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Attractive young wives really are a rich man's prerogative...
Her niece's humility was an admirable thing and had the added advantage of leaving Temperance feeling as though she was constantly rendering Blythe dumb with her words of wisdom and encouragement.Temperance Fairchild in Messiah
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Charming Confessions 2.0
My own personal handwriting has been influenced by the google fonts I use most frequently in IC letters.
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My OCD is relieved the moment a character hits a post count ending with "0" or "5". I don't know what it is, but I would put more effort in getting a character with 38 posts to 40 than a character with 15 posts to 20. It's VERY WEIRD but I can sit happily as long as the post count ends in one of those two numbers.
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When I'm chilling and thinking about plots, I tend to look on the Who's Online to check out what everyone is up to. When people go onto random pages for whatever reason, I'm really tempted to ask why but also don't want to be seen as weird. The best example is when someone is on one of my character's profiles. I'm all like, "Are you planning to plot with me? Please plot with me. You should plot with me." and I have no idea what y'all are even doing. For all I know, you could be thinking "Hey, I've got some time on my hands, I'll just look through these random character profiles.".
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Like, I don't care 100% of the time, but... very often... I get nitpicky about words and whether I can justify using them in a VE setting, even if they're not part of a post's dialogue or anything. Cue many etymology detours for accuracy purposes.

This tends to be particularly hard with Ishmael, because although he's from the mid-1700s he is one of the more modern voices in my head ???? So it's a constant struggle.

/currently crying with joy that I can use the word suckers in its slang definition, the earliest wiktionary quote is from 1728

This is basically a general brain dump:
  • Please tell me I'm not the only one that does this but there are times when I'll open a Charming tab, glance at the cbox, click on new posts, and head back to the home page, then open another tab and I swear to the almighty god my brain will reset and I'll open a second Charming tab and be halfway through the process before I realize I've just done that.

  • Part of me is genuinely afraid of making characters that are unlikable / with less than desirable qualities. It has nothing to do with me wanting my characters to be perceived as perfect, but everything to do with the fact that my anxiety says that if I make an unlikeable character then I'll be perceived as unlikable. I'm working on this on‌e =___=

  • On the other hand, my anxiety says that if I stray too far, then my writing and portrayals of that character won't do them justice and the character just won't be likable in general.

  • Oftentimes to generate more muse for the Victorian Era as a whole, I'll put on Pride & Prejudice (1995), Call the Midwife, or (funnily enough) start playing Assassin's Creed Syndicate since it's based in the VE. After that, I'll switch to playlists or songs that I associate with my characters.
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Back when Sweetie was basically a spoiled, mean girl my muse song for her was When Your Evil by Voltaire. But as her muse grew and developed into the complex girl she is now, she doesn't really have a song muse. I've never been able to find one that's good enough. Sometimes some songs will be good for a certain moment, but I can't find one that fits her mood and situation at the same time.

Less specific, most of my characters don't have muse music. Maybe it's because I can't write very often while listening to something.

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I regularly write apps for characters that I never complete because I realize halfway through that I'm just in it for the want ads to post and pimp >.>
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i ALWAYS read “immortality discount” as “immorality discount” and then spend he next five minutes giggling about it. it can’t be helped.
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A confession of mine is I'm having so much fun seeing the adoptable characters I'm taking evolve into people I didn't necessarily imagine they would become once I first thought of taking them. Take Irene, for example... she wasn't among my first choice (I think she was way down tbh) but I still made her first, and she turned into this kind-of-a-bully-but-still-"complex" (she'll grow up lol I hope) kind of girl that has been so much fun. Or Idris, who's got an imaginative vein I didn't realize at first.

Then there's Sun, upcoming, with so much going on that..... poor dude. Hahahahaha

All in all, it's been awesome <3
I can't help but constantly make predictions about the IC future on Charming even if it's years down the line. I have my bets hedged on certain young characters becoming prefects, certain pairings becoming official (or cutting things off), and what students will do this and that job after graduation. I guess it's something my planner mind likes, and it's never serious and mostly for fun, but I can't stop it xD
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(September 2, 2019 – 3:03 AM)Edric Umbridge Wrote: i ALWAYS read “immortality discount” as “immorality discount” and then spend he next five minutes giggling about it. it can’t be helped.

I must confess that my mind just went, "Immorality discount, where your characters can legit burn the house down and not get rep dinged".

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Given how this thread is going, I wish I had a less sympathetic sibling for myself to play that could say "what were we supposed to say? Congratulations, you're an idiot?". I would have Ace do it, but he's too compassionate.

I realize that a lot of my muse is for snark and sarcasm, and it's weird how a lot of my characters don't typically reflect that. Sweetie was way more sarcastic at one point, what happened?
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