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Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

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Raining Yolks
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March 30, 1888 - Padmore Park for this!
Clint was a bit wary of going back to the park after the whole Celtic Fair debacle. He had gotten off better than some, at least, as he hadn't been stuck by the hand to a lady (though would that have really been that awful) but it had taken nearly a week for the green to fully fade away from his skin and hair. His skin had seemed to clear up faster than his hair but he really hadn't enjoyed walking around looking as though he'd just crawled out of a watery grave or something. It really wasn't the best attribute to have while flirting with pretty ladies. But, he'd decided to brave the park once more. After all, what harm could eggs really do?

He clearly hadn't been the only one with the idea in mind to do a little egg hunting and luckily for him there were some pretty young women about as well. With a grin, he noticed one young woman having a hard time reaching an egg on a branch that seemed to be just out of her reach.

"Here, let me help," he said with his signature dimpled grin after coming up alongside the young woman. The smile was quickly replaced by a grimace once he'd managed to grasp the egg only for its brittle shell to crumble and rain yolk down on top of both of them, though it would seem the young lady got the brunt of it. He couldn't quite respond at first and simply stared at her in shock over the turn of events.

Open to an ABAC young woman!

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Caroline was quite thoroughly sick of the townhouse in London. She had not come to England to be kept in a house by herself. She could do that quite well back in Boston, thank you very much! No, she had come ostensibly to help Shawn. She couldn't very well do that shut up in a townhouse in a whole other city!

After hearing about Shawn’s encounter with Imogen only a few weeks before Caroline had determined that she would take matters into her own hands. It hardly mattered that she hadn't told Shawn of her plan. She knew he would have tried to stop her, but, well, nothing would be accomplished if she left the matter to him and she just kept disappearing. No, Caroline had decided to approach Shawn’s intended one young lady to another. Who knew what Imogen had thought of Shawn’s sudden appearance, after all. So when she'd seen the article about the Easter festivities she had decided it was as good an excuse as any to finally visit Hogsmeade.

After Shawn had left for the morning Caroline proposed the plan to her maid, or at least the vital parts of it like apperating to Hogsmeade, and departed for the festivities. She had seen a picture in the Daily Prophet of High Street and was confident in her skills and sense of direction to get them where they needed to be for this to have a shot.

Once in Hogsmeade it was easy to navigate her way to Padmore Park, kids scampered around looking for eggs as a decent number of young men and women did the same. Caroline grinned at that. She took a moment to take in the new sites of a fully magical and new place to her, but with a shake of her head determined she'd have time to explore another time - she had a plan to keep to.

It appeared that most of the young ladies and gentlemen were in the park. If Imogen were to be around Caroline suspected she'd be among them. She and her maid, Hope, entered the festivities in the park and mingled with the crowds.

It started innocently enough when Hope spotted a purple egg, when she picked it up it turned into a chocolate. The next one, a green one nestled in a bed of flowers, disappeared when Caroline reached it. The orange one they spotted next was another chocolate bunny. Next thing the two ladies were hunting eggs with the rest of the crowd, laughing as the eggs changed from one thing to another.

Caroline spotted a blue egg in a tree not terribly far away, being the taller of the two girls she felt she might be able to reach it. She was standing on tiptoe reaching and just barely missing it when a voice to her side distracted her. She turned and looked at the gentleman, “Oh. Thank you. ” She smiled prettily at the man, determining that he was indeed quite handsome.

The man seemed to have better luck than Caroline had had. Then again height wasn't really luck, was it? He grasped the egg and the next thing Caroline knew Hope had gasped and something slimy and cold had landed in her perfectly neat braided updo. The man's eyes widened as yellow yolk dripped down him. Reaching up Caroline put her fingers into her hair and realized yolk had certainly landed on her too. She couldn't help it, a laugh escaped her lips. He just looked so silly standing there gawking. Of course the egg in the tree would be the only one that didn't turn into something else. “Well that wasn't exactly the look I was going for today. ” Caroline said lightly wiping at some egg on the shoulder of her dress. Hope would be able to get that out - she hoped.

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The gasp from the young lady's maid only made him feel all the more guilty and was enough for him not to really feel the slimy inside of the egg slipping over his hand and down his arm. His valet was certainly going to be very cross with him for the mess to his shirt and jacket. Luckily for him, Clint's height prevented the yolk from landing his face or head but the poor lady wasn't so lucky. He was about to apologize profusely and prepare to be slapped even though the mishap wasn't entirely his fault when she laughed.

His shock only seemed to intensify as he stared down at the young woman completely unsure what to even think on the matter. It quickly became evident that she was not like the typical uppity young woman he was far more accustomed to encountering. She only confirmed such when she spoke and her accent gave her away as an American. He felt his lips twitch back into his usual smile then, even chuckling lightly in the process.

"Normally I'd say it is quite suiting but I feel that could be more of an insult," he said with that same easy smile taking over his face fully once more, "Though you do seem to be handling it quite well. I'm fairly certain most young ladies would be shrieking in terror and hitting me with a parasol or purse. Thank you, by the way, for doing neither of those things."

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At the gentleman’s words Caroline couldn’t help but snicker, at least the man easily admitted to being a smooth talker. Not that Caroline minded those might, there were plenty back home, besides this one was handsome. He certainly had a nice smile she added as he beamed at her.

Terrified of an egg?” Caroline scoffed, wondering just what type of young ladies there were in England. She didn’t particularly like being covered in egg but she certainly wasn't scared of it. There were just times in life when one should realize that their hair or skirts might end up a mess. It just happened. “Well seeing as that would solve very little, you’re welcome, I suppose.” She shrugged.

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Clint couldn't help the widening of his grin but he gave her a nod in response to her question. Most young ladies around the area were terrified of the smallest speck of dirt. Clearly, that wasn't an issue with the American lady before him. Which, if he was being honest, added a whole other level of allure to him. Though that probably didn't take much as Clint liked ladies. Especially the pretty ones.

"A logical young woman," he said with a wink, "Certainly a breath of fresh air. By your accent and demeanor, you've surely not been in the area long. Might I be so bold to ask what brought you across the big pond?"

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Caroline played her part with the compliment and smiled prettily up at him, all charm - despite the egg in her hair. She could work with that. Her smile displaying her gratitude while internally she cringed at the ease with which he caught her accent, she'd have to work on adapting that if she were to blend in this season. Or perhaps there was allure in being foreign, she hadn't yet decided.

"You may be so bold, sir, but I doubt I'll be able to answer until we've been properly introduced." Caroline said coyly, minding her manners and allowing a playful edge to show through. It was quite the tale, to be rather truthful, but not one easily explained. Especially to a man who she didn't know, who had no name, and had just broken an egg over her head.

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Clint smirked at her response. Pretty, logical, and confident. Most young ladies balked at such compliments from her but she seemed able to stand toe to toe with him. He liked that. He didn't like meek and timid. They were boring when it came down to it. Looks could really only get a person so far and once the conversation went south, there was really no saving it.

"I beg your pardon," he said as he removed a hand and gave a rather gentlemanly bow to her, "Clinton Podmore at your service, miss. Head of the Beast Division so should we encounter any unruly beasts right here in the park, I can assure you you'll be quite safe."

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As if an unruly beast would be able to get to her in such a civilized place, but one never did know, did they? She laughed, a bell like merry sound. “I have been put at ease then, sir.” Caroline replied coyly before introducing herself. “Miss Caroline Delaney.” She gave him a small curtsey to match his bow, “It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Even if you did mistake egg yolk for the latest fashion.” Caroline couldn’t resist teasing him good naturedly.

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Clint couldn't really help the fading of his grin as she brought up the egg yolk again, even if she were teasing. He felt bad. It certainly hadn't been in intention. "I am quite sorry for that," he said again, bring his wand out, "If you'd like I can see about getting rid of most of it now."

Why hadn't he thought to do that sooner? Clearly it would have been the best course of action following the accident.

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"Only if you promise not to turn my hair purple." Caroline quipped as the gentleman drew his wand. She really didn't know if he even knew what he was doing, for all she knew he might burn her hair off or something equally horrible. But then again he did seem capable and didn't hesitate on it, although he might have brought it up sooner, so perhaps it would be fine. She gave him an encouraging smile and held still.

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With his hand already out, Clint was quick to cast a simple cleaning spell to clean the yolk from her hair. He stood back with a grin and regarded her thoughtfully. "Nope, still brunette," he said with a nod, Though I'm sure purple would have been a very dashing color on you." His wand was still out and he even waved it in the air slightly at her, "Are you sure you don't want to try?" Not that he actually expected her to but he was good at playful banter.

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The weight of the egg in her hair vanished and Caroline twisted her head so the gentlemen could confirm that there was indeed no egg in her hair - and no purple. Jokingly she preened for a moment at the comment of how dashing purple hair might look. As a child she had heard of metamorphmagus and their abilities. Time to time she had even entertained the thought of what she might do if she were to have inherited such skills. In the same way she wondered what she might look like with purple locks instead of her brown hair. "Perhaps." Caroline toyed with a giggle before quickly adding, "And perhaps it should wait for another day. Two new styles in one day seems a bit daring, don't you think?"

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Clinton found himself nodding in response though not without a slight chuckle. He'd have to keep an eye out for this little lady. Surely she was a force to be reckoned with, just his time. Which..was a bit scary. He could afford to lose his heart. He could easily settle down but didn't really find he wanted to. Not yet..

"Well then Miss Delaney," he said with a bow to her, "I shall leave you to be on your way. I've some things to attend to. Perhaps next time you'll have a less messy style to deal with." He flashed her a smile then, and even one to her maid, before he turned and made his way from the park.

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