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Souri Corcoran

Full Name: Souri Amara Corcoran
Nicknames: Sue
Birthdate: April, 7, 1866
Current Age: 21
Occupation: Crime & Politics Reporter for The Daily Prophet
Reputation: 7

Was caught drunkenly canoodling with a lady on New Year's Eve.
Residence: London
Angie Swan's roommate
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Wand: Chestnut, unicorn hair, 12 ½", springy
Blood Status: Halfblood
Social Class: Working Class
Rory Corcoran - father
Pargol Corcoran née Avninder - mother

Sinead Hannigan née Corcoran - paternal aunt
Winston Hannigan - uncle
Eveleen Hannigan - cousin
Souri stands at five feet, six inches, tall for a woman. She's slender, with curves that mark her as a fully grown woman. Her skin is a rich brown tone that darkens slightly during the summer months. The sharp set of her jaw combined with large eyes, a doll-like nose, and full, bow shaped lips give her a unique look. When it isn't tied up in a bun, Souri's face is framed by a thick curtain of long, wavy, black hair. She prefers Muggle style clothing. She's ambidextrous, but prefers to use her wand with her left hand and write with her right.
1865| After carrying on an illicit affair with a charming Irishman for several months, Pargol Avninder, the daughter of middle class merchants who'd immigrated to England from southern India, found out that she was pregnant. She begged Rory to marry her and, though he initially refused, he was eventually guilted into it. Though the marriage prevented a child out of wedlock, Pargol's parents were appalled by the circumstances that necessitated the union. They disowned her to protect their own reputations, the rest of her family avoided her company, and her friends refused to see her. With the exception of Rory (who barely counted because he was away as frequently as possible), she was left alone in the world.
1866| Pargol went into labor on the 6th of April. The labor was long, difficult, and extremely painful. Souri was born in the early morning hours of April 7th and her mother nearly died due to internal hemorrhaging. The midwife was able to save her, barely, and she was left barren as a result of the trauma. Her recovery was slow, leaving Rory no choice but to be more present so he could tend to his wife and infant daughter.
1867| Pargol and Rory establish a marginally healthier relationship for their daughter's sake. Both smother the baby with affection, though Rory does bemoan the fact that Souri wasn't born a boy for quite some time.
1869| The Corcorans move to London along with Rory's older sister, her husband, and their daughter.
1872| Souri displays her first signs of magic.
1877-84| Souri receives her Hogwarts letter and is sent off to school in September. She is sorted into Ravenclaw. As the years pass, she finds that she very much enjoys writing and takes pleasure in spicing up her essays, especially when they're on a subject she would ordinarily consider dull. Once puberty is in full swing, Souri finds her attention drifting Though not at the very top of her class, she still does well enough to secure scholarships that allow her to pursue her education until seventh year. During this time, she becomes friends with Angie Sinnet (#Angri).
1884| Souri finishes school in May of '84 and spends the summer in a secretarial position at the Ministry. Come fall, she decides that her work isn't stimulating enough for her and quits to search for more engaging employment.
1885-87| Early in '85, Souri secures an internship with The Daily Prophet's Crime & Politics division. She works there for nearly two years before she's offered a position as a fully fledged reporter in late 1886. 1887 is spent trying to find her footing as a reporter. Most of the stories she covers are small, but she's ambitious enough to start pursuing events with more substance. In June she leaves home and moves in with her old school roommate and good friend, Angie. During the electoral campaigns in the fall, Souri openly supports Eleanora Brownhill and is sorely disappointed when she doesn't win. She bounces back quickly; the political wheel is ever turning and she doesn't want to miss any developments because she's too busy sulking. On New Year's Eve, she gets astoundingly drunk and is later caught in a compromising position with another young lady. Souri hardly remembers the incident afterwards, but that does nothing to dispel the whispers that now follow her.
1888| Work distracts her from personal disasters. Thank Merlin for the Chief Warlock's suspicious death.
outspoken | confident | straightforward | hard-working | curious | open minded | persistent | politically minded
- Souri is bisexual.

- She's an avid cook and likes to conduct culinary experiments in her free time.

- Has nipple piercings thanks to drunken shenanigans with Angie.
Sample Roleplay Post:
Mornings at the Hog's Head tended to be slow, which Souri greatly appreciated. Though her position necessitated that she be up early, she wasn't a morning person at all (nor would she ever be) so she did whatever work there was with no shortage of grumbling. Once she fully shook off the last remnants of sleepiness, she hit her stride in the kitchen.

The lack of patrons to cook for meant that she had the time to turn her mind to other pursuits. Souri was on a perpetual quest to spice up the menu on offer. Her experiments with the food weren't always appreciated or enjoyed, but she firmly believed that trial and error would lead her to success. After all, failure was the mother of progress. Or something like that.

Today's tinkering was focused on some of the traditional English foods that Souri found unbearably dull. Generally, she considered the English to be a rather uninventive bunch, but there were some culinary creations that were so astoundingly boring she wanted to yawn just thinking about them.

She'd just taken her first experiment out of the oven when Eze leaned over the counter to inquire about what she'd made. "I've got some vastly improved Yorkshire Puddings. I have no idea why people go mad over them as they are; they taste of nothing to me." Souri got one onto a plate and set it in front of him. "This one's been flavored with sugar, dashes of nutmeg and cinnamon, and the slightest bit of vanilla. A proper pastry, unlike its predecessor. I'm sure you'll find it palatable."

In this case, Souri felt her confidence about the taste was earned. Whether Eze agreed with her or not was another matter entirely.



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