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Sorry, no Living Dragons Here [NEWTs CoMC]
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May 2, 1890 - Castle Grounds; CoMC 'Classroom'
This was by far the best class Ricky could think of that she had ever taught. A real treat. Something that had taken a lot of work to pull off. But here it was. A recently deceased dragon, laid in the field for her class to see. "Before any of you become too upset, yes, it has passed away. No it was not killed. This dragon had passed of old age, which one may tell by the scales if one was to look closely."

The beast had come from a Ministry certified dragon breeder that Ricky had personally worked with after graduating. The dragon in question was a Chinese Fireball, and a beautiful one by Ricky's standard. She was quite tempted to drag Persephone out of the library to take a look. A hint larger than average and still shining in the sunlight. "Can anyone tell me it's gender? And if one was bold enough, it's age?"

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Royal knew that females tended to be bigger than males but the dragon in question was large in general. "Is it a female? They tend to be larger than the males at any rate," Royal said when he was called on. He peered at the dragon, wondering if they were allowed to touch it. He wasn't fussed that it was dead, she just said it was from old age which happened. That provided fact would make its age easy to figure out too, probably.

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Darling was highly disturbed that the professor would think it was a good idea to bring a dead dragon to the school. It was disturbing and she could barely stand to look at it. She knew logically that dragons eventually died but that didn't mean she wanted to look at its corpse! Darling thought that she was going to be sick.

Dear Merlin, whyever had she come to class today? Much as Jemima liked Care of Magical Creatures, if they had to have a practical lesson, why couldn’t it be with something nice, like a unicorn?! Or something alive. She supposed this was technically theory, then; but even theory did not usually smell so... decaying.

“Eughhh, Professor, I don’t care that it’s dead, but it smells so bad!” Jemima squealed, clutching at Darling’s arm and scrunching up her face as if this would spare her from the horrendous sight or the parfum de dead dragon. Urgh, imagine if they had to touch it!

Royal couldn't help but be amused by the girls. He half wished one had fainted so that he could catch them. He was almost one hundred percent positive that he was right in the dragon being female.

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Ugh, it really was a shame that there weren't more excited members among her pupils. This was a dragon. Dead or alive, dragons were interesting creatures. Merlin's beard. It was also frustrating that not one of them had tried to estimate the creatures age. "Correct, Mr. Pyrites. The creature in question is a female. One that is a tad on the larger side for its species."

Miss Farley's comment was met with a soft sigh. "Indeed, the sent of decay has begun to set in, but this dragon was actually alive quite recently. Just imagine what it will smell like a week from now." OK, perhaps she shouldn't have said that. But it was true, the smell wasn't really that bad. Quite frankly, horse stables smelt worse. However, Ricky could see her students point. "Can anyone tell me what this creatures main diet consisted of?"

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First of all, Jemima was offended on behalf of the species that it was a female. Why couldn’t the female dragons look a little more elegant than an ugly male dragon?

She was more offended at Professor O’Connell’s unsympathetic answer, and had to wrinkle her nose just imagining the smell as any worse. Still, the next question the professor posed was easy enough to answer, at least on the most basic level. Jemima didn’t particularly want to consider it in any more depth.

Meat, I assume.” Jemima remarked, no more at ease than before just because the creature was dead. “They do eat people, don’t they?” This was terribly unladylike a lesson! If Mr. Pyrites found it entertaining, that really said it all.

"More specifically, they eat mammals and prefer pigs," Darling said, adding on to her friends answer. They also did eat humans, she remembered reading but she didn't want to say that part when Jemima already had.

Miss Fawley had turned from disappointing to outright disrespectful. Along with that, her answer was far too vague. Herbivorous dragons weren't really a commonly noted thing. Did those even exist? Ricky would have to check. Carnivorous dragons were typically a given. "I'm going to need a far more specific answer than that, Miss Fawley. And the tone is rather unappreciated. Five points from Hufflepuff."

As a woman, Ricky did have to assert herself more than her male peers. While she tried to be as fair as she could, attitude could not be stood for. How would any of these students take her seriously if she let them talk to her like that? "Thank you, Miss Whitledge. You have earned your five points back for Hufflepuff." If the attitude hadn't been their with Miss Fawley, she might have even given them both points. Simply for trying. "Can anyone tell me what the life expectancy of this particular breed is?" Coming back to that thing on age, in a way.

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Royal listened as Miss Fawley lost out on points but then Miss Whitledge earned them back. He was not a hufflepuff so he was personally not particularly fussed. "Two hundred years?" He offered as an answer after observing the dragon a little more.
It took all of Jemima’s self-control - and then some - to stop her mouth from falling open in an outraged gape at her having lost points for having answered the stupid question! Perhaps Darling had added the specifics and so earned the points, but Jemima had actually been trying, thank you very much!

She folded her arms and closed her mouth, determined not to bother anymore if Professor O’Connell was just going to assume she was being facetious every time! Bloody hell.

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