Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Magnus Lockhart
    Full Name: Magnus Goddard Lockhart

    Nicknames: Lock by most; he doesn't like either of his two given names, so uses his last whenever possible. His siblings may call him Mag.

    Birthdate: April 10th, 1862.

    Current Age: 20 Years

    Occupation: First String Beater, Chudley Cannons

    Hogwarts  House: Hufflepuff

    Wand: 11 inches, flexible, Unicorn Hair, Larch.

    Blood Status: Halfblood

    Social Class: Middle

    Prosper Lockhart, father. Rocky relationship at best.
    Fortuna Lockhart, sister. Mag is insanely protective of her.
    Merritt Lockhart, brother. Mag is fond of him, though more distantly because of their age.

    Ruth Lockhart, wife.
    ----Margaery Bess Lockhart [07.06.1884] daughter
    ----Calvin Elias Lockhart [10.31.1885] son
    ----Silas Anthony Lockhart [03.24.1887] son, miscarried
    • In stark contrast to his father, Magnus Lockhart has always been big, or at least, has been big from a fairly young age. Standing taller than most men his age at around 6'3", Lock has the build to fill out his height, with a large, imposing frame and muscles that he works rather hard to maintain. He tends not to smile unless he has something to smile about, which makes him quite an intimidating figure, even though beneath he's really more of a teddy bear than anything.

      Lock has dirty blond hair that he keeps short and hard, chisled features. He has blue eyes and very versatile facial hair that grows quickly, meaning that he usually has some degree of stubble even if he attempts to keep himself cleanshaven. He dresses well, but tends towards more casual clothing when he can get away with it.

    1862 - Magnus Goddard is born to his quite unusual parents, but is a relatively healthy boy, with no sign of deformity or potential dwarfish.

    1863 - Magnus' aunt, Maggie, gives birth to a son, Giles Cicero. Because of their close age, their parents decide that they shall be playmates, however Giles is kept from many of their play dates and lessons because of his sickly disposition.

    1864 - Young Mag is already a very active child, learning to run practically before he could walk. He has a tendency to want to climb things and loves to be outside, and frequently runs away from his nurses to get outdoors. He also is discovered to have a talent for hide and seek, much to her extreme vexation.

    1865 - Mag shows his first signs of magic, by bending a tree branch outside his window close enough for him to grab, and has almost managed to climb out the window before his nurse stops him.

    1866 - At five years old, Mag is puzzled by the arrival of a sister, and is quite disappointed that he is not allowed to play with her, since she seems like more fun than Giles.

    1868 - A well-meaning governess tells Mag that he will be able to play with his younger sister, only if he promises to protect her a keep her safe. He takes this promise very much to heart.

    1870 - Mag's mother dies moments before giving birth to another son, this one quite ugly at birth--at least, in Magnus' opinion, which is probably a bit biased. Mag resolves to despise the little gremlin who killed his mother, and avoids calling the baby by name for years. Sybil Mallory arrives at their home a few months after his mother's death.

    1871 - Fortuna's favorable response to baby Merritt completely baffles Mag, and he finds himself not able to wait until he can get out of the house and go to Hogwarts, to be around people who aren't crazy. He distances himself from his father as well, not trusting anyone.

    1872 - Fortuna convinces her brother to give Merritt a shot, which he begrudgingly does. He stops hating the boy, though it is still some more years before the two can be considered close.

    1873 - 1874 - Mag goes off to Hogwarts. He is a hatstall, as the hat debates whether to place him in Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. Mag has no opinions either way, but thinks that his father would be disappointed if he were a Hufflepuff--so he asks for that.

    1874 - 1875 - Magnus, or rather "Lock," as he has begun to be called by his friends, discovers his intense fascination with Quidditch, and as soon as he is able, tries out for the team, though he is beaten out by older students. He participates in club Quidditch until he's able to make the team. His cousin Giles also joins him at school, and Lock is instructed to show him around and be friends with him, much to his dismay. He wants nothing more to do with his family, he has decided, though he still loves Fortuna dearly and by this point has decided to sort-of like Merritt sometimes.

    1875 - 1876 - Lock becomes a beater for the Hufflepuff team and finds Quidditch much more interesting than his studies, though he does passably well with his classes anyway. He adds Earth Magic, Muggle Studies, and Care of Magical Creatures to his class list. Sybil joins the two cousins at Hogwarts.

    1876 - 1877 - The summer after his fourth year, Lock is named a prefect for the upcoming year, and doesn't want to tell his father about it, but his sister convinces him otherwise.  

    1877 - 1878 - Lock is a bit bitter about  having to move to Hogsmeade, since it means it will be more difficult to  avoid his father. On the other hand, it does put him much closer to his  friends, so he decides to look on the bright side and spends as much  time as he can with friends, or out and about the town. This is also the year that Fortuna joins the rest of her family at Hogwarts. Lock does tolerably in his OWLs, but nothing impressive. He retains Earth Magic, Muggle Studies, Charms, Herbology, and Care of Magical Creatures.

    1878 - 1879 - An event in which Merritt is teased by other children while playing in the park, and Lock stands up for him, opens his eyes to just how much he has grown to like the boy, despite his best intentions not to.

    1879 - 1880 - Lock graduates and is offered a position on the second-string of the Chudley Cannons, which he jumps at, much to his father's disappointment.

    1881 - Merritt heads off to school, Giles graduates. Both of these pale in comparison to the more important event of the year; Lock is promoted to a first-string beater for the Chudley Cannons.

    1883 - Lock's father marries in the Amortentia Tea Scandal of 1883. This does not please Lock, and to make a point he pretends to get married himself, to a friend (Ruth Grimstone). His father is not amused. Later that year Lock tries out for an joins the Quidditch World Cup team, though he's injured by a lightning strike in the first match and therefore misses out on much of the associated glory. More notably, he decides to quit Quidditch after the Cup so that he can get a more respectable job and provide for his new wife (surprise!) Ruth.

    1884 - Ruth and Lock produce a child! Isn't that terrifying? They name her Margaery.

    1885 - Oh my god another one! This one is named Calvin and has the other kind of gender marking. Also cousin Giles dies this year because he was always frail and Lynn no longer wants to deal with him.

    1886 - After an accident leaves a space open on the Cannons' roster, Lock quits his boring referee job and goes back to playing pro Quidditch.
    Out of Character
    Name: Lynn

    Contact: See Staff Intro

    Silas Anthony Lockhart

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