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Home Again
March 15, 1890 - Forbidden Forest, Vampire Caverns

Galina had known every step of the way that she shouldn’t have come back. That the second she had been released from the Ministry’s cells she should leave this place behind forever. But she had returned anyway. Traveling at night when she would revel in the cool brush of wind on her skin, a feeling barred from her for over a year. In jail she had tried to tell herself that nothing was left here, that she could walk away, but in the end she arrived at the mouth of the caverns where it had all happened.

The last time she had been in this clearing she had been arrested. Her search for Mari gone cold. The world they had been building seemed to have crumbled. Now she stood here again and promised herself it would be different this time. This time they’d find a way to create the haven she had hoped these caverns could be.

Galina entered the caverns allowing her slender fingers to trail gently across the damp stone wall. For the first time in almost a century she felt home.


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Sometimes he wondered why he ever came back here. He was happy enough roaming about London with humans, after all, whatever he imagined about getting on fine with his own kind. The caverns were some sanctuary from wizarding society, but they were not free of its perils here. Galina had been arrested right from here all that time ago, after all. And without her here - well. Ishmael heaved a sigh. Every time he showed up in the forbidden forest, there seemed always to be a new problem.

“Piss off, Azazel,” he called over his shoulder without looking, just in case she decided to stalk after him. She was the bane of his bloody afterlife, honestly.

And occasionally he ran out of patience.

The night was dark and cool and the moment of solitude was certainly something that settled his mood, just a touch, but Ishmael hadn’t gotten as far as he liked when he heard the faintest sound of fingers scraping against stone. He stopped in his tracks. Only a vampire could hear something like that. Only a vampire’s touch could be that light.

“Who’s there?” He said now, narrowing his eyes through the gloom before he saw her. Not just Azazel, then.
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So. The old woman had been finally released. Well, Azazel knew she'd have been kidding herself if she thought the fun was going to last for long. Really, it lasted a ridiculously short amount of time, seeing as Ishmael had to go and ruin her goddamn fun halfway through her visit. It wasn't even half way! Ugh.

Either way she looked at it, ol' Galina was out from behind bars and Azazel knew she'd have to encounter her at some point. Best get it over with sooner rather than later. When she arrived at the caverns, Galina still hadn't arrived, so the vampire decided to lurk around in the trees while she waited. A rustling and light step told her Ishmael had arrived and she shifted her position looking at him curiously and debating if she wanted to make a grand entrance.

Clearly that had been spoiled for her and Azazel sighed from her position in the trees. "You know for once, I wasn't following you." She said flatly as she dropped from her branch to file in behind him. "Why must you think all my motives are nefarious, my darling?"

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Behind her Galina heard a voice. She paused, recognizing it in a heartbeat - Ishmael. Galina turned backward, feeling the pull she always did when she heard him or saw him. She moved forward until the shadows no longer obscured their faces. Before she could say anything she heard another's voice. A stab of annoyance brushed up. So she was still here too.

"Hello." Galina greeted them stepping forward so they could finally see her. "Have fun while I was gone?" She asked lightly her tone the quiet dance of courtier's life that she had been brought up in. Not acknowledging the darkness of her life, only the shallow amusement of one's circumstances.

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“Well, aren’t they?” Ishmael shot back at Azazel and her motives, rolling his eyes. Underneath that, he did not like the sound of ‘for once’. How often did she follow him? How often was she lurking somewhere like a cursed shadow?

“Galina!” He said, whirling about to focus on more thrilling things, like Galina finally coming back. “Endless fun,” Ishmael drawled in answer, half-exaggerated and half-sarcastic. He meandered up and slung an arm around her in easy greeting, half because he thought any show of affection would embarrass her; but, at the same time, even a year in a vampire’s time counted as something, Ishmael had not given up on every human gesture just because he’d not-died, and there had been a fair likelihood, if they looked at things honestly, that her arrest meant she might never have returned.

Azazel's expression darkened, and she scowled as Ishmael went over to welcome the do-gooder back. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes, knowing if she succumbed they would probably be stuck there for a good while. Sure the other one had sired him but honestly, was that all that was keeping Ishmael to her? Azazel had the urge to punch something but unfortunately, there were two other vampires that prohibited her from doing exactly that, which only made the pit of her stomach twist even further.

"Why ever would the fun stop?" She said dryly, picking off a leaf from her shoulder and flicking it away with as much aggression as she could. It pinged off of the rocks and drifted unsatisfyingly to the forest floor.

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