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By the grace of Merlin, they had managed to make it through the first course without anyone smashing a plate over anyones head. Not that he expected that to happen but it was still rather awkward all around.

As Reuben began talking about his job, Roman found it the most interesting topic of conversation so far. "That's quite good," Roman said as Reuben spoke of how he was being put in charge of event planning for the most part for the distillery he worked for. Reuben had not stuck with cursebreaking so Roman had hopes that Reuben would stick with this. Perhaps being supportive would encourage him to do so along with the fact he now had a wife to support. "Have you considered speaking with the committee that plans the Coming Out Ball to see about being the ones to supply the champagne for it?" He was sure they had thought of it but in case they hadn't, it was an idea at least.

"I'll see if I can put in a good word for you," he offered in reference to the snafu with the portkey office.
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"You shall have to tread carefully there," Aldous cautioned his brother, remembering all too well what had caused his persona non grata status with the Portkey Office to begin with. It had not been Reuben's first mess, nor his latest, and, likely, not his last either.
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— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —

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Roman's enthusiasm was bolstering Ben's comfort with this particular line of inquiry significantly, and he actually smiled briefly but genuinely in response. He didn't think it was reasonable to expect that they could sweep in and supply the Coming Out Ball, not when it would likely have been in the planning stages for weeks already and had probably been using the same supplier for the past fifty years, or something, but it was a nice vote of confidence, both in his own ability and in the relative respectability of the job itself. He knew both of his brothers had been rather skeptical about the job when he'd first taken it, probably because they assumed rather reasonably that working with alcohol all day might lead to Ben becoming a drunkard. Aldous, at least, had given Ben no indication that his skepticism had decreased over the years, but it was nice to hear Roman was willing to give it a chance (or at least pretend to do so, over the dinner table).

Aldous' next comment made Ben frown, though, because it was exactly the opposite of what Roman had said. It implied exactly no confidence whatsoever, which, while probably warranted, was discouraging.

"Well," he said in a measured tone as he stabbed at another bit of food with his fork. "It's not as though things could get any worse at the portkey office."

It wasn't the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, after all; they weren't going to arrest him for causing a stir in their office. The worst they could say was no, in which case he would be exactly where he was now.

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Nova was beyond relieved to have the conversation switch not only to a wholly different subject, but to something she could not be expected to have any input on. This was perfect! Unfortunately, the same could probably said for Miss Finch and Nova hoped no one was expecting her to notice this and do something about it. It would be rude, after all, to distract her brothers from their productive conversation.

She continued to eat in contented silence, occasionally looking up as though she was still somewhat engaged in the conversation albeit silently. In doing so she accidentally started staring a little vacantly in Miss Finch's direction and accidentally made eye contact. She hastily looked down at her dinner plate and tried to pretend to herself that the other woman hadn't actually noticed somehow.


Mrs. Malfoy, for all her obvious faults and thinly veiled hatred, seemed determined to provoke Melody. Whether it was using the wrong title or staring across the table Melody could feel her agitation towards the wisp of a woman growing. She became so distracted in keeping her focus from the blonde that she ceased paying attention to the dinner topic, tuning in only often enough to know they were still discussing Ben's job prospects.

Melody was foolish for marrying Ben, for running from her family and her future, but at least she knew better than to disrespect the hostess at every opportunity.
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"It was not my intention to imply otherwise," Aldous remarked carefully. This dinner was not going as well as he had hoped, though was certainly going as well as expected.

— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —

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"Right," Ben said, disgruntled. A part of him wanted to be confrontational at the moment, because in his view Aldous' statement had obviously intended to imply otherwise. It was the polite, diplomatic way of saying well, Reuben, if anyone could find a way to screw it up even more, it's you.

But confrontation was exactly the opposite of what he'd hoped to accomplish tonight, so he turned his attention to his food with a dour look. "Well, I'll let you know how it goes," he said, intending the phrase as a quick dismissal of the topic and leaving it up to someone else to set the tone for the next one.

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Even while staring at her plate it couldn't escape her notice that there was suddenly tension between Aldous and Reuben. Few things filled her with greater anxiety than her brothers disagreeing with one another. It wasn't as though she was forced to take sides but she still felt like it was a tug of war between her sibling loyalties. In this instance it fell to her or Roman to ease the tension.

How though? She wracked her brain for some sort of idea - meanwhile avoiding eye contact with Miss Finch with great determination - until she finally landed on something. "Will you be attending any of the World Cup matches, Reuben? You must be looking forward to it at least." Nova understood the rules of quidditch and that was where her knowledge ended, she had in the past been able to summon up interest on Reuben's behalf but that was it. If this wasn't the perfect ice breaker then she would have to resign herself to defeat and awkward silence.


It was fairly obvious, to Ben at least, that November was only bringing up Quidditch because she wanted to change the subject, but he welcomed the diversion all the same. His own Quidditch career was too far in the past to be a point of contention between him and his brothers at this point. He doubted anyone other than him would have much to say on the subject, but at this point he didn't care. He'd thought boring was good, because it was safe, but even that had proven potentially perilous — so maybe it was best if he just took over the conversation for a while and let his family sit in silence and listen. He did sort of wish that Melody would say something, but she didn't seem particularly inclined and he knew Quidditch was hardly the subject that would draw her out of her shell. She probably wasn't going to carry the conversation at any point tonight, and he'd just have to resign himself to that. She did have some excuse, of course — Nova's Miss Finch still hung in the air like a bad smell that refused to disperse.

"Very much looking forward to it," he agreed. "I ought to have at least one friend on the team, I think — maybe more, depending on how the try-outs go. Art Pettigrew was on the World Cup team last time, of course, and I imagine he'll make the team again," Ben said confidently. Admitting that Art was getting older and that this might have affected his chances would have meant admitting that Ben was getting older, too, and he tended to just pretend that wasn't happening — so much so that he'd managed to convince the club to keep him nearly a year past when he ought to have been expelled. That was all over now, of course.

"I'm keen to see who we'll be playing against," Ben continued. "Quidditch is Quidditch no matter which country it's in, of course, but some of the more far-away teams have such interesting players."

Aldous might have known something about which countries were involved, Ben realized, since it would involve a large number of people conducting international travel — but since he was still a little salty about his brother's last comment, he didn't want to address the question to him directly. Aldous could speak up if he wanted to.
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