is a halfblood (born 1861) who is an alumnus of ____ house. He feels the Three Broomsticks is his rightful inheritance and is very bitter over the loss of it. He is currently in dispute with his father over the matter and hasn't spoken to him for months. Ms. @Pauline Woodcroft (4) is a halfblood (born 1867) who is currently in ____ house. She resents her brother, Mr. Woodcroft (3), for causing rifts in the family and refuses to speak with him. Ms. @Emmeline Woodcroft (5)[/b] is a halfblood (born 1870) who was sorted into the ____ house. She admires her brother despite everything and meets up with him whenever she can.


    The following characters all currently reside in Irvingly, though magical residents may work elsewhere at your discretion!

    BACKGROUND: The Ingrahm family's father/husband died in a textile factory accident in Dundee. All of the men that were fifteen and older (excepting those in the Hitchens and Dursley families) worked in the factory with Mr. Ingrahm. The Ingrahm widow and children were treated poorly and factory conditions were not improved despite the obvious need for better safety regulations. There was a big falling out because the town didn't want to upset the factory owners and risk the factory being shut down instead - which was the village's sole means of livelihood. The six families were blackmailed until they were finally shunned out of their village for lack of support of their cause. They left together and wandered until they were far enough away where they felt safe - Irvingly was created during the beginning of April in 1882, though they were on the road for nearly four months before that.

    The DURSLEY Family
    — Middle Class —

    Mr. _____ Dursley (1) is a muggle (born 1840).  He is the man responsible for and the rector of the Church of St. Fergus. His wife, Mrs. _____ Dursley, is also a muggle (born 1846). Her brother was a muggleborn married to a witch; after they died in June of 1883, the family moved to Irvingly so that the children could continue to be raised in a semi-magical environment. Ms. _____ Dursley (born 1866) is the daughter of the above, and a muggle.  She resents the move to Irvingly, and dislikes her cousins for it. Her brother, Mr. _____ Dursley (2), is also a muggle (born 1870).  He considers Irvingly to be one big adventure. Their cousins live with them, and are Mr. _____ _____ (1) (a halfblood born 1867), Ms. _____ _____ (a halfblood born 1869), and Mr. _____ _____ (2) (a squib born 1872).

    The GIBBLE Family
    — Lower Class —

    Mr. _____ Gibble (1) is a year old muggle (born 1853).  He lives currently with his cousins, Mr. _____ Gibble (born 1857), distrustful of the magic users, and Mr. _____ Gibble (3) (born 1859)  All three are single.  Also living with them is Ms. _______ Gibble (born 1866), who is a sister to Mr. Gibble (2).  She was very dissatisfied with life in the wilds, and is thrilled that the Ministry has provided her family with proper homes.  She fancies the idea of perhaps marrying a wizard.

    The HITCHENS Family
    — Middle Class —

    Mr. Bob Hitchens is a muggle (born 1850) who lived in London until marrying his wife in December of 1882.  The two currently live in Irvingly on land purchased from the Ministry; Iola also rents additional land in Salem Square. Mrs. Iola Hitchens (born 1857) is the younger sister of Phineas and Elladora Black.  She is pureblooded, and was disowned by her family for marrying a muggle.  She has been known to write progressive columns for The Daily Prophet under a penname. When she attended Hogwarts, she was sorted into the Slytherin house.

    The ILKIN Family
    — Lower Class —

    Mr. _____ Ilkin (born 1851) is a muggle, and the unofficial leader of the Irvingly band.  His wife, Mrs. ______ Ilkin, is a muggle with a strong personality (born 1858).  They have four children, including Ms. ______Ilkin (born 1873), Mr. _____ Ilkin (2) (born 1876),  Mr. _____ Ilkin (3) (born 1877), and Miss _____ Ilkin (2) (born 1880).

    The INGRAHM Family
    — Lower Class —

    Mrs. ____ Ingrahm is a muggle (born 1847).  Her husband died in a factory incident, and she was denied his owed wages after his death, putting a strain on her family and prompting the Irvingly group's falling out with factory owners. Rather than live too closely with the wizards, Mrs. Inghram decided to found a small farm in Hawthorne Hollow. Ms. _____ Ingrahm is a muggle (born 1866).  She is single.  Mr. _____ Ingrahm (born 1870) is a muggle with high personal aspirations.  He is single.

    The NORTHDROP Family
    — Lower Class —

    Mr. _____ Northdrop is a muggle (born 1857).  His wife, Mrs. _____ Northdrop, is also a muggle (born 1858). Though she was born to a doctor, she married far beneath her family's expectations.  Though she adores her husband, she sometimes wonders if she made the right decision.

    The ROHLWING Family
    — Lower Class —

    Mr. @Jeremy Rohlwing is a muggle (born 1855).  He went blind in 1885.  His twin sister, Ms. _____ Rohlwing, is also a muggle.  Her fiancée died in the same fashion as Mr. Ingrahm, three years prior, and she has never quite gotten over the loss. Mr. @Josiah Rohlwing (2) (born 1860) is a muggle and brother to the above.  He is single. Mrs. _____ _____(née Rohlwing) (born 1866) is a muggle and sister to the above. She married a wizard under the influence of Amortentia. Mr. ____ Rohlwing (3) (born 1872) is a muggleborn and brother to the above.  He is a Gryffindor at Hogwarts, and lives with his married sister and her husband when not at school.

    The VIRGOT Family
    — Lower Class —

    Mr. _____ Virgot is a muggle (born 1860). His fiance, Ms. _____  Virgot, is a muggle (born 1865) and his second cousin.  The two live together out of wedlock, and are unsure after all the upheaval when they will be able to marry.


    The following characters all currently reside in London, though magical residents may work elsewhere at your discretion!

    The ABBOTT Family
    — Lower Class —

    Mrs. _____ Abbott is a pureblood (born 1850). She was widowed in 1881, and her husband’s death was the push she needed to pursue her dream career as an auror. It took her three years to be accepted into the training program. Her son, Mr. _____ Abbott (1), is a halfblood (born 1870). He does not support his mother’s career choices because he worries she will die and leave him to care for his siblings alone. He was sorted into Hufflepuff. Ms. @Abigale Abbott is a halfblood (born 1873). She was sorted into _____. She is a twin to Mr. _____ Abbott (2), who was sorted into _____.

    The BLACK Family
    — Upper Class —

    Ms. @Elladora Black is a pureblood (born 1850). She is single and is generally considered an old maid who passed her prime a decade ago. When she attended Hogwarts, she was sorted into the Slytherin house. She lives with her brother, sister, sister-in-law and nephew and has started a tradition of beheading house elves once they get too old to carry tea trays. Mr. @Phineas Black is a pureblood (born 1847). He was married in 1876. When he attended Hogwarts, he was sorted into the Slytherin house. He is currently employed at Hogwarts as the Headmaster. He is snide and sarcastic and thinks very small of the feelings and problems of others, especially those who are young. The young, in his opinion, are extremely selfish and bothersome.  His wife, Mrs. @Ursula Black (Flint) is a pureblood (born 1857). When she attended Hogwarts, she was sorted into Slytherin. Their relationship is strained due to an incident of infidelity on Ursula's part which lead to the birth of a second child which they believe to be deceased. The couple have three sons and a daughter so far. Mr. Sirius Black, a pureblood (born 1877), Mr. Phineas Algernon Black, a pureblood (born February 6th, 1883) secretly fathered by the former Minister of Magic, Darcy Potter, whose protruding ears he has inherited, Mr. Arcturus Black (born July 28th, 1884), a pureblood, and Miss Belvina Black, a pureblood (born 1886) who is also secretly illegitimate. Phineas and Elladora did have a younger sister, Iola Hitchens, but she was disowned for marrying a muggle.

    The BLOTT Family
    — Middle Class —

    Mr. _____ Blott (1) is halfblood (born 1812). He inherited Flourish & Blotts after his father’s death, just like his firstborn will inherit it from him. He is very good friends with his business partner. He is widowed. His eldest son, _____ Blott (2), is also a middle-class halfblood (born 1850). While at Hogwarts, he was sorted into Ravenclaw. He was good friends with _____ Flourish until they fell in love with the same woman and Flourish married her; now the two do not speak and Blott does not work in the shop as a result. He is single.

    The BORGIN Family
    — Middle Class —

    Mr. _____ Borgin (1) is a pureblood (born 1800). He co-founded, and currently co-owns, Borgin & Burkes. He is a blood purist. While at Hogwarts, he was sorted into Slytherin. His three adult sons (Mr. ____ Borgin (2), born 1833; Mr. ____ Borgin (3), born 1840; and Mr. ____ Borgin (2), born 1844) all work at the shop, though he has not decided which of them will inherit yet. His second wife, Mrs. _____ Borgin, is a pureblood (born 1850). While at Hogwarts, she was sorted into Hufflepuff. She has attempted repeatedly and through various methods to kill her much-loathed husband, but to no avail. Miss @Beatrix Borgin is a middle-class pureblood (born 1872). She is currently in Ravenclaw and betrothed to Mr. Burke (2). Mr. _____ Borgin (2) (born 1874) is anxiously awaiting his turn to attend Hogwarts—though has yet to show any magic, and may prove to be a squib.

    The BURKE Family
    — Middle Class —

    Mr. ________  Burke (1) is a middle-class pureblood (born 1843). He is co-owner of Borgin & Burke’s, which was co-founded by his father. He is a blood purist. While at Hogwarts, he was in Slytherin. Mrs. _____ Burke is also a middle-class pureblood (born 1847). After experiencing several miscarriages and stillbirths, she is incredibly protective over her only living child. Mr. _____ Burke is a middle-class pureblood (born 1870). He has always been a rather sickly lad. He is in Slytherin, and is betrothed to Miss Borgin.

    The FLOURISH Family
    — Middle Class —

    Mrs. ______ Flourish (1) is a muggleborn (born 1830). She inherited her share of Flourish & Blott from her late husband. While at Hogwarts, she was in Gryffindor. She is widowed. Her eldest son, Mr. _____ Flourish (1), will inherit from her, and is greatly involved in the running of the shop. He and Blott (2) no longer speak. He is a middle-class halfblood (born 1849). While at Hogwarts, he was sorted into Gryffindor. His wife, Mrs. _____ Flourish (2), is a middle-class pureblood (born 1853). Miss _____ Flourish is their eldest child (born 1872). She is very displeased that one of her brothers will likely inherit over her. They also have two sons, Mr. ____ Flourish (2) (born 1874) and Mr. _____ Flourish (3) (born 1878).

    The FUDGE Family
    — Middle Class —

    Mr. _____ Fudge (1) is middle-class halfblood (born 1839). While at Hogwarts, he was in Hufflepuff. He founded Fudge & Son Desserterie after his eldest finished at Hogwarts, and the shop has since become a third child. Mrs. _____ Fudge is his wife, a middle-class muggleborn (born 1843). She was also in Hufflepuff, though only finished her fifth year. She dropped out to marry, having been quite taken with her husband since she began her schooling. Mr. _____ Fudge (2) is a middle-class halfblood (born 1860). He is single. He happily co-founded his father’s business, and would not dream of working anywhere else. While at Hogwarts, he was in Hufflepuff. Miss @Florence Fudge is a middle-class halfblood (born 1868). She is single. She’s a rather plump young lady, tending to sample most everything sold in the family shop. She is in Hufflepuff.

    The PILLIWICKLE Family
    — Lower Class —

    Mr. @Justus Pilliwickle is a halfblood (born 1862). A bastard, he has neither met nor sought out his father, and threw himself into his work in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement after his mother, Pandora’s, murder in 1883. While at Hogwarts, he was in Gryffindor. He is single.

    — Middle Class —

    Mr. ____  Primpernelle is a widower and muggleborn (born 1835). He was in ____ house during his school days. His wife contracted a particularly nasty case of dragonpox and perished in 1872. Ms. ____ Primpernelle is a halfblood (born 1862). She was in the ____ house and has aspirations of opening up her own shop dedicated to the production and sale of beauty-related potions. She was thought to have been murdered in April of 1883, but this turned out not to be the case.  Mr. _____ Primpernelle (2) is a halfblood (born 1865) and was in the ____ house. He currently is entertaining a crush on two different girls, but neither knows about the other.


    Unless otherwise specified, all families below may live anywhere in the British Isles (including the locations listed above!)

    The BAGMAN Family
    — Lower Class —

    Mr. ____ Bagman is a lower class muggleborn (born 1850). He is single. When he attended Hogwarts he was sorted into Slytherin. Although he managed to finish his NEWTs, he was unable to secure himself a respectable occupation.

    The BAGSHOT Family
    — Middle Class —

    Ms. Bathilda Bagshot is a pureblood (born 1831). She was sorted into Ravenclaw when she attended Hogwarts and has never married. As a student, she took a great interest in History of Magic and since graduating, has devoted her life to researching and archiving historic wizarding events. She hopes to record it all in a book one day. Mr. ______ Bagshot is a pureblood (born 1834). He is an alumnus of Ravenclaw like his sister. Mrs. ________ Bagshot his wife, is a pureblood and former Gryffindor (born 1843). They have a married daughter, Mrs. Grindelwald, who is currently living in Eastern Europe.

    The BINNS Family
    — Middle Class —

    Mr. Cuthbert Binns is a muggleborn (born 1856). He is single. While at Hogwarts, he was sorted into Ravenclaw. He has always been rather single-minded, and is completely married to his historical research—in spite of his sister’s best efforts to see him settled. Miss _____ Binns is his only sibling, and is also a muggleborn (born 1860). She is single, and resides with her brother. Rather than focus on finding herself a husband, much of her romantic efforts are spent trying to find him a wife.

    The DIPPET Family
    — Upper Class —

    Mr. @Armando Dippet is a pureblood (born in 1637). He was in the ________ house while at Hogwarts and secured exceptional NEWT results. Ms. @Ophelia Dippet is a halfblood and his descendant (born 1864). She has become his ward since her father died a year ago in an accident involving an enraged manticore.

    The DUMBLEDORE Family
    — Middle Class —

    Mr. Percival Dumbledore is a pureblood (born 1843). He is not a blood purist. His sister, Ms. Honoria Dumbledore, lives with his family. She is also a pureblood (born 1849). Though once engaged to a wizard in the Improper Use of Magic Office, she called it off after catching him fondling some Horklumps, claiming he was simply unfeeling. She is a blood purist and a skilled painter, though is unlikely to work. Mrs. Kendra Dumbledore is a muggleborn (born 1851). Though she can be rather overbearing at times, her marriage to Percival is a happy one. Mr. Albus Dumbledore is a halfblood (born 1881). The couple have two more children, Aberforth (1884) and Ariana (1885). The family resides in Mould-on-the-Wold

    The FLAMEL Family
    — Upper Class —

    Mr. Nicolas Flamel is an accomplished alchemist born in 1327. He is the only alchemist known to actually have achieved creation of the philosopher's stone. At a little over 550 years old, he has seen a great deal of the world and is starting to wind down in life. He and his wife live quietly despite their immortality and potentially inexhaustible wealth. Mrs. Perenelle Flamel was born in 1334, and the six year age difference between her husband and herself no longer matters. She loves her husband and is quite comfortable with him. They both are quite happy together, their unassuming lifestyle all that they desire.

    The GAMP Family
    — Middle Class —
    Mr. _____ Gamp was a pureblood (born 1854). He was married in 1877. When he attended Hogwarts he was sorted into the Slytherin house. He was murdered by a muggle in 1885. Mrs. _____ Gamp was a pureblood (born 1861). When she attended Hogwarts she was sorted into the Hufflepuff house. She was slight and had poor health, though she was able to survive the birth of the couple's first and only child. She died in 1884 of the Laughing Plague. Ms. @Hesper Gamp is a pureblood (born 1878). She is the light of her mother's life and is a very spoiled and demanding child.

    The HAGRID Family
    — Lower Class —

    Mr. ____ Hagrid (1) is a halfblood (born 1850). For financial reasons, he left Hogwarts after writing his OWLs. He stands several inches below average. Mrs. ____ Hagrid is a muggleborn (born 1856). She wrote her NEWTs and went on to become a healer before marrying. She stands several inches above average. They have two daughters, Miss _____ Hagrid (born 1875) and Miss _____ Hagrid (born 1877), as well as one son, Mr. _____ Hagrid (born 1879), all of which have inherited their father’s short stature.

    — Deceased Spirits —

    Nearly Headless Nick was born Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington in 1452, a muggleborn. While at Hogwarts, he was in Gryffindor. He was mostly beheaded on Halloween of 1492, after his efforts to magically repair the teeth of Lady Grieve saw him arrested when they went horribly awry. He is the house ghost for Gryffindor. The Fat Friar was born in 1374. While at Hogwarts, he was in Hufflepuff. He devoted his life to the clergy after leaving school, but was executed in 1427 when the church grew suspicious of his ability to cure the pox with a stick and his habit of pulling rabbits from the communion cup. He is the house ghost for Hufflepuff. The Grey Lady was born Helena Revenclaw in 984. While at Hogwarts, she was sorted into Ravenclaw, which her mother founded. She rejected the advances of all suitors, as none of them lived up to her lofty standards. Jealous of her mother, she stole her diadem and left Scotland, but was pursued by The Bloody Baron who killed her in 1014. It was not until after her mother’s passing that she returned to Hogwarts to serve as Ravenclaw’s house ghost. The Bloody Baron was born into a noble family in 982, a pureblood. While he was at Hogwarts, he was sorted into Slytherin. Having always loved Helena Ravenclaw, he was sent by her mother to retrieve her when she fled Scotland. In a fit of rage, when she refused to return to Britain with him, he killed Helena and then himself. He is the house ghost for Slytherin.

    The SMETHWYK Family
    — Middle Class —

    Mr. Elliot Smethwyck is a halfblood (born 1799). In 1820, invented the Cushioning Charm. His wife passed away delivering their only child, Ms. Leopoldina Smethwyck, in 1829. She was the first witch in Britain to referee a quidditch match in 1850. She still works as a referee, and uses her spare time to travel extensively. It is on one of her travels abroad that she took in Mr. _____ Smethwyck (born 1875), a halfblooded orphan. The trio plan to fly around the world when he completes his OWLs. The Smethwycks live in southern Britain.

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