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This boy, then. He wasn't new. Wasn't one of the worst people in the common room, those rotten rich boys - like Mr. Jailkeeper - who could not fathom a world beyond their own farts. Was a good working class lad, so he'd heard. Had a bit of a weird looking face, and a bit of a weird thing for preaching. Still.Aubrey Davis in The Under-Sofa
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Zing! Went My Heartstrings (kit's networking)
LAST UPDATED; January 1st, 2019
TOTAL: 43 Characters

Hello, my name is Kit and welcome to my networking. These are the currently active characters that I write. Students get their own tab since they can realistically interact with pretty much anyone during school months with the rest of my non-student characters sorted by class. They are listed alphabetically.

Disclaimer of a sort: I have a lot of trouble writing completely hetero characters so it can probably be safely assumed that most are heteroflex, at the very least.

@Alexander Echelon
26 | UCPB | TBD | Unattached-ish

Alexander is the dimwitted but charming brother of @Hannah Pettigrew. He lives with his great grandmother Jena in Hogsmeade following his familys fall from grace.

Friends |  He is impulsive, fun-loving and generally one to go with the flow and would get along most with other fellows of this type.

Coworkers |   He never had to work prior to his fathers crimes being exposed and their assets seized but settled into the House Elf Relocation Office before being moved to Pest Advisory after a small mishap.

Romance |  Alexander's sexuality is ambiguous and he accidentally slept with a man who had feelings for him. He has been unknowingly in a romantic relationship with this man. I am open to this man being an existing character if you have one that would fit! Other than that, he is open to past flings with women.

When it comes to actual hurling, Alexander is technically hurlable and hurls should be upper class, preferably pureblood, and over the age of eighteen. It is my headcanon that he ends up marrying a woman just as ditzy as he is.

@Clarissa Cosgrove
19 | UCPB | Demisexual | Unattached
Slytherin | Pendergast Rose

Clarissa is a prim and proper girl that has a thing for bad boys. She is not a purist but has a purist family. She also genuinely enjoys being a Pendergast Rose but will be debuting into society in the summer of 1889.

Friends |  Her friend circle would mostly be other girls of the ladylike variety. She is pretty open with her friendship though and wouldn't cut out a friend due to scandal if they were close enough.

Pendergast Roses |  Clarissa actually enjoys being a Pendergast Rose but understands that not everyone does. I'd love to flesh out how she gets along with her co-roses.

Romance |  Clarissa has a taste for the 'bad boy' sort and she is prone to girlish crushes. In the past, she has fallen hard for working class boys with little to no manners. It's a problem with her. When it comes to actual hurls, men should be at least over the age of 21, upper class and while her parents insist she marries a pureblood, she is quite open about blood status in a potential husband.

@Hope Crawford
18 | UCHB | TBD | Unattached
Gryffindor | Debutante

Hope is a sweet flower child that is not doing debutante things very well. She adores plants and can probably often be found hanging out at the Florist Potts.

Friends |  Hope very much likes gardening and herbology and is likely to get along with similar sorts. She also enjoys dabbling a bit in different artistic pursuits. Her favorite happens to be photography which she is currently learning about.

Romance |  I am not quite sure what Hopes 'type' is, if she has one but crushes are a possibility that could be fun to explore. I am still not 100% on her sexuality so could be any gender. When it comes to hurling,  men would have to be at least four or so years older, upper class, any blood status. I am also very down for having her marry down into the middle or working class for love since she is the #type. ;) #drama

@Jack Humphrey-Mavis
20 | UCHB | TBD | Unattached
Hufflepuff | Chudley Cannons First String Keeper

Part of a family of nobles, Jack is usually introduced as The Honorable John Humphrey-Mavis but everyone just knows him as Jack. He used to play for the Appleby Arrows before signing on to the Cannons.

Friends |  Jack is a charming, sociable young man and he has quite the large friend circle. Most of them are of lower social classes than he is so I am very much looking for some upper class boys for him to pal around with. Jack is also a member of Excaliburs so could reasonably know some of these new friends from there.

Romance |  Jack's sexuality has not been pinned down by me so everything is up to chemistry, really. In the past, he has deviated towards seemingly demure types. He is too young for hurling but I am totally open to him having some youthful flings.

@Lionel Lupin
36 | UCPB | Homosexual | Unattached

Lionel is the first born of the Lupin brood and wants to be Minister someday. He is charismatic and super social so can often be found at many social events.

Friends |  Lionel is fairly charismatic and sociable. He was a Quidditch jock in his youth as well as a prefect and it is likely he maintained school friendships to the best of his ability.

Coworkers |   Previously an auror, he is now the head of the Investigation department but he is always looking to become more.

Romance |  Lionel is gay and has had limited romantic experiences. He had an amortentia tea induced romp with a man in 1883 but has otherwise been abstinent mainly due to not knowing how to figure out if a man shares his proclivities or not. Lionel is also hurlable and on the lookout for a wife for the sake of appearances and children. Hurls should be upper class, preferably pure blooded and over the age of eighteen.

@Richard Gladstone
31 | UCHB | Heterosexual | Complicated
Hufflepuff | St. Mungos Magical Bugs Healer-in-Charge

Richard is an absolute sweetheart that was promoted to a healer in charge position at a younger age than most others. He is also a romantic that has had the misfortune of falling in love with a woman who fell into ruin. Oops.

Friends | Richard is a charming, sociable man that is also a hard worker and would get along most with other such people. He has no care for age, blood or social status.

Romance |  Richard is hopelessly in love with @Bella Scrimgeour, emphasis on the hopelessly. He is still open to other hurls. Hurls should be between age ages of 17-25 that have debuted into society. Upper class preferred though Richard isn't completely adverse to the possibility of marrying a middle or working class woman if they happen to have an amazing connection. Any blood status is fine by him.

@Roberto Devine
33 | UCPB | Heterosexual | Married
Slytherin | Kenmare Kestrals Sponsor

Roberto is a quidditch loving rich dude that is ridiculously in love with his wife. He enjoys social events and is a pretty laid back guy.

Friends |  Likely to be other people within the Quidditch realm. He isn't particularly classist but would still mainly be friends with other upper class men. He was fairly popular in school so likely has a lot of friends from school days, he was also a prefect and Head Boy. He is also a member of Black's.

Recruits |   Roberto is also open for threads that go towards recruiting people onto the Kenmare Kestrals.

Marriage Wrenches | Roberto is happily married to the former Miss Ophelia Dippet and is quite in love with her. We are both, however, open to women who want to take her place and people to generally cause drama, really.

@Robin Ashdown

Robin is a gentleman of leisure with a pretty hefty secret - he's a genderfluid metamorphmagus that is actually his own "twin" sister. As such, it is possible for your character to either encounter Robins publicly presented self or his 'sister' who is touted to be a shy, sickly recluse.

Friends |  Most friends would be on the recent side of things since Robin never went to Hogwarts and only recently has started rebelling against his parents by attending social events. I am open to pretty much anything as Robin has a poor filter when it comes to reputations and social classes.

Romance |  Robin is pansexual and it doesn't matter to him which gender he is presenting as when it comes to people he is attracted to. He has no past experience, though, so any romance things would be totally new.


@Apollo Cartwright
10 | MCPB | Unexplored | Unattached
Unknown | Inconvenient Child


Friends |  Blurb.

Other Inconvenient Children |  Blurb.

@Diligent Six Oswald
28 | MCHB | Pansexual | Unattached
Gryffindor | Hogsmeade Hospital Potions & Plants Poisoning Healer

Diligent is a mess of a human being that does the bare minimum at work and is happy to not move up in life. He is pretty eccentric and a little out there. Definitely an acquired taste sort of fellow.

Friends |  Dill is likely to be friends with other relaxed types that don't take life too seriously.

Romance |   Diligent is open to romantic endeavors with any gender and has had some flings in the past, also with either gender. He is of hurlable age but to say he could support a wife is laughable. It is still fun to try though and thus hurls would be aged 18 and over, middle or working class.

@Domhnall Connolly
18 | MCHB | tbd | Unattached
Hufflepuff | Apprentice Broommaker

Domhnall is one of the more useless Connolly's with his first 'failure' in life being sorted into a house other than Gryffindor. He has continued the tradition by failing spectacularly at most things that he does. At least he tries to do his best.

Friends | Dom is a shy person so friends would be pretty few.

Romance | I have no idea what Dom's sexuality is or what his type could be. He's too young for hurling but youthful flings are welcome plots.

@Jacques Michaud
26 | MCHB | Homosexual | Single

Jacques is an ornery artist that moved to the UK from France in 1882. Initially, he worked at the Ministry as a translator from 1883-1885, leaving after the explosion. He was a part of the Avalon Expedition as an artist and is also the one that illustrated the book by @J. Alfred Darrow and has since been getting other job offers from authors.

Friends |  Probably not large in number as Jacques is fairly reclusive in nature. Likely, these would be other eccentric types. He is a generally ornery person but isn't one to shy away from a good time.

Romance |  Romantic interests would be varied but he tends to be attracted to tall guys. Jacques may be gay but he technically hurlable and since his brothers death that was followed by the death of his sister-in-law, he has been being pressured into getting married. He'd consider working/middle class, any blood women that aren't prejudiced and wouldn't expect him to care deeply about them.

Authors |  Ever since the book was published and released in June, Jacques has been getting offers from authors. He only takes on projects for novels that he deems interesting and worth the effort.

@January Lynch
19 | MCPB | TBD | Unattached
Gryffindor | Debutante

January is one of the younger sisters of the somewhat infamous @"February Lynch". She enjoys watching Quidditch, paints and is pretty soft spoken compared to February.

Friends |  January would get along with most folks though would probably slowly pull away  - at least, in the public eye - if one of her friends reputations plummeted.

Romance |  January is all about the quidditch boys but has had minimal romantic history aside from a flirtation that she had with a quidditch player during her final year of schooling. Hurls should be at least a few years older, though that's flexible, any blood status.

@Kentigern MacFusty
38 | MCHB | Heteroflex | Widowed
Gryffindor | Dragon Research and Restraint Bureau Head

Single father to a billion kids, Tiger is the Dragon Research and Restraint Bureau Head though before that, he was a Dragonkeeper. He is a pretty big and gruff guy but is pretty sweet.

Friends |  Tiger is not an overly rowdy person but he also isn't exactly a guy to fit neatly into social norms. His friends are likely to be of similar dispositions.

MacFusty's & Adjacents |  I  want to flesh out Tiger's relationships with his other family members and the people around them so come at me. Tiger keeps himself a bit seperate from the rest and lives in his own house near the main stead.

Romance |  Tiger is a widow with many children and as such is in need of a new wife. Any blood status is fine by Tiger though they should be able to handle the fact that he has five kids. He'd also prefer that they be relatively scandal free since the MacFusty's have had enough scandal within their family to last a lifetime. Tiger would mostly consider working or middle class women but upper class women are not out of the question.

@Lily Huddleston
23 | MCHB | Heterosexual | Unattached
Slytherin | Debutante

Lily is an accident-prone woman that is getting bored with her life and is beginning to seek ways to liven things up a little without resorting to getting a job.  

Friends |  Likely other debutantes but she isn't against befriending working women. Lily is very charming and social and is likely to get along with similar sorts. I would especially like a friend or two for her from school years that would have either suspected or known about her romance with @J. Alfred Darrow.

Mishaps | Lily is an accident-prone disaster, something she tries to handle with as much good grace as possible since she's pretty used to it by now. Even so, threads with this trait of hers amuse me and I welcome more of them.

Romance | Lily's life has been a little too romantically lonely for her to handle lately and she is susceptible to the advances of men - be they available or not. #affairhurling When it comes to actual hurls, the men should be at least over the age of 25 and able to support a wife. Lily enjoys light flirtation so she probably wouldn't do well with a man that was too serious though that could be amusing to attempt in an opposites sort of scenario. Her type is adventurous sorts.

@Loretta Browne
21 | MCPB | Heterosexual | Unattached
Hufflepuff | Awkward Turtle

Loretta is a socially awkward woman that would much rather work on needlepoint than socialize at events. She has a talent for fashion, though and holds a deep interest in such things.

Friends |  Loretta's best friend is Ismene Swift so it is likely that they might have some mutual friends. She is a pretty shy woman so they would have to be patient and maybe a bit of the outgoing type to help get her out of her shell. Those friends that she sits with quietly as they sew is good, too!

Romance | Loretta has had a longtime crush on Harvey Beauregard and so is a bit useless in the hurling department. Even so, she is technically hurlable. Men should be able to support a wife, any blood status provided that they have fully human heritage and middle or upper class. Loretta would personally only be comfortable marrying a middle class man, though.  

@Mundungus MacFusty
18 | MCHB | Bisexual | Unattached
Gryffindor | Hogsmeade Howlers First String Beater

Known by most as Munny, Mundungus comes from a family known for dragonkeeping and has, himself, dealt with them alongside his father. Rather than going into the family business, he decided to join a Quidditch team alongside his best friend @Handsome Whitledge.

Friends | One of his closest friends is @Handsome Whitledge  to give you a guage of the sort of people he's likely to get along with. He would also get along with other rowdier sorts of people. Munny is definitely active on the Quidditch social scene, as well!

Romance | Munny has very much enjoys the charms of girls and is not shy in partaking in them in the form of stolen kisses and innocent flirtationships - maybe even more if your girl is the type. If your girl has a crush on him and he's aware of it, he'd encourage it more than likely. Munny is very into redheads. He is also bisexual and mildly aware of it but has never done anything about it.

@Pablo Medina
33 | MCHB | Pansexual | Unattached
Hufflepuff | Magizoologist

Pablo is one of two survivors of the Sycorax Expedition alongside @"J.Alfred Darrow" that were presumed dead from 1882-1887. He is a little more adept at society life than Alfred is and is very charismatic. He also went on the Avalon Expedition and still has a quest to find a never before discovered creature.

Friends | These would be varied in type as Pablo is a pretty charismatic and accepting sort of person. He would especially get along with other explorer type of people.

Romance | Pablo is pansexual and has had lovers of varied genders. He is currently open for that. He is also of hurlable age, technically. Hurls would be above the age of eighteen, working or middle class, any blood status.

@Philip Aymslowe
28 | MCHB | Bisexual | Unattached
Hufflepuff |  Owner of Sweet Delights; Investor

Philip is a sweetheart with an even sweeter tooth. He also loves to bake and cook which is largely why he opened up his own bakery in Irvingly. His front counter and public area has muggle treats due to the shops location but there are wizarding treats available as well as a sort of secret menu type deal.

Friends |  Philip is pretty sociable and open with his friendship so this is wide open. In school, he probably was considered a little odd and probably still is.

Customers |  He opened a shop in Irvingly and whilst his storefront has baked goods and sweets suitable for muggle ingestion, he has magical wares as well that are hidden from public eye. He is innovative and often coming up with new ideas as well as showcasing products that he's created using inspiration from foreign countries.

Small Businesses |  Philip enjoys helping out fledgling businesses with promise by investing some start up money in them. These would be working and lower-middle class people for the most part.

Romance |  Philip hasn't had much good experience when it comes to romance, the women of his interest seeming to lose interest in him or otherwise dropping contact with him. During the Celtic Festival, however, an encounter with @Ari Fisk opened his eyes fully to the fact that he is bisexual. He also developed a bit of an awkward crush on @Hyperion Dearborn, a man that he met over Easter. When it comes to actual hurling, the lady in question should be over the age of seventeen, middle class and of any blood status. Working and upper class might also be a possibility depending on chemistry!

@Roman Crouch
30 | MCPB | Gray A-Sexual | Unattached

Roman is the often exasperated brother of @Reuben Crouch, @"Alduous Crouch" and @"November Malfoy". He has political ambitions and even ran for Minister of Magic during the last election.

Friends |  Roman is pretty sociable and charismatic, however, so likely gets along with most sorts of people. Or at least, he pretends to.

Romance |   Roman has no solid interest in romance but he is actively on the hunt for a wife. Roman is hurlable and potential hurls should be middle class, pureblooded and over the age of eighteen with no immediate scandal in her family. Roman would also value wit in a woman.

@Tae-min Yi
27 | MCHB | Pansexual | Unattached


Friends |  blurb

Romance |   blurb

@Timothy Ainsworth
28 | MCHB | Homosexual | Unattached

Timothy is a mildly eccentric intellectual that works as a librarian and tinkers with inventing things with the rest of his time. He can be a bit of a grump and doesn't tolerate laziness all too much. Also has a bad habit of forgetting to eat or drink when he is engrossed in something.

Friends |  Timothy doesn't have a vast amount of people skills but he is not inherently unkind. Likely to be other intellectuals that aren't overly cheerful.

Romance |   When it comes to his past experience with men, aside from crushes on his end (he would have been oblivious to people having crushes on him, he has no experience as he has done his best to keep his sexuality hidden. He's not looking to change that but I am because he'd be cranky about it so.. you know.

When it comes to actual hurling, Timothy is in search of a wife so that he can have some companionship and carry on his family name since he is their only son. Personality wise, he is looking for someone he can see himself at least being friends with since he'll never be able to love them romantically. Hurls should be working or middle class, any blood and between the ages of 18 to 24.

@Tristan Michaud
18 | MCHB | Bisexual | Crushing
Gryffindor | Puddlemere United First String Chaser

Tristan is a bit of a party boy asshole that dropped out of Hogwarts early and was promoted to first string within his first couple of months of joining Puddlemere.

Friends | Tristan would mostly get along with fellow 'jock', party boy types. He is pretty sociable for the most part.

Quidditch Folk |  Tristan joined Puddlemere United as a reserve chaser in June of 1887 and by September of 1887, he had been promoted to first string. People probably have opinons about that. ;)

Romance | Tristan was in an illicit secret romance with Rasmus Mohr for the past couple of years. It has since ended with Rasmus going off to France in Fall of 1887 and Tristan has been open to other dalliances for quite some time though is currently developing an interest in @Ernie Nuffer.


@Dimitri Lancaster
27 | WC Vampire | Pansexual | Complicated
Ravenclaw | Idealistic Vampire

Dimitri is a young vampire that was turned when he was about eighteen. He has been in a long time romantic relationship with @Clarence Bennet though his condition and the illicit nature of their love makes things difficult. Dimitri misses being human and is optimistic about living side by side with them despite his tenuous control over his murderous impulses.

Friends |  Dimitri is a vampire so obviously friends might mostly be fellow vampires. He is also open to having human friends if they'll have him.

Old School Friends |   Dimitri was pretty academic when he was in school and likely was friends with other academic minded people. He misses them though they're likely not in contact with him anymore.

@Esteban Zavala
27 | WCHB | Pansexual | Unattached
Gryffindor | Activist
Captain and First String Keeper for Puddlemere United

Esteban is a charming and sociable young man that very much enjoys life. He is also very much for equality and is an activist on top of being a famous Quidditch player. He is part of @Jude Wright and his ragtag group of revolutionaries.

Friends | Esteban is the sort to get on with pretty much anyone but he wouldn't tolerate outright douchebaggery.

Fans |   Esteban is captain of Puddlemere United and down for meeting a fan or three.

Romances |He has had numerous past lovers of both genders that he tends to stay friendly with since he has always made it clear from the start that he is only looking for fun. When it comes to actual hurls, ladies should be working class, aged 18-26, any blood. I would also be down for him ending up with a middle class woman that marries down since that could be some fun drama. He is pretty commitment phobic though so hurls could be a bit of a fight.

@Eugene Reese
19 | WCHB | Demisexual | Unattached
Hufflepuff | Avalon Expedition Owl Boy

Eugene is a former footman that got a taste for adventure and pursued it by joining the Avalon Expedition as the person that tended to the owls on the ships. He ended up losing a leg and has been dealing with that since his return.

Friends | Eugene is a generally friendly soul and would get along with most people. He isn't too picky about who he decides to befriend.

Romance | When it comes to romance, Eugene does not have a lot of experience. he has a variety of crushes on varying genders but nothing that ever turned into an actual full blown romance.

@Garrett Cavey
19 | WCHB | Homosexual | Unattached
Hufflepuff | St. Mungos Spell Damage Healer

Garrett is an absolute sweetheart that likes helping people. He was among those that went to Irvingly during the Fog Expedition though he had to leave early due to contracting malaria.

Friends | Garrett is an absolute sweetheart that is very open with his friendship. He is also a pretty loyal one.

Romances | Garrett is gay and very uncomfortable with his own sexuality due to Victorian Era morals so he is very unlikely to personally initiate any romances though he would probably have small crushes that he would definitely try repressing. He is also still in love with his friend which also makes his life difficult.

@Josiah Rohlwing
28 | WCM | Heteroflexible | Unattached

Josiah is a shy but friendly muggle that works as Irvingly's postman. He is not the sort to be comfortable with idle life and is always on the go.

Friends |  Due to his shy nature, these are probably few in number. He definitely could use some camping and/or hunting buddies!

Old Pseudo-Flame |  The nature of Josiah's relationship with this woman is in his application. She was a working class witch and it is up to you why she stopped contact and whether she wants to try to re-initiate.

Romances |  Hurls would be working class women between the ages of eighteen to twenty six though age is pretty flexible if the chemistry is smoking. Josiah's type tends to be hardworking and kind women.

@Monty Morales

Monty is a gang leader and criminal that operates out of Londons underground. He is also an asshole and utterly unapologetic about the fact. He lacks scruples and has no sense of loyalty whatsoever except maybe to his own crew.  Also currently super in denial about having The Feels for @Ishmael.

The Revs | Monty is an 'outskirts' member of the Revolutionaries. He isn't really one of them but shows up to their meetings regardless and tends to be included for the most part. I would love to explore how he gets on with each individual!

Shady Dealings | Monty is definitely not one to be trusted but is definitely the person to go to for all your shady needs. He leads a criminal gang in London.

Past Flings | Either gender, mostly other working class folk. Would have been entirely sexual because Monty doesn't do feelings or he goes in denial about them.

@Morgana Gaunt
Slytherin | Hogsmeade Hospital Tearoom Staff

Morgana is a salty human being that works at the tearoom in a bid to seem somewhat respectable despite her familys reputation. She is loyal AF to her family though. She is also a parseltongue.

Friends |  Likely other slum dwellers that aren't the overly cheerful sort. She is a sarcastic human being so friends would be people that could withstand that.

Marvolo Gaunt |   Morgana is enamored of her betrothed and wants him played. See the Canon list for more info! Once he is in play, I would like to have them get on with getting married.

@Owain Edwards
18 | WCHB | Grey Asexual | Unattached
Hufflepuff | Kenmare Kestrals Reserve Beater

Owain is a hard-working boy that signed a contract with the Kenmare Kestrals to play for them for five years in exchange for getting his educational needs paid off. He is also a history buff.

Friends | Owain is quite friendly and the sort to lend a helping hand in most situations. He is likely to get along most with unprejudiced folk of any class and blood status.

Romance | Owain is homoromantic but gray-asexual. He is mildly aware of this and is not quite sure what to think since these exact terms are not known in the era we are playing in. Thus, he tends to not bother very much with romance.


@Alcyone Slughorn
12 | MCPB | TBD | Unattached
Gryffindor | Second Year

Alcyone is a friendly and imaginative girl that is determined to get on the Quidditch team with her best friend despite personally having failed at doing so two years in a row.

Friends |  Alcyone is the best friend of Madeline Bell and so would get along with people of similar dispositions. She is an adventurous spirit that loves to explore and would gel well with other such people.

Tutors |   Need tutor type stuff for your prefect/potential prefect? I offer Alcyone for such things.

@Aleksei Nichols
14 | UCMB | Androsexual | Unattached
Hufflepuff | Fourth Year

Aleksei is a non-binary individual that is just living their life as best they can after becoming estranged from their long time best friend.

Friends | Aleksei is an unprejudiced sweetheart and is very open with their friendship.

Tutors |  Aleksei is skilled in potions and would love to have an older student in their life helping them improve even more!

Potential Crushes | Aleksei is only into males and isn't too fussed about the fact though thankfully, they know to not let on about this fact. Likely to have plenty of crushes that don't really need to be requited.

@Archelaus Abney
15 | UCPB | Demisexual | Unattached
Slytherin | Fifth Year | Seeker

Archelaus is bit of a bully and an asshole with a superiority complex. When he isn't playing Quidditch, he is busy being a huge potion and poisons nerd.

Friends | He cares very little for anyone that isn't a pureblood though he can actually be quite nice if he wants to be. Generally, he makes friendships based on the other persons usefulness and whether their beliefs align with his own or not. I am also very open to the stray 'unlikely friendship' scenario.

@Cane Backus
14 | WCHB | tbd | Unattached
Ravenclaw | Fourth Year

Cane is the brother of Maddie and Maggie Backus. He tends to be off in his own world quite a bit and always has his nose in a book. He is generally a friendly person but can also be a little indifferent to a lot of things.

Friends | Cane would likely get along most with other bookish types. He isn't very approachable though so they likely would have to be people that have known him long enough to figure out that he is content to sit in silence with you.

Prefect Material | I would love to be able to apply for student prefects during prefect season for Cane so any threads and situations that could help the cause would be very welcome.

@Citrine Weasley
15 | MCHB | TBD | Unattached
Ravenclaw | Fourth Year | Chaser

Citrine is a friendly, non-prejudiced girl that is loyal friend to have in your corner. She plays Quidditch because it is fun and isn't really fussed with following Victorian Era norms when it comes to her pasttimes.

Friends |  Citrine is without prejudice and is  pretty open with her friendship. She is one of the former dormates of Topaz Urqhart that is openly still friendly and supportive of the teen werewolf.

First Crush |   I would very much like Citrine to develop her first crush so am looking to thread her with people to see if any spark her interest. She is possibly either bisexual or a lesbian so threading with females to figure it out would be helpful, too!

@Darling Whitledge
15 | UCHB | tbd | Unattached
Hufflepuff | Fifth Year

Darling is one of the more tolerable sisters of Handsome Whitledge. She is kind, caring and a bubbly, vibrant person to be around.

Friends | Darling is a pretty friendly individual and would get along with most people unless they were completely horrid.

Etc | During the half breed ban, Darling went around with a petition to have it reversed so might know some students from that.

Crushes | Darling has yet to have a first crush and I would like to see that happen for her sometime soon! I am in no particular rush, though.

@Ignatius Quirrell
17 | WCHB | Demisexual | Crushing
Ravenclaw | Seventh Year

Ignatius is a compassionate and hard working boy that doesn't have a prejudiced bone in his body. He has been crushing on Acacia Ruskin for the past long while but doesn't personally have any hopes of them being together and so he enjoys their friendship.

Friends | He is a very loyal person as well as open-minded. Ignatius is very much for equality and can be a bit of an activist when it comes to fighting for his beliefs. He is likely to get along with similiar people.

Mentor | Ignatius has high ambitions but no real direction. He could use an older person in his life to help him figure that out.

Romance |  Ignatius has feelings for @Acacia Ruskin but he is also a teenage boy and is prone to developing other crushes. Due to his nature, these crushes would have been friends first.

@James Baird
17 | WCHB | Heterosexual | Unattached
Hufflepuff | Seventh Year | Keeper

James is a girl crazed teenager that is still in Hogwarts thanks to scholarships. James has a damaged arm but managed to make it onto the Hufflepuff team as a Keeper despite it. He isn't that into Quidditch but he is definitely into the attention that he can get from girls because of it.

Girls |  James has a crush on a different girl at any given time and will do almost anything to impress them. One example would be that he joined the Quidditch team despite the fact that his arm is sometimes useless when it comes to throwing or catching things due to a childhood accident that failed to heal properly.

Friends |  James would mostly get along with other working class boys that are not too uptight.

@Joella Wood
11 | WCHB | TBD | Unattached
Slytherin | First Year

Joella is one of @Declan Woods little sisters and she just started Hogwarts. She is a morose, ornery young thing with a dislike for animals. Joella does not connect well with people and doesn't generally like them very much, either. Her twin sister is a squib and Joella had been feeling adrift being at Hogwarts without her.

Friends | Likely to be very few of them. She is likely to get along with other people that aren't total perky robots.

Declan Fans | I was thinking that there could be fans of Declan that try to schmooze with Joella as a way of getting to someday meet Declan.

@Royal Pyrites
16 | UCPB | TBD | Unattached
Gryffindor | Sixth Year | Chaser

Royal is a troublemaking, non-conforming boy that takes nothing in life seriously. He is an average student at best but excels in Transfiguration. He also is a very willing Peeves accomplice.

Friends |  Royal would get along most with other people like him - people that aren't taking life too seriously. He isn't too fussed about social status and blood purity when it comes to his friends but can be a little uppity since he is rich and thus ignorant to the struggles of the working classes.

@Rupert Bingham
17 | UCPB | Bisexual | Unattached
Ravenclaw | Seventh Year | Beater
Quidditch Captain | Flying Club President

Rupert is a purist, classist individual that really only looks beyond his prejudices when it is convenient for him.

Friends | These would mainly be upper class, male and pureblood. They are likely to also be of the asshole and bully variety like he is.

Flying Club |  Rupert has been president of the flying club since 1886 so if your character is in that club, they definitely know who he is.

Romance |  Rupert has little to no experience in this aside from awkward crushes and attractions since both times the person was a male. He is bisexual with a visual preference for blondes.

@Sage Macnair
15 | UCPB | TBD | Unattached
Slytherin | Fifth Year

Sage is a bit of a nerd that can often be seen reading. He is also ambitious as fuck and is determined to outshine his brothers in life.

Friends | His friends would mostly be upper and middle class purebloods. Gender, class and blood actually wouldn't matter too much to him so long as they're intelligent. Due to his inability to properly connect with people that are not his family, Sage's close friends are likely to be very few in number. His closest friends would likely be into morbid things in someway and openly talk about such things with him.

Tutorees | Sage is excellent at potions and is willing to tutor younger students in  it!


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I remember seeing something, somewhere, about a plot involving Eugene receiving tutoring for reading and writing. As a NEWT examiner whose best friends are probably fictional characters, I could see Marmaduke lending a hand - especially if Eugene's ever been by the ABC or was asking around for literature help.
(January 2, 2019 – 1:31 PM)Marmaduke Warbeck Wrote: I remember seeing something, somewhere, about a plot involving Eugene receiving tutoring for reading and writing. As a NEWT examiner whose best friends are probably fictional characters, I could see Marmaduke lending a hand - especially if Eugene's ever been by the ABC or was asking around for literature help.
Oh yes, please! He could swing by the ABC, definitely!

Marmaduke would also know @Esteban Zavala and @Monty Morales as they are both rev members and Esteban, at least, would have known Duke for years by now. Esteban is the Courfeyrac and @Monty Morales is the Montparnasse. You can read up on them in the Working Class tab. :D

The following are my posting wizard tributes and they need more threads pls, some might also have open threads scattered about:
@Darling Whitledge
@Dimitri Lancaster
@Esteban Zavala
@Josiah Rohlwing
@Lionel Lupin
@Monty Morales
@Philip Aymslowe
@Richard Gladstone
@Robin Ashdown
@Sage Macnair

(January 6, 2019 – 2:31 AM)Roberto Devine Wrote: The following are my posting wizard tributes and they need more threads pls, some might also have open threads scattered about:
@Darling Whitledge
@Dimitri Lancaster
@Esteban Zavala
@Josiah Rohlwing
@Lionel Lupin
@Monty Morales
@Philip Aymslowe
@Richard Gladstone
@Robin Ashdown
@Sage Macnair

Sageholly! Darling/Handsome!

set by MJ!
Post Log
(January 6, 2019 – 2:37 AM)Flora Mulciber Wrote:
(January 6, 2019 – 2:31 AM)Roberto Devine Wrote: The following are my posting wizard tributes and they need more threads pls, some might also have open threads scattered about:
@Darling Whitledge
@Dimitri Lancaster
@Esteban Zavala
@Josiah Rohlwing
@Lionel Lupin
@Monty Morales
@Philip Aymslowe
@Richard Gladstone
@Robin Ashdown
@Sage Macnair

Sageholly! Darling/Handsome!

Holly can come join Sage! - it's set the day before students return

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