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May 5th, 1890 — Ravenclaw common room

Dunstan remembered this feeling from last year. The fond, bittersweet warmth of looking around the Ravenclaw common room a few weeks before the Summer holidays and knowing he wouldn't see it again for three whole months. He somewhat took it for granted the rest of the year, the same way he took for granted his family home in Bartonburg when he was absent from it. Sometimes it felt apt to treat important places a little more like people.

The young half-vampire mused on such personable theories as he sat on one of the comfy seats by the fire one Tuesday evening, having already finished his homework. After a moment's contemplation, Dun twisted in his chair and asked a gaggle of his nearest housemates — "anyone fancy a game of chess?"

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Emma had been curled up in an easy chair by the fire a soft woolen shawl pulled up around her arm and shoulder. On arm supported a book on the arm of the chair, flipping the paper by awkwardly maneuvering her thumb, the other stroked the cat curled up in her lap. It wasn’t hers, just one of her housemates who had mooched up next to the second year to share body heat and proximity to the fireplace. When someone shouted for a game of chess, ’Oh I do!’ Emma called before anyone else could answer.

Scrambling to her feet and joining her year mate sent the cat running, giving a disgruntled meow as it was forced to adjust it’s position. Dustin was a nice boy, some people had been odd with him, and his family thanks to their heritage – but Emma found it all the more fascinating but trying to get to know him, while being subtle about it had not been easy - not many people could accuse her of subtlty

’Black or White?’ she asked and took the seat opposite him, curling her legs up under her, just as she had been sitting by the fire. Some of the students were repelled from him, just as they were repelled by his sister, his half vampire status frightening or repulsing them, but Emma was secretly, or not so secretly fascinated.

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She's as cute as MJ is talented!
Dunstan offered a faint smile as Emma Binns sprang into action, somewhat to the detriment of the cat who'd made her its perch. He liked Miss Binns — she was a good egg, and keen in class, so when paired with her she would generally do the talking, while Dun could be a bit quiet. But she was also one of the younger-looking children in their year, reminding Dunstan (who would soon be turning fourteen) that he'd been forced to join Hogwarts late.

Anyway, now was not the time to ponder that. He was looking for distraction. So he pulled across the small side-table with the chessboard on it, and began unpacking pieces. "Black", he responded, partly because he felt more of a kinship with that colour than white, and partly because white was generally accepted to go first. And Dunstan was the type of boy who always let others go first.

"Any plans for the Summer?" he asked conversationally as they began to set up the board.

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Emma’s own chess pieces where tucked into her school satchel and she fished out the white pieces and they took their places on the board. They had belonged to her father, who had given her his old set at Christmas when he had received some beautiful new ones. The pieces didn’t seem pleased by it and their disquieted was rather evident in their movements. She directed her her Kings knight to move F3, it was her favourite opening move, her uncle had told her it was a ‘Kings Indian’ opening, or at least she thought it was, honestly she just liked the name. The little figure shuffled to his spot, leaning idly over the mane of his horse, as though he might fall off.

She beamed rather proudly at the mention of the summer because boy did she have big plans! ’I’m going to help my uncle in his book shop’ she explained, Emma loved showing off the steady stream of books she received from her uncle, and more often than not she could be found by the fire place devouring one or other of them. The book she had been reading before the match was on domestic cat care, and that was another of her big plans. ’Mother said I can get a kitten if I show her I’m responsible’ she explained trying rather hard to seem very grown up as, ’So I shall be back next year with my own cat!’ her voice was almost a squeal as she finished relaying her news. She didn’t have a pet and the prospect of her own cat was almost too much for her to bear.

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She's as cute as MJ is talented!

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