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Practice Makes Perfect
May 15th, 1890 - Hogwarts Pitch
@Atticus Lilywick

Though the team had been having a pretty good season, and Sloane her best yet, she didn't want to slack and take it for granted. She had no doubts that the other teams were still practicing hard and she rather thought she needed to keep up. Maybe that was her father's influence hanging over her head, the coach side, telling her to keep up, or maybe it was an internal drive keeping her going, but she wasn't going to take it easy. Not to mention practicing on her own, minus any distractions tended to work out better for her in the long run.

It was probably closer to dinner time by the time a chilled Sloane touched back down mostly satisfied with the practice she'd done. The rolls Rufus had been attempting to teach her were finally becoming second nature and she hoped to have them mastered sooner rather than later. Tossing a fraying braid over her shoulder, Sloane landed deftly, legs a little shaky from being on the broom for so long. Sinking down the the grass of the pitch, Sloane took a few minutes to catch her breath. The sun was low in the sky and it reminded her of another time she'd been out near dark. The thought pulled a grimace to her features and she sighed. Miserable, ugh. This was not that memories she wanted to float to the surface when she was trying to enjoy some alone time on the pitch.

Thankfully this time the silhouette crossing the pitch seemed to be that of the flight instructor and Sloane quickly scrambled to her feet. "Sorry Coach I was just heading in!" She assured him, brushing her hair from her face. She didn't think he cared too much, but she probably was pushing it a little late after all.

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   Atticus Lilywick

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There was nothing worse than being cooped up inside all day. For someone like Atticus it almost felt like punishment; perhaps even the adult version of detention. After hours of struggling to word some family addressed letters correctly and subsequently ruining an amass of parchment, it came as a relief to him to find some relaxation in finally going outside. Freshly waxed broom in hand, and slightly chilled breeze in his hair, Atti let out a sigh of relief as he eagerly exited the castle and strolled towards the pitch. There was no doubt in his mind that some good rounds around the field would help ease the small headache he’d given himself. It had always done the trick when studying got too hard as a student… Which had been quite frequent.

However it came as a surprise to him to see a small figure sitting alone on the grass as he approached. He debated giving the student some space and peace of mind, as he could very easily relate to the calming effects of the pitch, until the figure that came into view revealed itself to be one Ms. Bixby. An eager spitfire that easily gave the boys a run for their money, but alas burdened by her gender in the fact that anyone stricter might not be so keen on spotting her out alone as the evening started to settle in.

Her caught off guard scramble was amusing, and Atticus did his best to hide his entertained smirk as he walked up to her. “No need to apologize Ms. Bixby,” His tall frame towering over the third year, “I can hardly judge.” He gave a slight head nod towards the direction of the broom in his hand to show he'd had the same idea. The conversation probably would have ended there had he not noticed the slight wobble of flying legs as the young girl stood. “Practicing hard I see.” Atti smiled proudly down at the girl, before sitting down on the grass next to where Ms. Bixby had previously been seated. “You should take a few more minutes. Trust me when I say you’ll feel it tomorrow if you don’t.” While a smile adorned his face as he patted the grass next to him, Atticus’ eyes basically spelt out a firm ‘SIT’.

“Is everything alright? You’re out here quite late.” While being genuine, Atticus found himself wondering how well he could assist a teen girl with problems if it veered anywhere past the realm of Quidditch.

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Sloane always enjoyed that Mr. Lilywick seemed to just get it. No need to rush off the pitch, no need to explain why she was there, though he did ask, she suspected he'd take any answer she tossed his way- which would certainly not be the truth. Of course she knew she shouldn't loiter here for too long, she sunk back down to the grass as he did, though an acceptable distance away.

He was right, the tough practice she'd just put herself through would likely leave her sore tomorrow, but it was that good kind of sore that meant she was making progress, so she was alright with it. "Oh nothing much. My brother was teaching me some rolls that I haven't quite gotten the hang of, I was just trying to work on them." Never mind that she was using the extra practice as a means to avoid the common room. He didn't need to know that, nope. Not to mention, Sloane was pretty sure Mr. Lilywick didn't want to hear about teenage girl drama either.

"Been a good season for me so far, would hate to get lazy." She added, hoping that it would solidify her case.

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An appreciative smile played across Atti’s face as the young girl explained that she’d just been wanting to perfect some of her Quidditch moves. “If only everyone took the game as seriously as you do Ms. Bixby.” He chuckled, although his voice was laced with a wistful tone at the idea of seeing gameplay from fully dedicated squads within the houses. He supposed that was what the professional league was for in the grand scheme of things though, as most students were probably just in it for the excitement and chasing an adrenaline rush.

“That it has.” He added in agreement with Ms. Bixby of her exceptional season thus far, when a thought suddenly crossed his mind at her words. “If you’d ever like help with any of your flying or gameplay techniques please don’t hesitate to ask as well.” The girl's passion really did remind him of himself in many ways from when he was younger. “I practically lived out here when I was a student so I can understand the desire to want to push yourself.” Sincerity was etched into each of his words as Atticus grinned down at the young Gryffindor. It was hard for him to not be drawn in when someone else showed a love for Quidditch above the average person’s interest level, so if he could do anything to increase that Atticus was basically all in.

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Ah well, if everyone was having the friend drama and need for avoidance that she was, Sloane rather thought somebody would combust. However, it was the perfect distraction to keep her mind active and her body out of the Gryffindor common room. It wasn't like the library was a choice! Of course she could always hide in the kitchens now that she knew how to get in, that was promising.

"Perhaps I will take you up on that when I need something new." It appeared that Sloane had no shortage of mentors in the game. Between her father, brother and Mr. Lilywick, she certainly had a plethora of people to pander for practice tips. Boredom was not an option for Sloane!

Stretching out her legs in front of her, she leaned over to ease the tension in her muscles that would no doubt build up if she didn't. "You were a beater, right?" She remembered that he played professionally briefly, though could not recall for which team. Sloane's entire childhood had revolved around professional quidditch for the most part. It was hard not to when her father and eldest brother were both involved for most of her life.

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