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April 30th, 1890 - The Jinxed Jackrabbit
Kit Moony was a puzzle Peregrine couldn't crack.

He was an auror, but a spitfire; supposedly, he had not always been that way. He was married, but was not with his wife. He threw a good punch but sometimes in boxing matches it was almost like he wasn't there - like if there were not people there to pull them apart, he would have just kept going and going and going until either he or his opponent was destroyed. There was something broken about him, and Peregrine had always been attracted to broken people.

He was not always in London, but Picardy had sent him to the Crowdy library today. Afterwards, he stopped by one of the London dive bars, and was lucky enough to spot Moony. Peregrine slipped into the seat next to him at the bar, ordered a drink, and eventually circled around to talking about the boxing match he was going to later.

"You should come with me," Peregrine said, "I need someone to back me up while I count the coins."

Underground boxing was not illegal. It was probably frowned upon, though, so this was not necessarily something he wanted Shrike to know about. One had to keep the brain going somehow. Beyond that, he did not, actually, need backup - Peregrine could handle himself - but he had made a game of pushing at Moony, over the last few months; Peregrine was not sure how far the auror would go, or how much.

@Christopher Moony
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   Christopher Moony
Kit raised his eyebrow at Umbernauld, doubting that very much.

Christopher Moony had made an array of new acquaintances since rising like a phoenix—a broken, battered, jaded phoenix— from the ashes of his captivity, among them Peregrine Umbernauld. A shrewd judge of character, the auror got the impression that it was a wonder he hadn't arrested the wizard in the time before, though the now was altogether diferent. There were still, though, a few pieces to the jigsaw that Kit was missing, but where once he might have done all he could to retrieve them, apathy had become his mistress.

"'Hired muscle' is not the most dignified occupation," he remarked dryly.
— @Peregrine Umbernauld

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"Well, if you don't want the title, at least come to watch," Peregrine offered back, in a cheerful tone. "Fights're supposed to be good tonight." He would have said that even if they weren't; Kit Moony was interesting in the Jackrabbit, but he was more interesting in places even further from the realms one expected an auror. Underground fights were one of them.

"Now that," he replied with a chuckle, "seems far more engaging a proposition."

Watching quidditch and taking walks through the park with his children had given way to witnessing, and participating in, various underground bouts of fisticuffs, a further step—or several—from the man Kit Moony had been. Whether this new creature or the original was closest to his true nature, the wizard could not say.

"Muggle or wizard?"
— @Peregrine Umbernauld

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Progress! Excellent. Peregrine was genuinely enthused by Kit's response; it seemed like he might actually come with.

"Wizard," Peregrine said. "But no wands."

He snorted disbelievingly. "No wands? We'll see how long that lasts."

And just like that, it appeared that Kit had committed himself to the shenanigans.
— @Peregrine Umbernauld

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