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April 26, 1890 - Hogwarts Castle Grounds
It had felt like forever ago since first year had begun for Claire. So long since it was her and Cele. Having made friends since then, well it made things easier to bare the thought of Cele being gone. Every day was a task to not think about such things. Why would she when she had so much to do. Fill the days with helping Archer find answers to the mysteries of the magical creatures that roamed the world, or with helping Meta get in and out of trouble, or with getting to know newer friends like Margaret.

While both girls had been raised in Hogsmeade, it was like two ships passing in the night. Not much chance meetings to form a proper friendship. So when the younger of the two girls had been sorted into the same house, well... Claire only wished that Cele was around to meet her. Imaginative and adventurous, Claire was happy to explore and chat with the Margaret. Today was one of those days. The day that they would find yet another adventure, be it roaming to the lake and trying to spot the giant squid or climbing a tree and trying to see as far as one could see from a tree. But these were Claire's ideas, having just left the castle to meet Margaret to discuss todays grand adventure, whatever that was.

@Margaret Robinson

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French is mixed into her accent due to French parents and household staff
Maggie was glad to have a friend like Claire. Though Claire was a bit older than her, they were similar in a lot of ways; they both liked having adventures and using their creativity. Not to mention, they were both Gryffindors, redheads, and exactly the same height. Sometimes it would felt like they were twins - but Maggie would never say that to Claire, because Claire had a real twin. Maggie had heard from her sister Arabella, and from her father's readings of the Daily Prophet, that Claire's twin sister had died in an accident at school last year. Maggie's heart ached for Claire. Her mother had died while giving birth to Maggie, so Maggie had never known her, but she still felt like there was a hole inside of her, something missing. She couldn't imagine what it was like to lose a sister you had known your whole life.

But she knew Claire didn't always want to focus on her loss. She wanted to have fun and enjoy life too, just like Maggie. When Maggie spotted Claire on the castle grounds, she grinned and called out to her while running to meet her. "What do you want to do?" she said when she reached Claire. "Do you want to go down to the lake?" Maggie was intrigued by the seemingly endless black depths of the lake and the creatures that lived within it, like the merpeople and giant squid.

@Claire Bénet
Claire couldn't imagine not having a mother in her life. While mama was so strict and didn't approve of a thing she did, Claire adored the woman. Even if she was closer to her father if one really thought about the family relationships. Papa had such a good sense of humor when it came to her spirit. Cele had not been the bold one, which made the accident all the more shocking. Would have hurt less if Claire had been there? Or more? But she did her best to not think about that. Perhaps when she was older, when it hurt less. For now, she tried to just be the adventurous, fun girl her sister had known so well.

Brightening at the sight of Maggie, she ran to meet her. "The lake sounds perfect. Let's see if we can spot the giant squid." Perhaps they might even see a merperson. Though Claire had yet to learn their language, as evident by the school rumors that she and Archer were 'arguing' with a merperson by the lake. The mer did get mad, but that was more because none of them understood each other no matter how much they had tried.

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French is mixed into her accent due to French parents and household staff
Maggie could sympathize with Claire about having a strict guardian. Maggie's grandmother always seemed to be criticizing whatever she did. And her father never stood up for her, willing to go along with her grandmother on anything. Still, Maggie loved her grandmother and knew her grandmother loved her, even though she showed it more through protectiveness and acts of service than through affection.

"I bet old Squiddy misses me," Maggie said, laughing. Her sister thought the squid was gross and slimy, but Maggie was intrigued by it. Did it get lonely with no other creatures of its species? Was it friends with the merpeople? She was fascinated by the merpeople and their way of life too, though she didn't speak their language either. She wanted to learn sometime, but she worried she'd get bored and move on to something else within a week, as she had a habit of doing. "Race you there!" Maggie shouted, turning and running across the grounds, not caring if the hem of her dress got dirty.
It never seemed odd that mama was strict. A lot of her friends' parents seemed strict as well. Though most adults seemed strict for such an adventurous child. Stowing away on a boat didn't help much on that matter. Especially all of the gossip that mama kept ranting about afterward. Not that Claire cared much about gossip. So what if someone saw her as too wild? It was the adventure that counted, right?

Giggling, she ran after her friend. A race was always a good way to get the blood pumping. Winning didn't matter much. Though it was nice to win every now and then. Claire felt that the giant squid was worth taking an interest in. A fascination to behold. Who cared if others thought it was slimy and gross. It was unique.

Magic by Bee!

French is mixed into her accent due to French parents and household staff
Maggie ran ahead, turning to look back at Claire. "I'm beating you!" she called back, giggling. But she was just teasing; she didn't really care much about winning. A brief worry flitted across her mind that others were finding her behaviour too tomboyish or immature, but she pushed that thought out of her mind. She was having fun and that was all that mattered. Anyone who criticized her was probably just jealous that they were too uptight to enjoy themself. Like Grandmother; she seemed to do nothing but sit, read the paper, and gossip. Maggie wondered if Grandmother had romped around and gotten dirty when she was a girl. It was hard to imagine. But Maggie snapped her mind back to the present moment before she could get too lost in her thoughts and forget where she was. “What do you think Squiddy and the merfolk have been doing in our absence?” she asked Claire, puffing with exhaustion.

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