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...He's A Keeper
25th March, 1890
To The Editor,

Though I cannot claim to be the truest expert in the sport, I believe the Keeper of the Chudley Cannons, else known as Honorable John Humphrey-Mavis, deserves a place on the national team. Preferably the first string. He has an excellent track record - something name alone could never buy - and undoubtedly a quickly-ascending career. He has the advantage of height and of being lean and lithe, the better to block hoops at little notice, and a strong foundation from his schooldays. Importantly, I’m sure, he is a most a generous person and obviously willing to support the rest of a team through anything: with the stakes of the world cup to face, a level head must help. Moreover, ought we not celebrate our youth? Being young and fit and ambitious, I’m sure, means the younger players will be most eager to prove themselves and take nothing for granted. And Britain should not take for granted that they have an unmatched Keeper among them.

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i'm so sorry @Jack Humphrey-Mavis
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bee is wonderful

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