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Heart Attack
You make me glow,
But I cover up, won't let it show,
So I'm puttin' my defenses up
'Cause I don't wanna fall in love
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May 10, 1890 - The Three Broomsticks
It was the last Hogsmeade Weekend before her debut, and Acacia was curious if Ignatius was even going to be there. While it wasn't normally a scene of someone of his station... well... she would be there. Was that enough? Was she enough? Everything with Dunstan had left her to not even think about her own, more personal dilemmas. Grandfather only vaguely knew of her feelings, and she had not dared to tell another person. But she wouldn't put it past her grandfather to tell father about the matter. And if he knew, than he hadn't said anything.

Still, as Acacia grew more and more used to having Dunstan back in her life, the more her 'Coming Out' ever slowly approached. And with it, her future. Given what her mother was, she would certainly have to look - really look - for a husband as soon as she could. For the sake of herself, her sisters. And to have feelings for one that would certainly not be seen as 'suitable' it was just so hard. Would it be wrong of her to tell him? Knowing that all it would likely achieve is hurting them both? Or would it be cruel, to keep something hidden away for her to keep. Not to mention, how would either side later effect a future marriage?

Biting her lip had proven to grown as a habit ever since Dunstan came back, and that was noticeable even now. No one else seemed to realize Dunstan had ever been gone, grandfather had even been surprised. Not that she mentioned this sort of thing to anyone else. Who would believe them? Magic had it's limits, after all. And what if the Ministry decided to reverse what happened? She couldn't handle that.

@Ignatius Quirrell/@Roberto Devine

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The month that he had been somewhat dreading had arrived with little pomp or circumstance - though with the Coming Out Ball, it would not be ending the same way. Acacia would be debuting into society and, he was sure, would be expected to make some sort of proper match. A match that he currently could not hope to be for he had nothing to offer the redhead that had stolen away his affections.

It was foolish, perhaps, but he had made plans to go. If he could have just one dance then he would resign himself to whatever Fate had in store for their future. He had saved up for a formal suit that would be suitable for a coming out ball.

Arriving at the Three Broomsticks, he looked around before spotting the familiar head of fiery red hair. Smiling, he went and joined her. "Miss Ruskin," he said, for they were in public and he dared not be overly familiar by saying her given name. "I hope I have not kept you waiting."

Marriage had never scared her until now. Until knowing that marriage would likely be taking away any chance of being with a man that she actually cared for. Perhaps even loved. But she had to also remind herself what love could do. Love could easily be a destructive force. Her parents marriage had been proof enough for that. But how was this comparable? Destructive in another manner. Ruining two family reputations, not having the comforts that she was raised knowing. Was that selfish?

Smiling upon seeing him, Acacia motioned for him to sit when he arrived. "Not at all. How have you been, Mr. Quirrell?" Not too formal, or else take the risk of being looked at as less than. Being seen as a lady that would be overly familiar with gentlemen, of which she was not.

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Ignatius took a seat as she motioned for him to do so. This hurt. Knowing what was coming and knowing he hoped the best for her. Which meant a possible marriage and life partnership with someone who was not Ignatius Quirrell.

"I have been well, thank you," Ignatius said. "And you? Do you think you will do well on your exams?"

Could a friendship continue where love could not. Acacia had wrestled with this thought for months. It had worked out so far, but at what cost? Seeing him hurt, though she didn't let that show. What would she feel once courting? Married? Would it not be an affair in and of itself to keep in contact with a man she had feelings for?

"Nervous. I do hope that I will get high scores. Though, if I don't, I still have high enough ones on my OWLs to still be a mediwitch. I'll hopefully have a career either way." Unless, of course, the hospital does not permit a half-vampire as a full time employee.

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"That is quite true," Ignatius said in agreement when Miss Ruskin pointed out she still had good enough scores to be a mediwitch. Ignatius didn't know if her known half-vampire status would effect anything but he doubted it. If half-vampires were welcome at Hogwarts, surely they would be able to be healers. "I do hope you still plan on painting on the side." For she was exceptionally talented, as far as he was concerned.

Hogwarts wasn't typically filled with - literally - bloody patients. And past events showed that even Hogwarts wasn't always so accepting for those like her. But she didn't want to dwell on that any more than she had to. "I will surely try. Though I may have to paint less to focus on both a job and finding a husband." She couldn't stand the thought of being a spinster, forcing her father to have to take care of her for the rest of her life. He deserved better than that.

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