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March 24, 1890 - Malfoy Residence; Hogsmeade
The wedding finally felt like it was actually approaching, his brother had even come back from Merlin knows where. Finn couldn't help but feel a surge of excitement at the prospect of finally being married to the woman he had chosen to spend the rest of his life with.

While he wasn't much for planning a wedding, he had seen a few details here and there. With all of the time to plan, it seemed that it would be a rather grand event. As long as his bride was happy, that was all he could hope for.

Still, she seemed nervous. It was not something he wanted for his bride. Perhaps it was all of the planning. Or perhaps it had gotten too big. But he did plan to find out.

@Pandora Malfoy/@Roberto Devine
The wedding was approaching and it was happening way too fast. It didn't help that her father was still making subtle 'but he's halfblood' comments. She knew that he was just grateful he wasn't muggleborn at this point though and the fact Finn had graduated from Durmstrang definitely was a good mark against him if he had to be a 'foreigner'.

It also did not help that Pandora was convinced that Finn would drop dead on their wedding day because she was sure that she was cursed. But each time she wanted to call the whole thing off, either sense was talked into her or she would remember Finns smile and the resolute fact that she wanted with every fiber of her being to be Mrs. Finn Falk - had fought against her father to be so - occurred and now the wedding would be coming.

"Finn!" She said as she was led to the parlor that he had been placed. "Are you hungry? I can have Bertha bring us some sandwiches or cookies." She had barely waited for an answer before she was sending the maid named Bertha to do just that.

Finn had dealt with a disapproving father before. That time, he hadn't been able to be with the woman he had set his eyes on. In hindsight, he was a little grateful for that. Something felt truly right for himself and Pandora as a pair. He would likely have to deal with a hint of snide comments from the in-laws, but he could handle that.

Nothing made Finn feel as though he was suddenly going to die. His job was of low risk, he wasn't a foolish sort of man, and he was in good health. His younger brother would likely be the closest to thing to deadly that was in his life. If said curse breaker brought anything home, that is.

While food wasn't what he had in mind upon arriving, the gesture was rather charming. "Thank you, Pandora. That would be lovely." Now how could he approach this subject without causing offense?

In the very far back of her mind, Pandora knew her fears were probably irrational. But that did not stop her from having them or being quite sure that one day she would wake up to the news that something horrid had befallen her fiance.

She settled onto the seat opposite him and gave him a smile. "You look like you have something on your mind," she said after looking at him for a moment. She had no idea what that would possibly be and nothing immediately came to mind. Perhaps something to do with his brothers, she thought to herself.

Reasoning with her meant knowing what she was afraid of. Or what made her upset in general. They needed to communicate, which was what he planned to do.

"Well, I was hoping to ask you about what has been on your mind. You've seemed anxious. I just want to make sure that everything is OK." Was that too blunt? He didn't want to hurt her, even if it was just with his words.

"What makes you think I have anything on my mind?" The blonde asked as she watched Bertha set out their refreshments. "I'm planning a wedding - that tends to make a woman anxious." Of course, it wasn't just that but how could she come out and say what her true fears were? Pandora simply did not think it possible.

There seemed to be something behind all of that. "Is that all?" Honestly, he wanted to be sure. Did she no longer wish to get married? That did linger in his head every now and then. He did not like the thought.

Pandora could not lie to him so when he asked if that was all, she stayed silent before shaking her head. "No. No, it isn't. But you will tell me I'm being silly if I tell you!" It was what her mother had said when she told the older woman her fears. "You'll laugh."

So there really was more. And something that even her mother didn't take seriously. But why not at least hear it? "No. I will not laugh, especially if this is something that is upsetting you so much." For him - if it was laughable at all - he would likely take whatever feelings he had over the matter back to his own home. To spare her from any embarrassment.

He seemed to really want to know and it was only right she tell him. She should have told him sooner, she thought. He deserved to know that marrying her almost guaranteed his death. "I am cursed. If you marry me, I am quite certain you will drop dead on our wedding day," she said, completely serious.

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