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April 23, 1890 - Irvingly Market Day

Spring was finally in the air, the chill pleasant and the sun dancing across the blue sky. The deep bright green of new growth was everywhere, inviting Nimiane to spend more and more time outside. The world reflected how she felt, a sense of joy and relief, a perfect contentedness that she had never thought she would experience.

With Shawn's return to Irvingly, Nimiane had settled happily into their life. Realizing how much she had missed of the world. Now, she happily took her basket to market to pick up new supplies they didn't need and she wouldn't worry of the whispers of her age, standing, or blood. Now she only considered her enjoyment of being outside on such a day. Funny how such things could change in only a year.

Today Nimiane was shopping for supplies she didn't need. The first batches of radishes were on display at one stand, another held new feather pens. Nimiane gravitated to the pens, eyeing them. Someone else was too and while she didn't typically like to strike up random conversations she knew it would be impolite not to say something, besides, why shouldn't she? It was a fine day after all. "Good morning." She greeted with a polite nod before turning her attention back toward the blue feathered pen that had caught her attention originally.

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