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Everybody's Going to Need a Witness
May 7, 1890


I can safely say that our furry friend survived the week. What should I do with him?

May 9, 1890
Dear A,
What wonderful news! This is rather interesting and bodes quite well for your friend, I should think. As I believe I mentioned earlier, I would advise trying the experiment again after this person has completed their first animagus transformation and knows what animal they will transform into. In that way, you can remove as many of the unknowns from the equation as possible before testing it with a human life at risk. I may be able to help you acquire a similar animal when the time comes, if necessary.

How did you find the experience with the rabbit? As I mentioned, the presence of dogs has been reported as having a calming effect for many werewolves and I would be quite interested to know if you saw any indication that the same held true with the rabbit, or if there was any indication that the opposite might have been true, due to the presence of an animal generally considered prey.

I've enclosed a residential address where the rabbit may be delivered by owl or courier. I would appreciate if you would discard the address after sending it, and please continue to use the Diagon post box for future communication.


May 10, 1890


The rabbit has been dropped off and the address discarded, as requested; take good care of Sandwich, I've become a bit fond of him.

It's hard to tell - I'm not sure if It wasn't interested in him or if the rabbit remained well-hidden. Either way, It did not try to eat him - there was no more bruising than usual from the chains, and I think It certainly would have been aware of the rabbit's presence - usually It seems to react violently to any increased nearby human activity, so.

May 12, 1890
Dear A,
Your choice of capitalization is fascinating.

I'm very grateful to you for participating in this little experiment; it's given me a good deal to think about and something to explore in future research. This has been a very productive arrangement for me, despite how recent it is compared to many of my others. I appreciate you very much.

You said the bruising was as normal. I assume this means there was no indication that the rabbit's presence proved calming, as is generally the case for dogs?


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