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A Very Decent, Sensible Journal

Charity Freesia Lloyd


cutest set ever by MJ <3
— 17 January, 1890 —

I have settled into Uncle Evander's home in Irvingly. He has given me a nice, tidy room, though I must confess it does not seem fitted to a girl of my age. There is one picture on the wall of an old house that looks like it may house a few ghouls. I cannot help but feel that they watch me at night, even if I know it is silly.

The covers are heavy and I often sweat during the night, but I am too embarrassed to ask to have them exchanged. It's silly of me, I know, but he's more than accomodated me already. He was kind enough to give me this journal, too, while I plan to fill with my thoughts and things I'e learned.

Today he plans to hire a governess, which is good. I miss my studies.

— Miss Charity F. Lloyd —

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   Aldous Crouch

cutest set ever by MJ <3
— 21 January, 1890 —

The new governess is here. Her name is [Name] Clearwater and she has the prettiest blonde hair. I have thought about how pretty it would look on my own head, but to even get it I would need to cut it off her head, and I could never do that to a woman as pretty as Miss Clearwater.

I have laid out all my previous work for her to evaluate. I hope she approves.

— Miss Charity F. Lloyd —

— 22 January, 1890 —

I heard one of the maids talking. Apparently Uncle Evander must marry, but I'm not sure why. I would like to see him married, of course, but I don't know why he must.

Is Miss Clearwater unmarried?

— Miss Charity F. Lloyd —

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   Aldous Crouch, Elias Grimstone

cutest set ever by MJ <3
— 1 February, 1890 —

Things I must be grateful for:
  • My dresses and my shoes.
  • My bedroom wallpaper, which has been changed to a pretty floral pattern.
  • This journal and its very thick paper.
  • The photo of my mother that now rests on my nightstand.
  • The bookshelf that Uncle Evander put it. It has eighteen books exactly.
  • My black cat Posey.
  • Miss Clearwater, who has so far done her job.
  • My new quill, which is made from a pheasant feather and is perfectly nice.
  • Uncle Alfred, for not turning me away.
  • Uncle Evander, for taking me in.
  • Dinner. I can smell it right now, and it smells very good.

    — Miss Charity F. Lloyd —

  • cutest set ever by MJ <3

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