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A well-respecting career?
Hi there!

To start things off, I'm creating the Shacklebolt family from the series! :D They're a Wealthy Pureblood family (though they can be Middle-class if there's a need to balance out statistics on the site), and I was wondering what career my character's father should have that makes the family propel straight into upper class (new money)? I'm afraid of taking an important position for him that is already filled by a playable character hence the question. ^^; I'd like for him to be an accomplished Auror, but was wondering if there was a career position higher than that? And if there isn't one, I was also wondering what types of resources can make a Wizarding family wealthy? Like for example, owning oil can make somebody stinking rich! XD

Thank you for taking the time to read and reply. <3
Hi Briar!

Idk the answer to your question buuuuuut here's a link to our occupations so you can see what positions are already played and whatnot! There's also this doc on money to help you!

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Welcome, Briar!

SO during the VE class mobility was generally minimal, particularly between the middle and upper class. There would be no specific occupation that would actually propel an individual from one to the other. Realistically, the options here are "really fabulous investments paid off behold our new money" (which is the usual ticket into the UC outside of marriage), "we have always had money", or "we are ritzy middle class; behold our lovely daughter who we intend to have marry up!", all of which are totally valid!

(For what it's worth, the third option would probably be more interesting to play in the long-term and the first in the short-term, but honestly you can spice up just about anything in these parts >D)

Also as a general thing, you can see our occupations list here and read about money here!
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