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The Language of the Flowers was a popular method to express feelings where words might be improper, but did you know other means of doing so? Some ladies used their parasols, as well as their fans, gloves, and hankies to flirt with a gentleman (or alternatively, tell them to shove it!). — Bree ( Submit your own)
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This boy, then. He wasn't new. Wasn't one of the worst people in the common room, those rotten rich boys - like Mr. Jailkeeper - who could not fathom a world beyond their own farts. Was a good working class lad, so he'd heard. Had a bit of a weird looking face, and a bit of a weird thing for preaching. Still.Aubrey Davis in The Under-Sofa
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Post 3+ times in three or more class threads during the course of a school year. Must all be done with the same character, be they a professor, student, or school portrait or ghost!


Hi my name is Beanie and it's now SUMMER, so I have a lot of time!

I like garbage people trying to shuffle the mess of their lives togethers, adultolescents who don't know what they really want, drama, spooky shit, and dysfunctional relationships. I don't like small talk threads. Hit a girl up.

Some other notes:
  • Skype is the best way to reach me. The entire staff team and a handful of other members can also contact me via phone or Facebook.
  • Coming soon: Miriam Trelawney, --- Devereaux.
  • Please post the link here if you make me a thread!

@August Echelon-Arnost | UCPB | 31 | 7 | Lawyer

Private lawyer, activist, and reluctant party-attender. Lyra Potter's baby daddy, but you don't know that. Related to the Echelons etc. You might know him through Leon or Thom, or you might know him because he used to work as a Ministry lawyer before getting in an accident that permanently damaged his leg.
Good for:
❧ Activism and lawyer-ing
❧ Pretending he actually understands Quidditch at Thom's parties
❧ Pretending his kid isn't his kid
❧ Being technically hurlable but like... good luck...
❧ Trying to get his family out of whatever bullshit scenarios they've managed to pull themselves into
August is currently open to new threads and plots.

@Cassius Lestrange | UCPB | 21 | 9 | Chudley Cannons Seeker
Extremely successful athlete and ostensibly my most depressed character. Lucius Lestrange's least favorite kid. Probably you either know him through Quidditch or Lestrange stuff, but other scenarios are equally possible.
Good for:
❧ Hallucinating in otherwise normal threads
❧ Being awkwardly famous in threads
❧ Trying to hit on Nora Abercrombie, which you may or may not want to ask him about
❧ Meddling in Ellory's personal life
❧ Quidditch and related subjects
❧ Lestranges and related subjects
❧ Ostensibly available for gay-hurling but like... good luck... even more good luck than August's whole deal...
Cash is currently open for new threads and plots

@Elliot Carmichael | UCHB | 29 | 8 | Divination Prof
A member of your favorite Welsh family, Elliot is mostly known for being a seer outside of his other engagements as a rich heir and a former Ministry employee. Would be a goth in 2018, but is instead a bit of a Romantic in terms of aesthetic.
Good for:
❧ Predicting your death or pretending to when he's annoyed.
❧ Teaching
❧ Avoiding eye contact at social gatherings
❧ Tarot card symbolism
❧ "Full of crows, full of crows, full of crows"
❧ Trying not to hit on Meri Reid and... failing...
❧ Awkward threads with former coworkers
❧ Being the weirdest member of his family
Elliot has a plot I'm in the process of getting off the ground - delayed by my garbage life - but is otherwise open for most threads and plots.

@Emma Macmillan | UCPB | 26 | 9 | Killian Macmillan's Wife
Cranky socialite and surprisingly maternal creature, Emma is related to all of your rich purebloods, probably. Judgmental binch who is involved in charitable society and likes a very short list of people. She's a delight, I promise.
Good for:
❧ Judgment at parties.
❧ Are you ableist? Make a comment about her deaf son and she'll cut you.
❧ Judgment at other social gatherings, but sometimes she's nice, I promise.
❧ #Pendermillan shenanigans
❧ Minnie Pendergast is Emma's favorite human, and she is trying to #hurl #her #sister. Let her judge your men. It'll be great.
❧  Currently seeking: The guy Emma was hooking up with in school from 1877-1878. Should be: kind of a dick, and prone to dramatic outbursts when upset, but otherwise super super open.  
Emma is currently open for new threads and plots.

@Lucinda Cavanaugh | MC->UCHB | 27 | 7 | Mrs. Cav
Notorious letter-writer and former personal assistant to Thom Pettigrew, Lucinda broke into the upper class but has never been entirely comfortable there. Her husband recently began to use a wheelchair, which adds to her insecurity. Her most comfortable scene is Quidditch.
Good for:
❧ Quidditch and quidditch-related shenanigans
❧ Having a lot of opinions
❧ Meddling in other people's lives
❧ Phoenix Society members and membership
❧ Snark
Luce is currently open for threads and plots.

@Arthur Pettigrew | MCPB | 29 | 5 | HOGSMEADE HOWLERS
British National Team captain turned Hogsmeade Howlers captain, Arthur is a recovered? human disaster, and if you're related you probably don't talk to him. Sorry. His best friend is Reuben Crouch and he is super happily married to Dezzie Pettigrew, but was a bit of a whore in his youth.
Good for:
❧ Poor life choices
❧  The hookup that made your character (of any gender) think 'holy shit, what am I doing with my life?'
❧  Quidditch. So much Quidditch. All I am is Quidditch.
❧  Being adjacent to Ben Crouch's poor life choices.
❧  Reformed? human disaster? antics?
❧  Loves his wife so much you guys
Art is currently open to new threads and plots.

@Justin Ross | MCHB | 41| 9 | MINISTER OF MAGIC
Lol this is Ross, he is the Minister, you probably know his name and his face IC. He's a Scottish halfblood. He also worked in MLE for a thousand years.
❧ He is a progressive politician and is good for... being the Minister... and everything that entails.
❧ I am particularly interested in plots about politics and politicking with him, and in turn-of-the-century progressivism.
❧ Ross is married to Roslyn nee Fisk, and they are very in love, and you almost definitely know a Fisk too.
❧ Ross and Ros only have two kids with a large gap between. Hm, I wonder what's up there! (It's birth control.)
❧  Networking is making me want to die.
Ross is currently open to new threads and plots.

@Malcolm MacFusty | MCHB | 30| 5 | DRAGONKEEPER
A MacFusty who spends a lot of time dealing with dragons, Mac is also married to a Van Helsing and a divorcee. So his rep is uh... not great... But overall, he's a chill dude, he does magizoology things.
Good for:
❧ Dragons
❧ Being surprisingly soft-spoken for a MacFusty
❧ Mac is currently working on breaking 'out' of dragonkeeping and 'in' to magizoology in general, because he would like to remain uneaten. I am very interested in plots of that nature at this time.
Mac is currently open for threads and plots.

@Rosaline Bennett | MCHB | 35| 8 | RAVENCLAW HOUSE MATRON
Russian speaker and Nik Sleptov's secret mistress, Rose would have been voted "most likely to be able to kick your ass" if Hogwarts professors had superlatives. She's a former pro duellist, spent some time living in America, and has been a widow 5ever.
Good for:
❧ Affair shenanigans
❧ Do you need a Russian speaker?
❧ Having dueling opinions
❧ Play her son, plz
Rose is currently open for threads and plots.

@Zelda Fisk | MCHB | 19| 8 | MA&C EMPLOYEE
One of my personal favorites, Zelly is the youngest of way too many children and really doesn't know what she's doing with her (personal) life. Her professional life is surprisingly together, though!
Good for:
❧ Being very awkward whenever being the Minister's sister-in-law gets her invited to parties
❧ Only being attracted to men who will end up upsetting her
❧  Getting herself into situations she really should have avoided, and yet
❧  Knowing a lot of complicated magic
Zelda is currently open for new threads and plots.

@Kieran Abernathy | WCHB | 26| 6 | CRIME & POLITICS REPORTER
Kieran is another favorite of mine. He's involved with Jude Abernathy's revolutionaries, a secret werewolf, and an intrepid reporter. I'm currently very interested in threads with revs, werewolves, and WCU folks. Kieran has also started reporting a lot on Morwenna's department, so hit me up if you work there!
Good for:
❧ Crash courses in snarky politics
❧ Drinking too much and getting punched in the face
❧  Anything and everything that occurs in the Augurey
❧  Being somewhere he shouldn't
Kieran is currently open for new threads and plots.


MJ made this!
thank you!
Thanks for picking up one of my wanted ads! Even though I'm not grabbing one of yours in exchange, I appreciate you lots, and therefore you are entitled to:
designate 3 "priority threads" at some point throughout the summer, which I will always reply to first when I am online, or
make 3 rapid-fire dates for the threads/scenarios of your choosing, where I will promise to be available and at your disposal for no fewer than two hours, or
— have me start up to five threads at some point throughout the summer for whichever character at whatever moment you desire,
— or any combination of the above. :D
♥ lynn
(if something died and you want it back hmu)
Does Not have a Single Active Thread -
@Cassius Lestrange
@Merriweather Mulciber
@Nicolina De Vries
@Rosaline Bennett

Do More Plz -
@Arthur Pettigrew
@August Echelon-Arnost
@Begonia Belby
@Elliot Carmichael
@Justin Ross
@Miriam Trelawney
@Sirius Black
@Winston Halbard

Already has plans but could use more threads maybe -
@Malcolm MacFusty
@Zelda Fisk I'm saving her for Fisk wedding stuff.
If we've already talked about a thread it's on my radar.
DO LESS - @Kieran Abernathy is closed for business

MJ made this!
I am down for more Jack/Cash shenanigans! Or any of my youth/Cash.
Also down for reviving Roberto/Nicolina which I think fell to me. I, too, have been crazy busy but am back.

@Cash, I can bring back Nora this month!

@Begonia I've got Hot Mess Febs, but idk if they're allowed to be friends rn XD

@Elliot, Mason desperately needs a thread? Yule ball being weirdos?

I've got Sloane for your students and/or Rose, actually she could use maternal-ish slap across the face, but she's staying for the holidays and idk if Rose is or not.

Miriam and Eva should be new bros?

[Image: xHD6EJ.png]
I can offer @Frida Lestrange for a thread with Merriweather about Kristoffer, because she's a little... concerned about him this year. It could be even more amusing because he's awkward with girls and she's just... awkward :P

Holly can interrogate Elliot about Divination class ("explain to me in... factual terms... what divination is.") since she's scouting out potential OWL classes for next year. Alternatively, I have three other Slytherins (Flora, Leah, Eldin) and a bunch of div students (Frida, Cameron, Justice, I think Aria?).

Bella/Arthur redux is always an option, and I'm not against a Helga/Begonia thread about Marlena's existence. There's always Aria/Begonia, too :P

Want to help ruin the social lives of your favorite characters? Contribute to Witch Weekly!
For Cassius:
Not sure if you're still up for doing something with him and Angel? I'm still down for lavender hurling if you are!

For Rosaline:
I have Usti ready and waiting for dramaz, if any dramaz is forthcoming. Also Connie for general drunk at the Yule Ball shenanigans.

For Miriam:
Cassie is fully trolling Bax and will likely want to tell Meer to make her feel better.

For Sirius:
Anytime you want an auntie Ella thread just holler.

For Begonia:
So obvs I will make arrangements to give you my kidney in exchange for some more Begonia/Lena. We could do something up to date, where they're sort of awkwardly talking about Febby being Febby, or something in the past again that's more cupboard orientated ;) or both, we could do both

Alternatively I also have Kons for hurling times but she might be a bit scandal-adjacent. Then again, he'd be one to talk.
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