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The Sewer & Its Surprises
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May 21st, 1890 — Diagon Alley
For the May Challenge
Her afternoon off had seen Imogen floo from Wellingtonshire to the Leaky Cauldron where she quickly doffed the attire of Imogen the reserved housemaid and redressed in the attire of Imogen Fox, criminal, in a supply closet. Feeling now much more at home in her own skin, she emerged surreptitiously from the closet (not a metaphor, probably), making her way through the rear of the inn, jabbing the appropriate brick, and striding onto the cobblestones of Diagon Alley.

She could see, but not reach, the turnoff for Knockturn Alley when it happened.

The first sign something was amiss was a rumble deep in the earth, as if the ground itself was snoring. This lasted a moment, perhaps two, before a deafening, gunshot-like sound began echoing in the street, manhole covers popping forcefully from the earth and into the air, followed first by the expected aromas of the below and then with what could only be described as a tidal wave of sewer rats.

In the distance (and right beside her, too), screaming.
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Having felt queasy all morning - a feeling not improved upon by her mother's sly suggestion that she might be carrying her first child - Trixie had taken herself on a walk and subsequently been forced to dodge a manhole cover that nearly crushed her foot on it's descent and upon inhaling the terrible aroma had been sick on a rat. All in all it was not the worst morning she'd had recently, having spent much of the early hours of Saturday enduring Claude's fruitless attempts to make use of their marriage bed but thankfully her potions were still rendering him quite unable.

Which didn't help her now when she was emptying the rest of her stomach onto what was quite possibly the same rat. There were, she noticed belatedly, hundreds of the fuckers.

"Shit," she muttered, staggering towards the nearest shop front and onto the stone slab that served as a step, hoping the stream of rats wouldn't think to jump.

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Having taken shelter in the doorway of a nearby shop, Imogen watched in horror as the scene before her unfolded, wishing for the first time she could call that she had bothered to learn to apparate. It was a skill that many in the rodents' path had elected to employ, though more still seemed not to know how—or were too stunned to do so safely.

Indeed, it was a stunning sight. Horrific, but stunning.

She was joined in her makeshift hiding place; Imogen was so startled by the intrusion that she drew her wand, though quickly used it to stun a rat that was trying to accompany them so (hopefully) the newcomer would not think her some sort of madwoman. This desire to appear sane in the other girl's eyes was quickly quashed by the realization that it was none other than Beatrix Borgin.


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Schemes are afoot! Graphics by MJ

Tidal waves of nausea were still Trixie’s primary concern but she had enough wherewithal in her to kick backwards when she felt something scratching at her shoes. She collided with something, she definitely heard a squeal, but whether she had killed it she couldn’t tell.

It was entirely possible that the rat had been immediately swarmed and eaten by its fellows. Face scrunched up with disgust she finally caught sight of the wand in her immediate vicinity and her head snapped up to its owner rapidly enough to make her stomach heave again.

Fortunately she just hit another rat and raising her head with as much dignity as she could muster she turned on the other girl.

“Don’t you dare tell anyone about this,” she growled, knowing full well what people would say. “Unless you want your own secrets coming out.”

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Lady made me gratuitously sexy

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